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Fat Joe: “I Have Royalty Statements, I Have Never Made A Dollar Off of Big Pun Since He Passed Away”

Posted by Media Outrage on August 7, 2009

Fat Joe

Fat Joe called into the radio to set the record straight concerning him not helping Big Pun’s wife and kids out financially.  Pop it to listen…


15 Responses to “Fat Joe: “I Have Royalty Statements, I Have Never Made A Dollar Off of Big Pun Since He Passed Away””

  1. MissTX85 said

    Once again,


  2. ucanb2 said

    It’s sad that he didn’t take better financial responsibility for his family.
    A lot of people live like they are going to be around forever, with no thought for tomorrow.

  3. Ms.Behave said

    Fat Joe’s wife and kids…Fat Joe’s responsibility

    Big Pun’s wife and kids…Big Pun’s responsibility…since he is no longer ‘here’, it is the WIFE’S responsibility to care for HER kids.

  4. 1coolazzchic said

    pun shouldve handled his biz better. shit anyone else who’s spouse dies and leaves kids get on they damn hustle. that’s what she better do. she better hit up vh1, and get a fat ass love, no pun intended show.

    but…who else has noticed that fat joe was garbage as hell, then got wit pun and had flow….maybe he owes him on gp alone.

  5. If Pun would have had her working while he was in the biz, she would be accustomed to having a job. It’s sad these rappers need to act like they pull in so much cash from rapping. But she knows it’s not Joe, Jane or Jehovah’s responsibility to provide for herself and her kid, she’s just using this to get money because she doesn’t want to work.

  6. keemah said

    i think fat joe set the record straight.
    she’s disrespectful- if tht man was beatn on u, why u aint told nobody then but want to tell it all now? and 2. the bitch needs a fuckn job, yo. point. blank. period.

  7. Atlanta said

    He’s right. She needs to find a job.

  8. Smurfette said

    If she can type I can give her a referral to my job

  9. brynnrock said


  10. Bridgette L. Williams said

    I really think that Fat Joe is not responsible for taking care of Big Pun’s wife and children, girlfriend you can not be depending on nobody these days and time, you got to make a way for yourself and your kids, nobody is not going to give you shit.Get up find you a JOB, and stop looking for hand out because bady you are not going to get them.

  11. 2020VIZN said

    Why does she feel bold enough to come out and complain about a man that she didnt marry or father her, not taking care of her. I wish people would take time and listen to themselves befor letting dumb shit come out of their mouth. The sad part is the fact that there are some chicks looking at this interview and talking shit about Fat Joe. SMDH

  12. Lacy said

    If your husband died it is not his close friend responsibility to take care of you and your kids ..That’s why it pay to have your own career and save money when your eating good .

  13. lowridaz said

    Instead of her thnking like the money would never run out ,or she would always be living on easy street, flossing around, she should of used her brain and invested, bought property , opened a business, saved money for rainy days, got a degree in something, educated herself and she would of been prepared for whatever was thrown her way, now she waiting on section 8 to save her, (nothing wrong with section 8 if the kids need it) so do not get me wrong! but she could of used her head better than that, some women! geeez i swear

  14. mizzsimplicity said

    yall are some cold mofos up in this bitch. thought big pun’s wife was jus real and str8 up.

  15. Gay said

    Take care of yourself and prepare for a rainy day.

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