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I Can’t Leave The Crib With The Malik Yoba Lips

Posted by Media Outrage on August 8, 2009

Jermaine Dupri l

Jermaine Dupri was bent on not leaving the crib with his lips looking like stunt doubles for Malik Yoba’s.  He applied the extra-gloss to his soup-coolers.  The miniature mogul hit up The Shrine in Chicago for Heineken Red Star Soul.  Peep more JD, Luda, Melanie Fiona, Kevin Hart, a drunk Suge Knight and some chick named Robin who’s thick as frozen grits when you

Luda tLuda t1Jermaine Dupri l1Luda t2

RobinSuge tSuge t1Kevin Hart iKevin Hart i1

11 Responses to “I Can’t Leave The Crib With The Malik Yoba Lips”

  1. MissTX85 said

    LMAO @ the title!

    His lips do look a little greasy though!

    Luda’s looking good as usual!

    Kevin Hart & Suge shoulda got some of that gloss from JD and put it on their hands!

  2. Gina said

    Lmao @ the title. Yall crazy.

  3. ucanb2 said

    Well at least JD didn’t want crusty lips(aka Malik Yoba).. all good.
    The rest Who are these people???

  4. yeah, his lips do look like he was tounge kissing a KY-jelly cargo truck.

  5. Smurfette said

    That’s sad how the “Malik Yoba lips” now and forever will mean dusty ass, cracked, chapped, ashy, white lips!! Lmao!

  6. Cut Up said

    Let me just cut a lil slit in the pants cause I ain’t takin em off. lol

  7. 2020VIZN said

    LMAO @ Suge Knight looking like he is the coolest shit since the Ice cream truck. Who Invited that clown? He Prolly just just showed up and crashed the VIP area. He showed up and everyone left:

    Suge: Where yall going, I wont start no fights…………with nobody that can knock me out. Hey, Hey, hey yall come back please….I got some Martini & Rossi…..hey, hey, I got a new Jacob Watch….look at it.

    Man that clown has on a Jacob Watch foreal!!! LMAO, Suge is a fuckin!!!

  8. Media Outrage said

    Lmao! @ 2020

  9. Lacy said


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