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Kobe & Family In Paris

Posted by Media Outrage on August 12, 2009


Kobe, Vanessa, Natalia & Gianna Bryant were all spotted vacationing in Paris.  It’s great to see a family that actually spends real time together.  Kobe and Vanessa seem to be really good, loving, parents.  More family cuteness when you



10 Responses to “Kobe & Family In Paris”

  1. Ms.Behave said

    Did sanna lend homegirl her dress…cause it still DOESN’T look good…

  2. ucanb2 said

    @ Ms. Behave that is one ugly damn outfit!
    Damn Mrs Count Chocula… can’t dress up or do casual!!!!

  3. Atlanta said

    LOL@ Yall…I kinda like that jumpsuit. I would rock it. Not a fan of Kobe or his wife but they are a great looking family.

  4. Kobe’s hairline is Receding so bad that it’s moonwalking faster than Micheal Jackson at Motown 25.

    He seriously needs to invest in hats!

  5. Dt ur right on with that hairline…then again egrets ussually don’t have hair…

    Seriously, does his wife ever smile?????

  6. Rafiq14 said

    Good looking FAMILY BLACKMAN.

  7. MoneAlicia said

    LoL @ Ms. Behave!

    She looks like a pregnant Kardashian sister.

  8. Atlanta said

    @Ms Behave…I wouldnt smile either if EVERYBODY on EVERY SITE was dogging me. I also wouldnt smile if my gums were 9 inches long either…LOL

  9. mizzsimplicity said

    great looking family

  10. Ms. E said

    Hate her outfit…but the kids are cute!

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