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Sanaa Lathan: I Forgive Michael Vick For Pulling a 187 On All Them Dogs

Posted by Media Outrage on August 18, 2009

Sanaa g2

Sanaa Lathan took to her laptop to post a blog on Russell Simmons’ Global Grind.  She spoke about Mike Vick and how she has forgiven him for pulling a 187 on multiple dogs.  Peep game when you

Via Global Grind:

When I read Michael Vick’s apology letter yesterday, I had mixed emotions. At first I was angry. I had visions of the news reports over a year ago and what he had done to all those dogs. On the other hand, I wanted to believe that he was really sincere, that he’s a changed man, and I was actually happy that he’s back at work.

This morning as I was finishing my meditation (thanks Russ). It occurred to me that forgiveness is not for the person who is being forgiven. Its for the person doing the forgiving. We forgive so that we can release the burden of negativity that we hold toward the other person. And it is not our place to judge another man. When you forgive you are giving a gift to yourself. And so I forgive Michael Vick… Not for him but for me…


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Mediaoutrage–  Ah!  Now Mike Vick can commence to GIVING A F**K about whatever she just wrote.  Also follow this person on Twitter.

37 Responses to “Sanaa Lathan: I Forgive Michael Vick For Pulling a 187 On All Them Dogs”

  1. MissTX85 said

    Shit just got put on my shit list!!

    Like for real, who gives a fuck about what her ass thinks?!

    Man she just pissed me off with this!

  2. Ms.Behave ~9.58, that's wats up! said

    Ok sanna i see u need a job…take off that damn red lipstick, red is so not ur color…looking a tad old…grey dress?…grandma sanaa…

    FYI- I can’t forgive ur for this fashion choice, guess i will have to live with the burden…

  3. Jason said

    I don’t forgive him I never cared about what he did to the dogs I mean it was messed up but damm it’s players in the league who have killed people .. So he was punished for it so now let’s move on

  4. Atlantaaaaa said

    She need to forgive who ever sold her that blood red lipstick. Who gives a damn if she forgives him or not? Who asked her? As long as GOD forgives him that’s all that matters.

  5. I dont care if she forgives Micheal Vick for killing 100 people…all Im waiting on is her sex tape and reality show (about her sex tape)

  6. Media Outrage said

    Lmao! @ DT

  7. BelizeanCutie84 said

    Uhh. I forgive you Sanaa for your taste in fashion. Bc only God knows what goes thru your head when choosing your fashion pieces.

  8. Jason said

    That stupid shit she said almost made me not want to hit her fine ass … But I still would

  9. Ms.Behave ~9.58, that's wats up! said

    lol@Jason…the key is almost, u never said u wouldn’t, lol. very dirty, hahaha

  10. Truly23 said

    They act like this man murdered 100 people or so or as if he murdered their pet… I think
    the worse they should have done to him was just let the man pay a fine. He didn’t OJ Simpson
    anyone people give the man a break..

  11. Marathon_Man said

    I wonder if she’d forgive me for pulling a 187 ejaculation on her grill piece? What ya think?

  12. Ralphy J. said

    WOW. I love how u guyz are always on her jock, and now you’re throwing her under the bus…you guyz r like the ocean…always changing.

  13. Ms.Behave ~9.58, that's wats up! said

    @ Ralphy J. → It’s called emotions, hence going thru the motions…feeling are meant to change…

    @ M, if u can go 300, i might let you_______________

  14. Marathon_Man said

    Yo I love sanaa. I never changed. The first time i saw her in Love and Basketball I wanted to pull out my P*nis and ejaculate on the screen lol. So a nigga still feels the same way about her. It must be love…

    @ Ms. Behave what is 300?

  15. Ms.Behave ~9.58, that's wats up! said

    “I wonder if she’d forgive me for pulling a 187 ejaculation on her grill piece? What ya think?”>>>> 300 ejaculation, haha…..MM u slipping, u should’ve seen this cumming, lol

  16. Marathon_Man said

    Lmao. Yea I must be in a daze and not on point. Well that’s what happens when your own damn supervisor sucks the life out of you on LUNCH. LMAO. But im back now….

  17. sumarrain said

    Bi**h please you should be the last person talking about forgiving someone, next morning during your so call mediation why don’t you ask Pauletta Washington for forgiveness for trying to steal her husband.

  18. Ms.Behave ~9.58, that's wats up! said

    seeing that u skipped lunch and u got sucked out, u must be hungry as hell x2!!! lol…

    hope u ‘performed’ well so u can get a raise… or maybe u already got a ‘raise’, so u can perform well…hahaha

  19. Marathon_Man said

    Lol. Nah I still ate a nice burger from Wendy’s. She has tinted windows so we was straight. Im good! F*ck a raise lol

  20. Ms.Behave ~9.58, that's wats up! said

    ‘F*ck a raise lol’… haha, but didn’t u get one of a different form, lol, with ‘raining’ compensation…

  21. Marathon_Man said

    LOL That’s funny. I sure did and showed her what a CREAMY RAIN THUNDERSTORM looks like lol.

    I have kids that will never be born because today they drowned down her thrizzzoat! Kids forgive your daddy.

  22. Ms.Behave ~9.58, that's wats up! said

    u guyz have a ‘messy’ relationship…hope ‘security’ is tight on ur ‘tower’…lol

    cause ur kids won’t be the only ones going six feet under, plus i ain’t got no black suit to wear to u funeral… strap up!!!

    with u making it rain on them hoes, i hope u atleast carry a damn umber-ellla, eh ,eh…and don’t forget the shield, haha

  23. Marathon_Man said

    LOL LOL. Oh safety first darlin’. Im just embarassed about that hand print i left in the back of her head while she was bobbin’ for apples.

  24. Ms.Behave ~9.58, that's wats up! said

    Good!!! *thumps up*…u know i just so happen to be going to Jersey this weekend, do u know of a place i can stay?

  25. ucanb2 said

    I agree MsTX 85 she was very judgmental with her blog… We all have done things that we have been forgiven for or need to be forgiven for!

  26. Marathon_Man said

    Are you really coming to Jersey? To see who? There are plenty of places to stay. What part of jersey?

  27. #54 said

    First of all half of yall are dumb fucks for bringing up old ass rumors which you shouldn’t have believed when they came out but anyway back too whats important yall talkin bout she need a job when she has like three right now but ur on these blog sites all got damn day.Where your damn job!!!I swear this world is filled with two faced jockers.Just on thiz womans jock last week and will probably be back on it next week.The bitch is talkin bout forgiven someone and yall talkin bout who cares then y the fuck did you comment.Can’t stand blog sites. Shoot sombody down for doing the right thing thats y the world fucked up now.

  28. Ms.Behave ~9.58, that's wats up! said

    Are you really coming to Jersey?… Yes
    To see who? …someone name Omar
    There are plenty of places to stay…What part of jersey?…Not sure…

  29. chaCHA said

    wow haven’t others done much worse? Michael Vick come on for Philly..F$^& what everyone has to say and show them c&*@$^#s that they just pissed you off! F**& Atl and go back out there and do what you do…MY GOODNESS…

  30. Tia said

    Sanaa..girl plz!!! What about the people in Darfur!? I love animals too, don’t get me wrong..but there are some things that need more attention than others….

  31. Jay said

    I guess when celebs get interviewed or asked questions, they shouldn’t answer any longer because there are thousands of idiots bitching about them having a voice. Are people really this angry about her little forgiveness blog? Damn! Get some therapy! Quick! Opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got one. So what if she had something to say! Comparing it to Darfur? bit much I’d say. Well, maybe anytime someone has an opinion about a topic we can yell about poverty? That makes no sense. That’s no reason for her to not talk about Vick. She can talk about 100 different things if she wants to, from stuff that’s a big deal and all the way to stuff that’s a small deal. It wasn’t negative and people are acting like a bunch of fools!

  32. Ladylove said

    Stupid dumb bitch Sanaa Lathan should be boil in oil for talking shit and trying to steal Mrs. Washington husband.

    I dont’ give a fuck if I’m a fool.

  33. Rafiq14 said

    Now wait a minute Black People you all know damn well that white people care more about dogs than they care about peolpe.Us for sure and Sanaa you probably don’t have a dog .The avarage black person don’t have a dog.So do you really care about dogs.



  36. Antonella said

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  37. charleslove271yahoocom said

    i say you are sexy hot in this picture in that different colors summer dress with your big boob’s and your big booty smokey hot that is great thing

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