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Is Drake Gay??

Posted by Media Outrage on August 21, 2009

Drake plate

This picture has already made its way around the internet a few times, so we know you’ve seen it.  Drake is pictured here with a man’s head in his lap.  Are these the type of games STRAIGHT men play?  Or is Drake really flaming?

36 Responses to “Is Drake Gay??”

  1. Is Drake Gay?? <— That's like asking 'Is water wet?

    Oh and MO u have 2 question marks [ Gay?? ], not sure if by design.

  2. Rafiq14 said

    It looks like it everybody in that photo is SWEET,.And if he is not sweet whatthaphuck is this man doing with his head in Drake’s lap,but more so what is his hand doing on the mans head.I don’t have anything against gay people,my thing is if you are gay STAY THA PHUCK AWAY FROM THESE WOMAN,and if you really think that you are not DISRESPECTING GOD and it’s really ok to live that life style why was there a closet built for you all to come out of,since you really feel it’s ok.hmmmmmmmmm.PEACE

  3. Atlanta said

    That’s why that nigga said that he aint no ladies man. Fuck that shit. He is GAY. Just by looking at this picture alone.

  4. MO, how can u ask that question when the mofo is wearing a pink shirt and a grey sweater with a dude gargling his balls?… imma lil’ worried about u…

  5. MissTX85 said

    How does that saying go?

    “A picture speaks a 1000 words.”

    If that ain’t it, I know for damn sure it’s close!!

  6. BelizeanCutie84 said

    SMH. according to alot of bloggers, majority of these entertainers are gay.

    Seriously, if Drake was gay do you really think he would take a picture, that would be made public, of a man’s head in his lap.

    It looks innocent to me.

  7. BadBadKitty0727 said

    Action speaks louder than words. The verdict: Gay! Next!

  8. Those are the type of games straight white men play. But he’s gay nonetheless. I mean hell, he’s signed to Wayne’s label. The same MF who kisses Baby’s ugly ass in public.

  9. Unkle Death said

    I’m a DIE HARD HETERO mothafucka. Whereas me and my homeboys call each other bitches, hoes, and sluts, we just be jiving. But we don’t do no shit LIKE THIS. That’s the problem with the game nowadays. TOO MANY NIGGAS be out here getting they homo thug on on the DL. Then when pictures LIKE THIS come to the light, they wanna be like “oh, we was just bullshitting”. This shit looks way too REAL to me. I’m not gonna go so far to say that Drake is gay, but come on now. Maybe that’s how you say hello to another man in Canada aka “America’s Hat”!

  10. Random said

    they’re clearly fckn around..

  11. CaramelKiss14 said

    I think you will find that most guys will think this is real and he comes off as gay and most women will think it’s just guys being guys and fooling around. I can see it from both sides. I mean shave off an eyebrow or fart in each other’s mouths like guys do…but this? Um, very, very , very suspect.

  12. itsurboi said

    Lol@ unkle death America’s hat

    this is some suspect sh!t, but we’ll see how gay young money can get, i see omarion got out before they’d have him on stage voguing wit rupaul and Yeezy

  13. lol @ voguing wit rupaul and Yeezy

  14. Media Outrage said

    LOL! @ The comments

    Ya’ll are so witty.

  15. Gay said

    He’s too ugly.

  16. nupe_4_life said

    The nigga is gay as f**k. And I also echo the comments left above. I have all the respect for gay people who come out and say this is who I am. Do you. But I have nothing but disrepect, and hatred from these dl, sometime f**king woman to keep they rep up, nasty bi**h-ass niggas out here. Why you got to poison MY pretty pussy-pool??????

    Don’t get me started on these bitch-ass faggot ass niggas.

  17. nupe_4_life said

    Lastly…there is a woman sitting way to the right. Why the fuck are four dudes sitting that damn close to each other with women at the table????? Dis nigga is out hanging with his ass-clown posse. Period. And the lady at the table is just hoping that one of those fuck faggots gets drunk enough and decides to eat her pussy a little before playing fart bubbles with drake.

    When I saw the nigga on stage for the BET music awards dressed like a gay school boy I knew he was suspect. Shit is now confirmed. Yo

  18. kwnk90 said

    They look wasted to me, don’t think he gay tho

  19. Unkle Death said

    Oh, be sure that nigga loves the cock!

  20. GflashEight0 said


  21. nikekid said

    yeah that nigga is gay and that clothing line with the heart symbol on it tha kanye and drake be wearing that Comme Des Garçon’s Play label that shit mean LIKE BOYS in french so what DO YOU THINK

  22. shawn said

    you guys are fucking retarded, he’s obviously joking.

  23. nipsey said

    he is jew! Dat means batty boy, 4real.

  24. nipsey said

    gizza gettin head, made his way to the music seen suckin cock gizz. Some of his bars on his tracks sound weird sound gay. Was a actor ( gay films ) jewish gay from canada.. Mash up! He shud be on gay money not young money.

  25. nipsey said

    england. London city bruvs! God bless the queen! Smoke peng skunk everyday.

  26. alexus said

    No I don’t think drake is gay and if he was would he get some suck there umm no and in da pic he lookin in da cam no famouse dude wit a rep like his want to be labeled gay and they do look wasted yeah but I don’t think drake gay but yew never no cause I don’t no him personaly

  27. ellahdh said

    not evenn!!.. he looks like his mukin around, sum1 cum up wiv a camra n drake pushed his mates hed unda the table.. it jus looks wrong but its nutttiinkkkk.

  28. skittlez said

    he is obviously just joking around i know a lot of man that play around like that even if they set the wrong impression

  29. Gdigiart said

    Well have you seen him in degrassi. Even before he was a rapper I thought he was gay. It’s his normal voice that made me think that. He sounds kinda diva like. Watch the show.

  30. Joe said

    Who gives a fuck if he’s gay or bisexual? Seriously it’s fucking 2010, it’s not a big deal at all. Ancient Romans used to fuck guys all the time to get off…and fucked women to make babies. Get with the times you narrow minded mother fuckers. This dude say he respects a gay person who is open about it. Read the comments here and tell me what kind of rapper in the right mind would be open about being gay if people respond like THIS and it’s not even PROOF of anything! Who the fuck are you trying to prove yourselves too? My dude Drake makes good fucking music. That’s what I care about. I could care less if he’s taking it in the ass or sucking dick.

  31. 2020VIZN said

    Lol……………….Wooooooooh Jevus!!!!!! His name is Drake, yall need to treat him like Darryl and…… Leeeeeeave him aloooone! My name is Lil Drake………..Leeeeeave me alooooone!!!!!

    You narrow Minded Mother fuckers!!!!! Lol

    I never thought I would see the day when straight people would be the subject of ridicule because they aint co signing gay shit. SMMFH

    WE ARE IN THE LAST DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. CoZmo said

    okay on the real who really gives a flying fuck if Drake is gay or not?
    its his own business and his own life. i will admit im straight and im black
    i have many many straight friends that fuck around like that doenst mean we are gay
    or fags or what ever you want to all it. Its a little thing call being comfy with your sexuality
    look it up nit whitts! I mean yeah he very well could be gay are we ever going to really know unless he says it but then again Lady Gaga did say that she has a dick and how sure are we of that huh??? Let the kid have his weird form of fun some ppl get into shit like that its calld diversity no everyone is the same as YOU duh!!! get some common sence seems like that is lacking in todays bloggers if you ask me!

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