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Snoop says F**k Being Married This Weekend Dawg!

Posted by Media Outrage on August 24, 2009


Snoop had that “F**k being married this weekend dawg!” look on his grill piece as he partied with some pretty young thang while in St. Tropez.  Snoop performed and then partied like a cornrowed rockstar.  After seeing these pics all over the net, we wonder what his wife is thinking….. More compromising positions when you



38 Responses to “Snoop says F**k Being Married This Weekend Dawg!”

  1. lowridaz said

    damn , go on snoop!! LMAOOOO i am over here fucking crackin up, he having a fucking ball with that hood rat with the dirty gucci bag, watch out snoop she looking get upgraded, LMAOOOO snoop wife gonna bust his damn head open, if she aint already done so. LMAOOO ((((still cracking up at the first pic))))

  2. Monica said

    Why do celebrities go out of the country thinking no one gonna see them. News Flash!!!! You aren’t a REGULAR guy any more. Going out of the country don’t save your ass…LOL. Paparazzi STILL following you!

  3. sumarrain said

    Damn Snoop didn’t you just renewed your wedding vow. Don’t feel sorry for the wife she should of divorced him years ago she went ahead and married him for the second time with her eyes wide open.

    Is that Usher in the first picture?

  4. MizzMimi said

    one of the many reasons that i don’t believe in marriage.

    ppl out here getting a big head the minute they get famous or get noticed by some scallywag chicks and they take for granted what they have at home.

  5. MissTX85 said

    Damn Shante gon’ fuck his ass up over there acting like that!! LOL!

    And yeah is that Usher?

  6. Yes it is Sumarrain… seems it is ‘f*ck ur wife/EX wife weekend’…

  7. lowridaz said

    well , damn i had to take another look, not USHER over there doing his thing, LMAOOOO dogs are running wild. “who let the dogs out ” well my friend just told me that GUCCI bag she carrying wasnt dirty like i stated in my earlier post, she said it was patent leather and that was the style of color, hmmmm.. i still say that shit look filthy, if that is the color i dont want it. ugh

  8. MissTX85 said

    Oh shit! That’s Daz in thumbnail #6!!

  9. Yes its me!! said

    LMAOOOOOOOOO!!! Snoop out of control! Him and his wife must be really confident and secure! If i was his wife i would be right there by his side. f**k that!

  10. Atlantaaaaa said

    Honey please, if Snoops wife aint left him by now then she aint going nowhere. Trust Me. That unfaithful nigga should have been cut loose yeaaaaaars ago.

  11. brynnrock said


  12. MissTX85 said

    MONEY is powerful! That is true!

    Hell LOVE is too!

    But ain’t no DICK, in my opinion, powerful enough to make me put up with the shit Shante has! I don’t care what the situation is!

    If a woman is weak behind DICK, she got a problem, in my opinion!!

  13. Truly23 said

    Ok, so I’m just waiting to hear on the news how many slugs this fool’s wife done popped
    off in his ass..

  14. He is not cheating. He’s simply asking that girl if he could have her breath mint because he lost his and the nigga behind him asked for the last one.

  15. ucanb2 said

    In the days of camera phones/tiny camcorders. How damn stupid are you?

  16. Blakmaine said

    He is just dancing calm down people, can’t wait for the new season of fatherhood snoops reality show.

  17. Jolie said

    Dirty SLUT, an ass beating from his wife would definitely be well deserved.

  18. Ms. E said

    LMAO@ these pics!!

    For real, Snoop is not even cute!!! YUCK!!

  19. Kanyade said


    Snoop looks toothless in that first pic.

  20. Yeah Snoop does look like a toothless Dogg…guess old age is really catching up with him…

    doesn’t stop him from getting his bone though, although he might have to suck more than chew, lolol

  21. Truly23 said

    lol@suck more than chew..

  22. DT i need something from u NOW … in less than 2 hrs, please get back to me or even on twitter.

    MO peeps if he logs on canu please frwd message. Thanx

  23. Cut Up said

    I was gonna say “Damn Snoop” but I will just say “Damn Ms.Behave” instead.

  24. itsurboi said

    Damn these are sum phucked up pix.. snoop is obviously being hounded this french slut. See him, daz and mr. confessions were probably just hangin out up in the club sippin on gin n juice when this french dick retreiver rolled up him like an automatic condom, and since she’s only fluent in french and penis she doesn’t understand “Im married-izzal bizzal” and she probably slipped him a tab a and half.

    I know that caught is caught but men will only be dogs but focused women are velociraptors

  25. BadBadKitty0727 said

    Why ya’ll hatin’? Clearly, this girl was offering Snoop a juicy 24-oz. Porterhouse steak ‘cuz he sure in the hell look like he need to eat about 12 of ’em every day for the next month.

    Hell, nucca lookin’ like Ikabod Crane or some-damn-body!

    Shante! Why you ain’t feedin’ that man! See what you made him go out there and do! LOL!

  26. Shannon said

    Damn DT u got Bitches on u like that….Geesh

  27. Smurfette said

    Lmao @ Ms Behave! Wonder what her and DT doin…..

    Anywho, did all yall miss the HipHop Wives episode on Vh1 yrs ago? Shante stated out her own mouth, “I don’t care what Snoop do, cuz them hoes got him for one night but he comin home to me.”

    After that episode I realized to some hoes, being able to pay they bills off a man’s bread is more important than self respect.

    With that said, Do You Snoop!! Lol

  28. Did anyone notice that the 2nd and 7th pics are the same; Only to set controversy? we should all know that Snoop and his wife have a tight thang and that people get down when they are kicking it. There’s nothing to report.

  29. We should also notice that on the 6th pic, Snoop is keeping her hand away from what is not hers.

  30. Basically, if my wife saw the short pic of everything i did and took it to the flamatory level, there would be some splanin’ to do. The truth of a matter is what it is and the set ups don’t work for real ngzz.

  31. chaCHA said

    lmao..yeah he hit it…damn snoop lol…thats so funny. it may not be such a hot flick for the wifey to see but gon head snoop lol just get divorced already..

  32. Random said

    Dude if she (his wife) could care less about her husband whoring around then we certainly shouldn’t worry about it..

  33. MoneAlicia said

    ain’t that usher in the back?

  34. Marie said

    Shante is smart…. why break up your home over 1 night stands. There will always be groupies etc…As long as he using a condom what the hell……

  35. lowridaz said

    shit Shante probably got her own back breaker on the side, snoop can do what he want , cause she probably dont give a damn, she may have her shit on the side also, lol

  36. Yo, Check out Snoop Dogg’s SERIOUS PIMP Sunglasses !! –

  37. Satire said

    Them white bitches got that old nigga Snoop tongue hanging out, that remind me of the late 20th century hood, la projects, the new out of the closet black lesbians got paid by a old black nigga that looked like snoop, that mother fucker ate pussy like he was starving to death and paid them new generation out of the closet lesbos good money, there was no men in them projects, niggas was killing each other, these were the early years of rap, they was locking niggas up left and right, niggas was getting raped in prison, and they was not no man no mo, turned out, women with no man raising kids in the projects, licking each pussy for comfort, and here we are today with black joke ass niggas trying to have a marriage fucking everything with a hole and black women might get lucky with the down low brother,

  38. lisa said

    Sad shit

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