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3rd Wheel

Posted by Media Outrage on August 26, 2009


Some guy named Derrick Dudley hopped in a few pictures with Serena and Common last night, during the “Just Right” wrap party at Greenhouse in NYC.  Good to see these two still going strong.  Queen Latifah was looking a bit tore up and Robin Thicke was in the building as well.  Those pics and more Serena and Common and the third wheel when you




If Serena is standing beside Common, who’s feminine hand is massaging his ear?


8 Responses to “3rd Wheel”

  1. Mizzmimi said

    hahahahaha @ who is caressing his ear

  2. ucanb2 said

    They look happy!

  3. MissTX85 said


    Queen looks tired.

  4. sumarrain said

    Love Serena, I hope she wins this years US Open. Can’t wait to read her autobiography coming out September 1. Not crazy about Common, but if she is happy with him, I happy for her.

  5. Ms_Behave said

    Damn!! did she literally paint on her eyebrows…Berger 101?…Sherwin-Williams?…

    Shit!! her whole face looks like a color wheel. *smh

    Follow your precious Ms_Behave at

  6. Kanyade said

    I hate Serena. LOL

    I want Common! LOL

  7. Chocolatedroppe said

    I love Serena and Common. What Serena has done for the game of tennis, is phenomenal. I love Common’s music as well. Both are real positive people, and I think its good to have a very supportive friend in your life. Both are focused on their careers, and definitely representing strong.I wish Serena the best of luck at the U.S.Open.

  8. itsurboi said

    LMAO @mizzmimi its probably Candace Parker’s unbelievably fine tall ass

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