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Frankie & Neffie Party….

Posted by Media Outrage on August 26, 2009


This was the scene last night as Frankie and Neffie kicked off their show premiere party.  Just see for yourself the rest of this craziness by clicking here.

16 Responses to “Frankie & Neffie Party….”

  1. MissTX85 said

    I refuse! I saw TWO minutes of that shit last night and I ain’t been right since!!

  2. Lai'Lani said

    LOL! @ MissTX85

  3. Marathon_Man said

    They’re the complete EMBODIMENT of G-H-E-T-T-O

  4. lowridaz said

    I refuse to watch that garbage, and their classless asses, please!

  5. Atlanta said

    LOL @ Mstx….I’m just tryna figure out why dude got a line in the front and long hair in the back. where dey do dat at?

  6. MissTX85 said

    @ Atlanta, I saw that mofo in the first TWO minutes last night and I was too through!! He had it pulled up then. With that fucking line up! But the kicker is he had on FOUNDATION that was two shades lighter than his Black ass!!

    Now where dey do DAT at?!!

  7. lowridaz said

    LMAOOOOOOO ((fell over laughinnnnn))) @ Atlanta and MissTX85, lmaooo

  8. Atlanta said

    They do that shit right here in Atlanta. All the gays are migrating here.

  9. I wish Keyshia would have just stayed undiscovered then we wouldn’t have this shit

  10. Yvonne said

    It ain’t nothing wrong with having a good time but Frankie goes waaaay over the line. Judging by the pictures, that must be some powerful shit she’s smoking.

    I watched this last night, not a lot of drama and it was so-so, but I’m sure my response will be different as BET airs more episodes.

  11. itsurboi said

    wow this sh!ts might set us back alottle

  12. beach chick said

    I want Frankie to grow up and I want Nefe to get a complete tubiligation!!!

  13. MoneAlicia said

    Woooooow! Amen to what everyone said!

  14. joneblaze said

    Sad to watch Frankie definitely still hitting the pipe,and Neffie this is kid # 5 right??……DAMN

  15. Martie said

    Well folks, here we go again….when I thought that Flava Flave had the worst reality show…along comes Frankie in Neffie. Awwwghhhh! I hate crap like this! The sad part is that BET is paying them. Frankie, Neffie, and their entourage of rats (men, women, and children) are now able to sport name brand gear, ride in nice cars, and live in nice apartments (Neffie has bought a garden home). I bet that Neffie is still getting foodstamps and welfare. I work everyday damn day, work hard for my money, and working on a PH.D in Education….Why don’t somebody give me a reality show! Frankie is still on drugs; it’s obvious. BET needs to be boycotted!

  16. paradise said

    I just have one question. How can you be clean and sober if you are an alcoholic and drink on a daily basis. Hey B.E.T. isn’t this three strikes. I don’t know what to call this show is it trailer park or just straight hood. I’d rather watch Jerry Springer

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