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She’s So Raven

Posted by Media Outrage on August 27, 2009

Raven j13

Raven Symone was in LA at Miauhaus Studios doing a photo-shoot for “Pepsi We Inspire.”  Raven looks very nice as everything seems to be in check.  Even if everything wasn’t in check, it really doesn’t matter when your networth is upwards of $300 million.  You call your own shots and flip the world the bird in the process.  More Raven when you

Raven j11Raven j9Raven j8Raven j7

Raven jRaven j1Raven j15Raven j16

Raven j3Raven j10Raven j6

15 Responses to “She’s So Raven”

  1. Atlanta said

    Beautiful young lady. She has always been beautiful to me.

  2. Random said

    Lol..I’ll be nice today…Lovely

    Hey I tried =)

  3. Ms_Behave said

    @ Random, i see ur trying to restrain from calling her ‘husky’, good job!! lol

    I’ve always liked Raven, i just hate that phony laugh she has, same with Lala… looks too forced.

    That blouse is too 1960’s…too much sheen, love jeans, liked slippers from far… up close they look like a slinky and those DO NOT belong on someone’s feet….

    Love her makeup, glad she patched that blank spot in her eyebrow… although they seem to be arched too far down.

    I feel sorry for my blackwomen *sad* Raven had long locks in cosby show and now i am truly saddened that she has resorted to weave, when if given the opportunity her hair would’ve been longer than extension she just put in.

    *Remembering lil’ Olivia* man i am so cut up at this… what is wrong with us?!

  4. MissTX85 said


  5. Pierre said

    Always liked her from “The Cosby Show”. She’s worth 300 million!!! Good for her.

  6. Random said


  7. ucanb2 said

    Nice pics…keep adding to 300 million Raven!

  8. sumarrain said

    I like Raven, she reminds me of Queen Latifah. I just can’t belive she use to be that crazy Lindsay Lohan roommate

  9. MoneAlicia said

    I’m gonna say the one thing no one wants to say…why can’t she get in shape or sumn? She’s beautiful & all, but I kinda wanna see her smaller.

  10. mizzsimplicity said

    she is so Raven. all her. love it or hate.

  11. Tru-Dru said

    I completely agree with the 1st Commenter…Raven is the most beautiful in the World…she is Positive, and her Talents, and Personality matches her outside Beauty. She is A Beautiful Person inside and out.

  12. Tru-Dru said

    Sun-Rae wears Big Clothes, but she is in 0.7 Perfect Shape she is just there. Don’t let her Baggy Clothes fool you Raven is not Fat she is Thick, and look at her Legs see that they are not Wide, or full of Cellulite…Raven is in Great Shape!

  13. Ms_Behave said

    Ain’t no such thing as ‘thick’.

    There is overweight, obese and mobidly obese<– check ur doctor.

  14. joneblaze said

    Love her sweet face and major league yabos,but hopefully she will move on from her kiddie flick roles.

  15. Help! I can’t stand the unsightly dimples on my thighs. What can I do?

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