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Look At Those NIPPLES!

Posted by Media Outrage on August 31, 2009

Rosie Perez h

Rosie Perez was at Prospect Park over the weekend for a 51st birthday celebration for Michael Jackson,  hosted by Spike Lee.  Al Sharpton, Spike Lee, Tracy Morgan, Ed Lover and that sexy Free were all there celebrating.  Look at Rosie Perez’s nipples….

Rosie Perez h1Rosie Perez h2Tracy Morgan jSpikeLeeEdLoverFreeTracyMorganFreeTracyMorgan


20 Responses to “Look At Those NIPPLES!”

  1. nupe_4_life said

    good gawd! :o)

  2. Cut Up said

    Headline is wack. so is Rosie Perez.

  3. itsurboi said

    anybody thats seen “Do the Right Thing” or “White Men Cant Jump” has seen those unholy creatures in all their glory i swear woody harrelston did a line of coke off both of em… ain that right mookie?

    whats up with al sharptons prison pic

  4. brynnrock said

    She looks like she did much partyin back in the day

  5. MoneAlicia said

    D’s mfka D’s Rosie Perez!

  6. MoneAlicia said

    Old news tho….we saw her naked nips in ’89!

  7. @ Monealicia…and I’d love too see those nips in 2009 as well. Especially in my mouth around 3 am

  8. Media Outrage said

    Lmao!!! @ DT

  9. Lord Have Mercy said


  10. MaliaMalia STIL LOVES MO!! said

    Mo you’re all such perverts lol!!!!

  11. joneblaze said

    Must have been chilly cause they’re rock hard!!!

  12. mr f said

    id still fuck her..just dont open your mouth rosie.

  13. ucanb2 said

    SMDH @ MO… Ya’ll Freaky-Asses!

  14. lowridaz said

    If they are really hers, these days you can never tell, they got fake nipples also, that women can put on to look hard all the time and have a hard nipple look, sexy look i guess, my girlfriend bought a pair of fake nipples, and all day long , that is just how it looked, hard nipples, I dont believe shit i see these days.

  15. WoeDread said

    who cares i had better natural nips in my mouth as a child, thanks mom. lmao ,nuttin knew Rosie who, Not. i liked her on Soultrain, only

  16. WoeDread said

    First comes the Woe, then comes the MFCKN Dread, Trust-Me

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  19. Time to jerk off

  20. Benita said

    Great article !

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