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Kristina DeBarge & Jordin Sparks Get It Poppin’

Posted by Media Outrage on September 1, 2009

Kristina j

Kristina DeBarge who might have a record deal based off of name alone or not, performed at Madison Square Garden last week with Jordin Sparks.  Both ladies look to have captivated the crowd with their sensual facial expressions.  Now we know Jordin can hold it down on the mic but how many of you feel Kristina’s vocals?  More images and facial expressions when you

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Kristina j8Jordin f1Kristina j7Jordin f2Kristina j3Kristina j2

12 Responses to “Kristina DeBarge & Jordin Sparks Get It Poppin’”

  1. ucanb2 said

    I love Jordin… I have never heard Kristina.

  2. I never heard of Kristina. She looks good though. I would say something sexually derogatory but since I dont know her age, I’ll keep the perversion down on this one.

  3. Atlanta said

    The Debarge girl is pretty. She looks a lil goofey though.

  4. itsurboi said

    shyt they could both get worked out like cambodian sweatshop worker sewing together sandals for nike sweatshop workers

  5. Unkle Death said

    I’m too mad at that disaster Kris got on…NOT THE BUSINESS!

  6. Yvonne said

    I have never heard Kristina sing before.

  7. brynnrock said

    Her brothers were in a group Debarge, if it is the same fam, they use to be the shit

  8. MoneAlicia said

    Not a fan of what Kristina is wearing. She has a cute single and a nice voice.

    I see Jordan getting her Beyonce on!

  9. camille44 said

    jordan looks good, you can tell she is trying to stay/get in shape. Kristina has a nice enough song, u can tell she can sing, but her family is the Switch group “They’ll Never Be” from back in the 70’s and Debarge group “I Like It” from the 80’s. I cant remember which Debarge is her daddy. But she definitly has the family talent. I am sure the name doesnt hurt her. I hope her career last longer than theirs did.

  10. lowridaz said

    oh my god! lil debarge is all grown up, wow… she is a cutie, very nice looking, do your thing girl!

  11. Ms_Behave said

    For those who don’t know Kristina DeBarge, i didn’t either, she is the daughter of James DeBarge, who? right… the guy that janet, Yeah Ms. Jackson was married to and supposedly had a daughter called renee.

    yeah and there was a group with the Debarge brothers, that’s all i know, so google that shit!!!

  12. Yes sir ? Is like you do like your own thing.Hut who are you Ms thing sexy thing queen honey moon,States(?).

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