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Lauren London Shoots Down Rumors That She Doesn’t Know Who Her Baby’s Father Is

Posted by Media Outrage on September 1, 2009

Lauren London pregnant

Lauren London expressed her frustrations on Twitter concerning the rumors of some unknown rapper named Pusha possibly being her baby’s father.  She says she’s never heard of nor met this cat, ever.

Rumors are False! Why won’t they just let us be. Wayne is indeed the Father and there’s no question. We are celebrating a life. I wish they would just let us enjoy this moment and stop putting false and negative energy out there.

19 Responses to “Lauren London Shoots Down Rumors That She Doesn’t Know Who Her Baby’s Father Is”

  1. sumarrain said

    Damn how many babies and child support Lil Wayne will be paying, he will be damn near broke in about 5 years. Lil Wayne do you know what a condom is use for or have you every heard of them?

  2. nupe_4_life said

    I will set the record straight right here…right now. I am the father and damn proud of it. I’ve told Lauren she don’t need worry about nuthin. Similac, pampers, a&d ointment…already stacking my chips.

  3. MissTX85 said

    DAMN!! Finally here it from the horses mouth! SMDH

  4. Cut Up said

    I personally am disappointed. I always felt like Lauren had potential to be some lucky man’s wife and do the family thing the way we should, not be reduced to a “baby’s momma” I agree with celebrating life but, he is with or married to Nivea right?! so there ain’t no future for these two. I guess I over estimated her star power. She is just a regular chick after all.

  5. MoneAlicia said

    Dang, Cut Up, you went in!

    I agree tho…we all thot she was better than that.

    She’s a cute lil’ preggo tho.

  6. She looks too good to be laying up with some dude that looks like an extra from the movie “Aliens vs. Predator”….God, she did have potential why in the world did she mess with that dude?

  7. Ms_Behave said

    Guess i will REPOST this, since u guyz haven’t learn’t to listen to Ms_Behave…i know all there is to know, lol.

    Lil Wayne took lauren’s virginity, she even admitted it in an interview *i just puked in my mouth* (i’m still trying to find it for u Mstx…busy as hell!! lol)

    she also said she ‘loves’ bad boys, lauren ain’t all that…boxed shaped, flat ass, ain’t photogenic, not too good of an actress and … whats with the lazy eye?

    Lil wayne is more of a catch for lauren than the other way around <– Trust!!!

  8. BelizeanCutie84 said

    LOL @ DT. Yeah Lauren had all the potential in the world. Such a bad move on her end.

    IDC if he took her virginity or not, this man is on television professing his love for another chick and you get knocked up by him. Am I missing something here?

    That must be the worst feeling to be having a child by a man and he also has other kids on the way. It just destroys all the special moments ya’ll wouldve shared. *tisk tisk*

  9. K-SMOOTH (LBC) said

    Cut Up couldn’t have said it any better.

  10. Atlanta said


    @CUT UP…Seems like your just going by what she looks like. I have never seen any class in this young lady. LAUREN LONDON IS A VIDEO CHIC. NOTHING ELSE. She lucked up to get the role in ATL. Her acting skills are worse than Lisa Raye’s.

  11. Ms_Behave said


  12. Atlanta said

    If yall cant see that this VIDEO CHIC got pregnant so that she can have some money coming in then yall are blind. From what I understand she beeeeeeeeeeen fuckin wit lil wayne.

  13. itsurboi said

    @BC84 this is yet a another Keep a nigga baby syndrome.

    i agree wit cut up, she had mountains of potential and burnt that sh!t up on sum star struck groupie phuckery, all cuz she wanted a bad boy. But it all her fault, i see where wayne got that “latex”….. “late text” word play he gets those apparently all the time.

    N.E.WAY since when does kissin another man and callin him daddy make you a bad boy?

  14. lowridaz said

    I really could care less who her baby father is, or who she is , or what she does!

  15. WoeDread said

    a hoe is a hoe , is a hoe, is a hoe x 2, such Fabulous hoes, let get back to da real people, instead of concentrating on celebrity hoes and pimps, get a life entertainers. lol

  16. ali said

    HAHAHA nupe_4_life!!
    Wanyne,or as I like to call him Lil “main vein” Wayne needs to STOP pro-creating!! Ughh..he is so nasty it makes me wonder why women who already have their own $ would want to even sleep with him. Maybe the “no chin” look is in??

  17. Amari said

    You know what; I wasn’t going to comment on Lauren London getting pregnant. It’s not in my personality to blog, twitter etc but after reading some of the nasty comments about Lauren on here, over the internet etc. I feel like I have to say something, you know, some of you really make me sick. I don’t know maybe its just me, but it seems like some of you don’t think before you say the things you say. Now I’m not trying to be like that dude on you tube that cried over Brittany Spears, Mr. Rodgers we are the world, Hell No, I’m just being real. I do believe that if you are going to make a comment about someone, do some research about that person, don’t be so quick to judge, look at yourself first, make sure your shit is 100% straight before you say something negative about that person. That’s what’s wrong with this society; we are so quick to judge people when none of us should be judging unless we are God. How soon we forget that the negative comments are what took out Michael Jackson. That’s why when a lot of ya’ll were crying when he passed I wasn’t buying it because some of ya’ll were the same ones, that talked about him as if he was some lab experiment. These people are human just like we are, whether they admit it or not, these comments hurt them. They shouldn’t have to live in a world where they can’t be a member on facebook, myspace, or damn get on the damn internet because they are worried about reading what people are going to ask them, say, or seeing their personal business put on blast. No human should have to go through that, that’s a miserable life to live. Some of ya’ll would say, well they chose that life, well my answer to that is, so, because they are in the limelight, that gives you the right to say whatever you want, you have no self control. The fact that Lauren was able to take the high road, saying let us enjoy this special moment, and leave us alone despite all the negative comments, shows even more of what you all claim to see in her. That old soul, like she’s bee here before. Negative comments like, she has a lazy eye, she’s a hoe, flat ass, she can’t act anyway etc and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Its like wow, she could have said, ya’ll MFs don’t know me, or leave us the F alone, to me by not saying those things also showed what I’ve seen in her since the first time I laid eyes on her. Lauren is special, when you look at her she stands out, she doesn’t blend in with everyone else, there’s a special presence and also the given. She’s strong, educated, down to earth, beautiful, she has qualities I believe some of ya’ll envy a I say that because, what does her looks, figure and acting have anything to do with her getting pregnant. To me, society’s opinion of perfection, make her so called imperfections her perfections. She is human we all have these so called flaws, those flaws make her Lauren just like your flaws make ya’ll who ya’ll are. So seriously you say that now, at a time like this, she already said she isn’t happy with the situation, I’m sure if she could do it differently she would, so what else do you expect her to do. Ya’ll act like she is saying, lol, ooo yeah, my man lil wayne, my baby daddy got me pregnant, that’s my boo for life, he’s so fine. She is accepting her mistake, responsibilities like an adult, and she’s moving forward. Do you all realize how hard it is to keep your cool when the whole world is talking about you like that, on top of your own personal struggles? I would like to see some of ya’ll deal with that pressure. We all mistakes and like I said, if you listen to Lauren when she speaks, does interviews her acting career is her air, her heartbeat, and soul. It means the world to her, she doesn’t even have to say it you can see it in her if you pay attention. In my opinion anyone who works that hard to pursue anything, when that one thing that wakes them up, keeps them going, etc, is being put on hold from them, like now I’m sure she fears this will ruin her career. She needs support and love more than anything else. We need to uplift people more than tear them down and that seems to be a on going problem especially in the black community. Hell you don’t have to agree with her choice of men. Please believe I feel like she can do better than a lil wayne, because I don’t believe lil wayne would ever give her, like she said wants her man to be the type to give her that coconut first if they were alone on a desert island but there had to be something there for her to deal with him, and to be intimate with him. So as long as she’s happy, and they treat her right and give her all the love she deserves, lol he brings out those dimples and heaven like smile that’s all that matters. In closing, if your life is perfect, and you’re flawless. Talk about her, go ahead but if it’s not leave her the hell alone and let her celebrate the new life she is about to bring into this world.

  18. symone said

    yall need to leave lauren alone.thats my twin aka favor actress.!!!!!!!!!i heart her and wayne

  19. marks work warehouse canada

    Lauren London Shoots Down Rumors That She Doesn’t Know Who Her Baby’s Father Is « Media Outrage

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