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Back That Thang Up

Posted by Media Outrage on September 6, 2009

Mya b

Mya performed in Atlantic City at Dusk inside of Caesars.  She backed that thang up for the crowd on hand.  We still don’t know if a legitimate comeback is possible but performances like this are sure to get people talking.  More of your girl Mya when you

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17 Responses to “Back That Thang Up”

  1. Cut Up said

    Mya has absolutely “no star power” left. She got about $375 and free slots for that gig and it was just enough to get her burger&fries and a trip back home.

  2. lio said

    This is fucking sad…..I’m serious

  3. Random said

    Let’s hope she doesn’t end up like Ms.Campbell..

  4. MissTX85 said

    Maybe Oprah will give her a job. She seems like the type O would hire.

  5. nupe_4_life said

    Damn…beautiful azz hell tho’. Not sure why a baller type (i.e. NBA/NFL) hasn’t tried to wife her yet? Definitely in my top-ten ‘stallions list.

  6. cseancincy said

    She works there as a waitress and its open mic night lmao is she singing r stripping

  7. Micheal Jordan has a better chance of winning a scoring title in the year 2020 than this chick making a comeback.

    Her career is shot in tha ass….. like Pookie running from the cops with a Hot plasma!

  8. Jny said

    Damm ..

  9. Lowridaz said

    CHEAP looking

  10. cstyle said

    damn lookin pretty nice……

  11. trojanrc said

    I agree with “Nupe_4_life. she is on my top ten super fine sistas also. We make 2 sponsor’s. Do I hear any more??

  12. Kanyade said


    I still wish her well. I’ve always liked Mya. I hope she does well on DWTS.

  13. Unkle Death said

    She need that Rogaine comeback power lol. Of course I expected all the women on MO to guzzle that Haterade. I’m feeling them Lou V drawls tho. Not saying I’d sport them or no shit like that but them joints is seXXXy!

  14. brynnrock said

    She looks old and rank tank…you guys like anything! She looks crazy!

  15. Atlanta said

    …everytime I see her she is bending over or either bussin her pussy open on somebody, and still can’t seem to come up…

  16. n2unme said

    maybe she should look to former class artists to understand that she doesn’t hav to sell sex if she can sing!

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