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Just In Case You Thought He Fell Off…

Posted by Media Outrage on September 8, 2009


Roy Jones Jr. dominated boxing for more than a decade with his stylish flare for the dramatics.  There hadn’t been a boxer in recent memory besides the likes of Sugar Ray Leonard that could put punch combinations together quicker than Roy Jones.  When had we seen a boxer that could throw qaudruple left hooks faster than straight jabs? 

Roy got knocked out a few years back, by Antonio Tarver and then by Glenn Johnson.  Both losses put a stain on his image but it was his fear of getting hit and lackluster performances that ultimately tarnished his career.  Months ago he was beat by Joe Calghze in a fight which saw Roy bleeding profusely out of his left eye, something fans had never witnessed happen to him.  Roy returned to the ring a few weeks ago against Jeff Lacy and put on quite an impressive performance in which he showcased that tremendous handspeed and quickness that made him a household name.  Peep the videos after the jump…..





9 Responses to “Just In Case You Thought He Fell Off…”

  1. Sumarrain said

    Roy Jones Jr. dominance in the ring were over years ago, he needs to stick to broadcasting and say goodbye to boxing in the ring forever.

    His body is fantastic.

  2. Ms_Behave said

    Is that rooster suppose to replace the missing ‘cock’ imprint from his pants?

  3. MissTX85 said

    His performance in this fight still wasn’t as good as in his other fights!

  4. Terrance said

    Roy is one of my favorite fighters but this was against Jeff Lacy, a fighter who hasn’t won anything. Why didn’t Roy put together those combos against Calghze? I’ll tell you why, because Roy would’ve gotten his fragile chin checked. Roy’s my dude, but I agree with Sumarrain he needs to stick to commentating. Fool around and get knocked out shadow boxing.

  5. Roy Jones was one of the best Light Heavy’s of the century. But Terrance is right the man is 40 and against Jeff Lacy its almost like watching Micheal Jordan in a slam dunk contest with Miley Cirus.

    This fight was actually more depressing to watch than the last half hour of the Color Purple.

  6. Media Outrage said

    Lmao @ Terrance & DT

  7. Lowridaz said

    I cant wait to see Mayweather step back in the ring this month, I will be watching that shit!!

  8. Smurfette said

    Hey, I love the Color Purple!! Lmao!

  9. joneblaze said

    Yall must have forgot!! Remember that song from his brief music career?

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