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Posted by Media Outrage on September 9, 2009


Naeem Delbridge and Scott Buccheit posed for pics during an event in NYC last night looking sweeter than diabetes.  It’s apparent that they are Co-CEO’s of the all exclusive Butt-Pirate club.  We don’t care how accepting the world becomes of this type of stuff, it’s still nasty as hell to us!  LOL!  Another couple of Steve and Steve when you


21 Responses to “Co-CEO’s Of The BUTT-PIRATE Club”

  1. Blakmaine said

    I agree when we as people starting accepting this as the norm, u know the world is coming to an end.

  2. MissTX85 said


  3. Ms_Behave said

    Man, the couple up top is ‘breaking’ all kind of barriers:-
    Black/White issue; Man/Man Issue; Man wearing tights issue; Man wearing Blouse issue; Man wearing 5 year old attire…

    But, nothing compares to the ‘break’ that will occur when white boy tap that ass…”scream like u rodney king, nuccca. SCREAM!

    Congrats Boys!!! * 3 snaps *

  4. Stephanie said

    wow u ppl are so close minded

  5. Atlanta said

    @Stephanie…closed minded??? We aint gotta except that gay shit if we don’t want to. There aint nothing right about that shit and those motherfuckers are high risk for spreading HIV. Closed minded my ass.

    @Ms. Behave…u a damn fool.

  6. ucanb2 said


  7. Unkle Death said


    There. I said it!

  8. Lio said

    hey man listen, it’s 2009. You may not accept or agree with their life style, but respect their choices. I will never understand why a dude want another dude, but hey, whatever makes you happy.

    Coming here and spreading hate on gays is exactly the same as a skinhead going on another forum and calling black people “nigger monkey”. Just my 2 cents..peace

  9. Unkle Death said

    @ LIO – Spreading hate, huh? What the fuck ever, homes. I’m not doing as you say, I’m stating my opinion.

    I could give a fuck less about what a FAGGOT does. They act as if we really care about them getting dicked up the ass 25-8. As long as none of them weird motherfuckers come to me, I don’t give a dying priest’s last shit about what they do.


    Just for the record…last dude that called ME a nigger and a monkey got a broken noses and a dislocated jaw. He’s lucky to even BREATHE RIGHT NOW!

  10. Unkle Death said

    And fuck what year it is. Homos are DISGUTING IN ANY TIME.

  11. Unkle Death said

    *disgusting. whatever

  12. Rafiq14 said

    Hmmmmm Gay- Being Gay is really away of showing all of our Brothers and Sisters you didn’t lisen to what our Father God had to say,YOU’RE GAY.Forget what you heard from Madame it was Eve not Steve with Adam,procreation came forth look at them.Gay.My people have gone astray Sodom an Gamorah was the same way,GAY.Brothers say they’ve been hurt,Dalilia cut Sampson’s hair but he didn’t put on a skirt.GAY.If your wrist is limp and you walk that way,judge ye not but what is GOD gonna say,GAY.I sin you sin no one is greater than the other,but LADIES I CAN PROMISE YOU ONE THING,I WILL NOT HAVE SEX WITH MY BROTHER. PEACE

  13. Lord Have Mercy said


  14. Unkle Death said

    I feel that Rafiq. Right on.

  15. lowridaz said


  16. Atlanta said


  17. Truly23 said

    I 2nd what Rafiq said… Unkle Death I agree with you as well, it’s not hate it’s your opinion. In their cases, it’s there preference because as Rafiq stated God created a woman to be with a man and not a man to be with a man. Remember it’s the rib God took from Adam and made the greatest creation ever us women…:-)

  18. Stephanie said

    Like I said ya’ll are close minded.. It’s ignorant and it disgust me!

  19. Gay said

    I can’t stand a hateful person using God to perpetuate hate. Leave God out of any conversation trying to promote hate it’s plain ignorant. Be aware of who will judge who on judgment day. You won’t prosper EVER hating.

  20. sam smith said

    the look hot to me I ‘d do them both

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