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Wesley Snipes And His Wife

Posted by Media Outrage on September 10, 2009


Wesley Snipes and his lovely wife Nikki Park attended the premiere of “Brooklyn’s Finest” at the Sala Grande during the 66th Film Festival in Venice.  They look like they both had a blast.  More images of Wesley, his beautiful wife and actress Shannon Kane when you

Shannon Kane10Wesley Snipes jWesleyNikkiParkShannon Kane1WesleyNikkiPark5Wesley Snipes j1

Shannon Kane3Wesley Snipes j8Wesley Snipes j3Shannon Kane6WesleyNikkiPark4WesleyNikkiPark2

WesleyNikkiPark1Shannon Kane9Wesley Snipes j7Wesley Snipes j5

26 Responses to “Wesley Snipes And His Wife”

  1. lowridaz said

    Wesley look sick, aged, and all that ! his wife is ok, nothing to holla on, typical lite chick, nothing spectacular, her and every other chick in the industry look dazzling with the make up an shit on, typical without it , she ok

  2. Random said

    WHo is this Shannon Kane..she’s beautiful!

  3. lowridaz said

    but with that said, they do look nice together.

  4. MissTX85 said

    I agree with Random! I’m gonna Google her and see what comes up!

    Forget Wesley & that stick figure he with!

    • Shanice said

      Do I smell jealousy? Damn, you should actually focus on your own life instead of being wrapped up in searching out someone elses.

  5. Random said

    Wesley’s wife is a cute lil asian chic..too cute for him..he’s just hideous!

    • Shanice said

      Wow Random, its funny how you consider looks when it comes to someone else, but you want someone to see the beauty inside of you so that they would even consider dating your fish faced a**. You know nothing about the man as a person, but you have always been shallow. You would probably date a mental patient if thought they were cute, but they might not want to date someone that looks like a damn Ewok.

  6. Sumarrain said

    Wesley Snipes do not look well at all, he lost way too much weight. I guess the tax trial and the possibility of going to jail for not paying his taxes is taking a serious toll on him.

    But with his wife by his side he looks decent.

  7. That lil asian chic is not pretty at all. She reminds me of this girl I use to go to school with.

  8. Ms_Behave said

    Well, if it isn’t Mr. Tax Evation himself…

    Yo maybe, it’s me but wesley’s wife looked like two different people and race in photo, i even mixed her up with shannon. photo1 and photo2 … lighting and angle i guess…

    Wesley and wife looks happy and that’s important… Shannon has a very radiant smile, pretty girl.

    • Shanice said

      Well if it isn’t Ms. Receding Hairline herself, I told you that you need to learn how to spell before you start talking trash about anyone. The word is “Evasion”, but forget all that, you need to focus on not being stupid and actually do something with your life instead of talking about these people.

    • 私は愛を午前 said

      “Evasion”…thanks! Guess i was typing too fast.

      Oh, btw…

      You need to UP your dosage and tighten your straight jacket, with some serious QUICKNESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!

  9. Atlanta said

    Yeah, I dont care for Wesley. AT ALL.

  10. itsurboi said

    damn wesley look like either he’s been locked up abroad or he was vacationing in that lovely little hotel they found saddam in.

  11. Yvonne said

    If Wesley wasn’t smiling he would look like a dead man in an open coffin. WTH is wrong with him anyway? Pretty wife though.

    • Shanice said

      You would have to ask your psychologist what’s wrong with him in your next session. Does he still have you chanting “I need to get a life”?

  12. T Dirty said

    Wesley look like a real fuck up version of James Brown (sorry James R.I.P. But he look like dead man walking stress affects everyone……

    • Shanice said

      Wow Dirty, thats the perfect word for you, you have no problem mentioning a dudes name in a dis even though he’s trying to R.I.P.

      You got pissed when they people in school talked about your Dennis Rodman looking Momma so you need to stop talking about people.

  13. enjunjoe said

    A Pretty lady on Wesley’s arm….

  14. beastley said

    wesley wanted soul food and got seoul food, korean wife i take from him and stuff kim chi in his eye

    • Shanice said

      Thats a perfect name for you Beastly, it describes your face, breath, manners, etc. Your incomplete sentence is the worse, did you even bother to read “Reading for Dummies” like I told you to? Back to the cage with you, and you won’t get your bone until you do better. (Bad Beastley….bad… bad…Beastley!)

  15. Shanice said

    Its funny how people get on here and talk trash like Lowridaz half dead self, just because their mad they haven’t made it. You’ve looked sick often with the bumps on the back of your neck and no one points that out about you.

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