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Looking Good

Posted by Media Outrage on September 11, 2009

Dania Ramirez j1

Dania Ramirez attended a Hollywood event last night looking nice and tasty.  She should get roles just off of looks alone.  We’d give her a part in any film with like 25 sex scenes….

Dania Ramirez jDania Ramirez j3Dania Ramirez j2

11 Responses to “Looking Good”

  1. Sumarrain said

    Don’t know her, but she is wearing to much makeup looking a little bit like the joker.

  2. BelizeanCutie84 said

    Uhh she doesnt have that star power to me. She looks like a dresses up Mexican lady. (not meant to offend anyone). :/

  3. CaramelKiss14 said

    She’s still an up & coming actress that can’t afford a make up artist which is why she doesn’t look polished. The foundation and lipstick color are off.

    I accidentally rented a movie called “The Fifth Commandment” and she’s in it. I’ve been raised right so I’m not gonna speak bad of her, but WOWZERS. I guess with a budget of 3.99, there’s only so much you can do with the dialogue, plot, character development or story line. It was only a $1 tho… so can’t feel too bad.

  4. Ms_Behave said

    The only thing ‘Looking Good’ is the fact that she already has on a garbage bag… all i need to do is throw her in the bin… real thrash!

  5. Ms_Behave said


  6. Media Outrage said

    Lol @ Ms_Behave

  7. MissTX85 said


  8. Sumarrain said

    @ Ms_Behave

    Very funny can’t stop laughing.

  9. ucanb2 said

    I’m sorry I don’t know who she is…

  10. mizzsimplicity said

    too much make up. whoever she is

  11. MoneAlicia said

    I suppose the orange red lipstick is hot right now. Rihanna’s doing it too….

    I luv her tho, so she still gets a get it biiitch!

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