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Alicia Keys, Mo’Nique And Debbie Allen Visit 106 N Park

Posted by Media Outrage on September 17, 2009


Yesterday Alicia Keys, Mo’Nique, Debbie Allen and Naturi Naughton all hit up 106 and Park to chop it up with Terrence and Rocsi.  Alicia’s next album will drop in December.  Images of Mo’Nique dancing when you

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18 Responses to “Alicia Keys, Mo’Nique And Debbie Allen Visit 106 N Park”

  1. Mo’….boo…sit down. I love ya but you shaking that cornbread and ham-hock eating ass is like playing naked Twister with the Golden Girls…..SOMETHING THAT SHOULD NOT HAPPEN!!!!

    Alicia would and forever get her back blown out like a candle glowing in the wind!

  2. MR. F said

    i would have left my wife for Alicia TOO

  3. ucanb2 said

    Monique looks good with her weight loss!

  4. Yasmine T. said

    LMAO @ Mr. F

  5. Atlanta said

    Alicia looks great.

  6. Atlanta said

    Roksee looks good too. I love that Jumpsuit on her. Really classy.

  7. Atlanta said

    Monique does look good with her weight loss but she needs to cut that hair off of her leg.

  8. Ms_Behave said

    I see monique still hasn’t shaved her grizzly legs… it may take years to lose weight but only a few minutes to shave, Nair anyone? That shoe is definately bigger than alicia, her heel is all the way in from the back of shoe… mind u have an acident hun.

  9. Ms_Behave said


  10. Atlanta said

    Yeah Ms. Behave I agree. Those boots are too big.

  11. MissTX85 said

    I love Mo’Nique and she looks nice. But I see she don’t know what Nair or Veet is!

    Debbie Allen’s still looking nice!

    I see this is where Alicia wore that ugly ass outfit from the stylish post!

  12. BelizeanCutie84 said

    Monique looks great with the weight shes lost.

    Alicia looks great, so does Rocsi. (for once)

  13. itsurboi said

    I glad MO lost weight but she need to shave that Llama fur off her legs. I sweaer every pic yall got of her it looks like she’s been walking tarantulas thru a glue factory.

  14. itsurboi said

    Why is Aiclia Kyes so fnie? I sewar she fckus my s!ht up erevyitme I see her. I wotre Fallin’ as my nmae drunig clloege oreniatoin wehn she fsirt cmae out, and it gtes wrost as tmie pessas. I saw her in cnorect once the nxet day I wnet to go see Obama sepak warenig a MCCAIN PALIN sihrt

  15. MoneAlicia said

    Debbie Allen is radiant! I adore her! Alicia looks amazing, as always.

    Monique should’ve worn different shoes. Wonder what she’s dancing to…

  16. Marq Dubya said

    Alicia Keyes lookin nice and thick as usual, Monique needs to sit down and shave her legs

  17. lowridaz said

    Monique look good, for a big woman, I love her attitude and how she dress, and carry herself, that woman dresses her fucking ass off, even when she was bigger, I tip my hat and bow and admire any big woman that carry herself that way, and dress sharp as a fucking tack like that, go girl!! hold your shit down, look and dress better than half these so called fine slim sisters out there, who actually think they look good, just cause they slender. as far as her legs, i cannot zoom in on them so i cant tell, but oh well. maybe she like hair on her legs, who knows!

  18. MS P said

    Licia boots too big!

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