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Get A Room

Posted by Media Outrage on September 21, 2009


Omarosa and Christian Keyes were sizzlin’ it up on the set of “We Are Family” which probably already went to DVD before it even finished wrapping up.  D. Woods and actress Monique Coleman were apart of this mess.  Fellas how many of you would jump at the chance to slob it down with Omarosa?  Keep it real….


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Omarosa hMonique ColemanKarlie LewisKarlieLewisChynaLayneDWoodsDWoodsKarlieLewisFrenchie

20 Responses to “Get A Room”

  1. Smurfette said

    Im not a guy but I’ll slob this b$%^# down for a part in a movie

  2. Atlantaaaaa said

    No comment on any of those photos.

  3. MissTX85 said

    WOW! This makes Christian Keyes a nobody!

  4. Smurfette said

    Can someone tell me where this girl in the hot pink got them shoes? They is the business!

  5. I wouldnt tounge this ugly bitch down even if Jesus gave me the Chapstick and Trident!

  6. lowridaz said

    The pic of them dancing in front of the car, they look like straight hoochies, ugh

  7. sweetthang05 said

    wow, this looks pretty low budget

  8. sweetthang05 said

    but christian keys can get it off top!!

  9. Marathon_Man said

    Low Budget aint the word. Looks like they got this thing crackin’ with the photographer’s that be at the club.

  10. brynnrock said

    DT you made my morning! They all look crazy except for the shoes on that chick!

  11. BadBadKitty0727 said

    Note to self.

    Self – do not wear shoes that make your toes spill over the top of the front of the shoe. No matter how cute the shoes are, it is not a good look.

  12. ucanb2 said

    What the Hell?!!!

  13. lowridaz said

    LMAOOO @ note to self… lol

  14. itsurboi said

    so is this Omarosa’s sex tape or can i still watch this on youtube?

  15. itsurboi said

    oh i didnt see the question, i was to busy checkin the diddy bops in the other pix…. Hell Naw I won’t kiss Omarosa not even if the old muahfucka from SAW had that chick in the black and shorty in the blue as a goal in his game. I heard that she steals souls or is becoming a preacher or something.

  16. she keeps it real said

    Christian Keyes! Christian Keyes! Christian Keyes! Damn! Damn! Damn! Ok, had to get that outta my system, the man’s too damn fine! Love him in the play Madea Goes to Jail and was hoping to see him on the big screen but not this ghetto looking shit! Come on baby, Omarosa??? You need a part bad, huh?

  17. itsurboi said

    the bald headed can of chunky soup’s gotta better shot, holla back BBW

  18. brynnrock said

    EW, I didn’t even see her big toes hangin over those shoes. You guys r on point!

  19. courtney said

    I think omarosa is pretty. she is not ugly. christian keyes was just blessed. what a handsome man.

  20. conservative said

    Omarosa is an embarrassment to the Black community as a whole and a trashy White man’s wench. She’s a gold-digger and not attractive at all. She looks like a man. What educated Black man would have that trash on his arm? Give me a break!

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