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What’s Happening!

Posted by Media Outrage on September 21, 2009

Ernest Thomas

Ernest Thomas, who played “Raj” on What’s Happening, showed up to KiKi Shepard’s 6th Annual Sickle Cell Awareness Celebrity Bowling Challenge in Studio City, CA this past weekend.  Even though Raj hasn’t had a gig since Kennedy got assassinated, he’s still cool with us because What’s Happeningwas that show!  We’re not sure but upon closer glance it looks like Raj might have been in need of somebody’s tissue.  Gross.  Peep Salli Richardson, Dondre Whitfield, Dawnn Lewis, Tatyana Ali, Bill Bellamy, Jenifer Lewis, and KiKi Shepard looking a hot ass sammich mess when you 

Ernest Thomas1Tatyana Ali fNorwood Young hKiKi ShepardBillBellamyKiKiShepardDuleHill

Jenifer LewisTerrenceCarsonKristoffStJohnDawnn Lewis j1DawnnLewisKiKiShepardSalliRichardsonKiKiShepardDondreWhitfield

BillKristenBellamyTatyana Ali f1Norwood Young h1Jenifer Lewis1SalliRichardsonDondreWhitfield jTerrenceCarsonKristoffStJohn1

KiKi Shepard1Bill BellamyTatyana Ali f2Dawnn Lewis j2Jenifer Lewis2TerrenceCarsonKristoffStJohn2

BillKristenBellamy2KiKi Shepard2SalliRichardsonDondreWhitfield j2BillKristenBellamy1Tatyana Ali f3KiKi Shepard3

10 Responses to “What’s Happening!”

  1. Sumarrain said

    This look like a gathering of the unemployed.

  2. Man, these people are so low on the Celebrity pole they would have to pay ME to just remember who the fuck they were.

    And why must every 35-45 year old black man in these photos try to recapture their youth by wearing some tight ass shirt that’s causing their nipples to file charges for strangulation?

  3. Smurfette said


  4. MissTX85 said

    Last time I saw him he was on “Everybody Hates Chris”.

    Nice that they’re bowling for a good cause!

  5. Yvonne said

    Agree with Miss TX85…MO he was on Everybody Hates Chris. Damn…dude looks old in that pic. Time flies by so fast it’s scary.

  6. Nice seeing Ernest Thomas from What’s Happening. I used to like that show.

  7. Atlantaaaaa said

    Good that they are supporting the cause. Sallie and Dondre make a good looking couple to me.

  8. Ms_Behave said

    @ Atlanta , Salli Richardson and Dondre Whitfield are married, they wed On September 8, 2002. *If u already knew and were just stating how ‘good’ they look, them my bad*

  9. ucanb2 said

    Good deal.

  10. MoneAlicia said

    So….are KiKi’s gums big or does she just have lil’ lips??? I can’t call it.

    Glad to see Sally & Dondre out together. ~Black Love

    Tatyana is glowing! Dawnn is gorgeous.

    I need an old pic of Raj to place him.

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