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Look At Nia

Posted by Media Outrage on September 22, 2009

Nia Long j

Nia Long hit up one of the Emmy after parties cheesin’ up something awesome, as if she has movie roles being  thrown at her left and right.  It’s always a joy to see Nia Long’s smiling beautiful face.  We just wish she’d jump into somebody’s movie in somebody’s theater.  Your girls Gabrielle Union,  Mary J. Blige and Essence Atkins were also in the building looking delightful…..

Gabrielle sNia Long j1Gabrielle s1Mary sEssence Atkins jGabrielle s2

Mary s1Essence Atkins j1Gabrielle s3Mary s2Gabrielle s4

16 Responses to “Look At Nia”

  1. I’d wish she’d jump into my bed, fuck a movie screen.

  2. MissTX85 said

    No comment.

  3. Smurfette said

    She is so hot!

  4. Roshanda said

    gabrielle only looks like that thanks to a certain person…wink

  5. ALLISWELL5 said

    Still one of my favorites….Beautiful to me!

  6. yeah i said it said

    MO what are we lookin at Nia for?

  7. MoneAlicia said

    Nia is just all kinds of gorgeous. YISI, I think he just wanted us to look.

    Gaby tries too hard. Essence & Mary are stunning as always.

  8. itsurboi said

    Damn Nia still fine as the day she ran pass me and smoke b4 i whupped Debo’s ass YEI YEI

    And Ms. Atkins better stay away from me b4 she gets Clintonized in that Lewinsky dress *and boom goes the dynamite*

  9. joneblaze said

    Loved her since LOVE JONES her face and rack are holding up well

  10. ucanb2 said

    Not a good look for Gabby… but everyone else looks nice!

  11. Kanyade said

    Nia = pure gorgeousness. 🙂

    Gabby’s so pretty. 🙂

    Mary’s pretty, too, but I’m HATING this frosted look. 😦 LET THE BLONDE GO DAMMIT!

  12. Ms_Behave said

    Mary had an eyeliner mishap. 😦

  13. Rizzy said

    Nia and Essence=3some

  14. Random said

    Nia: Lose the bra

    Gabby: Less is more darlin *make-up that is*

    Essence: looks the most put together..matching eyeshadow killed it..

    Mary: dress is too Loud..

  15. Atlantaaaaa said

    Nia looks great . However, her hair is tired as hell. Essence looks great too.

  16. Ms_Behave said

    Essence, i love ur attire but black shoes and bag would look better, Mary just can’t help but being hood. Nia is all good except showing bra, better to suggest pulling up dress than losing bra cause we know nia’s breasts would be loooong.

    Gabby, u need to start all over again…

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