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Foxy Brown Sex Tape??

Posted by Media Outrage on September 23, 2009


A picture of Foxy Brown has hit the net of her in a rather compromising position which might lead one to believe that she has a sex tape circulating…. See for yourself


15 Responses to “Foxy Brown Sex Tape??”

  1. lowridaz said

    I was never a fan of her!! lookin like a predator in that pic up there.

  2. lowridaz said

    Lizard woman

  3. Kanyade said


  4. Teena Thomas said

    HA HA HA They done caught Fox Boogie out there. LMAO!!!!! Whew. Gotcha! Say Cheese!!!!

  5. CaramelKiss14 said

    Her puss is mos def rotten, do I even need to say it?. Rick nasty ass Ross…BAM! I almost lost my breakfast MO, careful with this “morning news” stuff. Folks still gots ta eat ya know.

  6. Smurfette said

    Y did I click on this?

  7. Atlantaaaaa said

    That hoe is ugly.

  8. Ms_Behave said

    Searching for relevance………..

  9. Lio said

    Thanks M.O. I just vomit in my mouth

  10. MoneAlicia said

    She’s sucking it in really hard in that main pic.

    The sex tape is so not the way to go. When will these mfkas learn???

  11. itsurboi said

    When did she get out of jail or did she make that sh!t in there??? Regardless, Foxy Brown stopped being after Pam Grier stop playin her. But hell I’m not shocked that she has a sex tape I’m shocked that its this late in the sex tape craze. Who remembers when she fainted on stage a while back, and they pumped a quart baby grazy out of stomach?

  12. itsurboi said


  13. MissTX85 said


  14. NateForrest said

    Too all who judge:

    With all of the responses (“GROSS”, “vomit,” “rotten puss”), I’m quite sure all of you are particularly slutty. Yet, you take opportunity to act like you’re soooo offended.

    Please. Have u mfka’s was doing alot worse last night so save the vitorian sh!t.

  15. Julia Perez cabup Pacitan…

    nih artis terkenal sensasinya mulu, terakhir bilang mau jadi calon bupati, busyet dah, udah gak punya muka kali ya hehehe…

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