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Ashanti Looking Sexier Than A MuthaF**Ka

Posted by Media Outrage on September 24, 2009

Ashanti h1best

Ashanti hit up the VH1 Hip Hop Honors rockin’ this number and looking sexier than a muthasucka.  We’re feeling the entire outfit espeically the knee high boots.  Ashanti was gettin’ it!  Everybody and they’re momma came out to represent…..

Ashanti h11Ashanti h10bestAshanti h9Ashanti h8bestAshanti h7Ashanti h6Ashanti h5best

Ashanti h4bestAshanti h3Ashanti hEve uEve u2Eve u1

ChuckDGayeTheresaJohnsonChuckDGayeTheresaJohnson1Fab h1Chrisette Michele hKid RockSticky Fingaz h

Sticky Fingaz h1Sticky Fingaz h2Trey Songz hTrey Songz h3Trey Songz h2Trey Songz h1

Fredro Starr j3Fredro Starr j1Fredro Starr j2Fredro Starr j3Foxy jFoxy j1

Foxy j2bestFoxy j3Foxy j4bestFoxy j5

20 Responses to “Ashanti Looking Sexier Than A MuthaF**Ka”

  1. BelizeanCutie84 said

    MO stop it. Ashanti looks a hot ass mess. Her fit is never appealing. she needs a stylist asap.

    Foxy Brown- another hot ass mess. The red gloves. Enough said.

    Eve’s make up is on point. She looks nice.

    Thats all I cared to check for.

    O and trey Songz. the brother is fine.

  2. BelizeanCutie84 said

    O and Chrisette Michele- (latest album is in steady rotation in my house, and car) She looks decent.

  3. Smurfette said

    Ashanti please take them boots off and go beg Nelly to take u back! U dressed so much better when u was spendin his bread.

  4. Atlantaaaaa said

    Oh hell no she aint looking good MO. That hair is a hot ass mess and the heel on those boots gotta go. Who in the hell talked her into that shit? They need to be fired.

  5. MissTX85 said

    Um, NOT!!

  6. ucanb2 said

    Thick Thigh Thelma (Ashanti)! Eve..nice

  7. brynnrock said

    See what happens when you leave a brotha. I think she looks good. I’m leavin my man. LOL

  8. Ms_Behave said

    AHHH!! where to start…

    * Ashanti – clearly is in the dark with that rihanna ripoff glasses and cooked horse hoof boots.

    * Eve – please tell ur’s and riri’s hairstylist, u only have a shot at bleach blonde if ur white.

    * Fabolous – just should have stayed home and do some twitter ‘beefing'<– Lame ass.

    * Kid Rock – u still ain't black.

    * Sticky fingaz -Who the f*ck punched u? 1st u shot ur friend now ur eyes are blood shot red, irony much?

    * Trey songz – vest is tighter than a construction belt <– take that shit off!

    * Fredro Starr – Searching for relevance…………..

    * Foxy Brown – Joke of the day, lol and WTF?! at peacock lashes. Foxy darling, u might want to fix that <a href=""<rotten teethbefore u laugh so loud next time.

    P.S. MO, please don’t every post so many ghetto gathering pics agian and what is with the 80’s throwback gloves? so much for originality <– lame psuedo celebs.

  9. Atlanta said

    LOL @ Ms behave…yeah, that vest Tre Song has on is tight as hell.

  10. 2020VIZN said

    She looks like she is about to go on tour with Parliment/Funk-a-Delik all stars. But she still look like a plate of hot Fluffy Pancakes and syrup.

  11. MoneAlicia said

    I know we’re in a recession and all, but I’d fire my butler, chauffeur and assistant before I considered firing my stylist. Foxy needs to retire, Ashanti needs to lose the belt & the boots, and Eve needs a new ‘do!

    Ugh….yall got money. Wtf??

  12. Marathon_Man said

    I’d fuck her like a runaway slave until we both woke up in the fields of Georgia picking cotton. Damn Ashanti’s thick!

  13. miZZ_ShaiXXX said

    I’m lovin her Louis Vuitton boots!

  14. ThatsMoney said

    she looks happy..but then looks can be deceiving…outwardly though she looks pretty and her weight is the perfect size…

  15. Ms_Behave said

    Seems we had a glitch, lol

    * Foxy Brown – Joke of the day, lol and WTF?! at peacock lashes. Foxy darling, u might want to fix that rotten teeth before u laugh so loud next time.

  16. Random said

    MO..seriously..give it a rest..she looks rather ROTUND/PUDGY *if you will*…thigh high boots aren’t meant for her height/shape/size..they just don’t go with her..period!! Everyone else looks like pure crap..end of story!

  17. Random said

    And what’s with the Identical pose…switch it up a bit..your arms won’t look that fat..(it’s ok)..

  18. Matula said

    Eve is sexy

  19. she keeps it real said

    Dang Ms-Behave…I just got thru telling my husband that Foxie Brown’s lashes look like peacock feathers, lol! Haven’t seen her in a while and she needs to remain in hiding. As for Ashanti, those boots are NOT suited for her stature, she looks like she should be working Hollywood Blvd, seriously. And (I’ll probably get slammed for this) I’d f**k the hell outta Kid Rock, any day and anywhere! (hubby…you know i luv ya though 😉 He understands my obsession with Kid.

  20. Ralphy J. said

    Foxxy and Ashanti’s bodies are ON POINT! SMH @ all the haters above, it doesn’t really matter what u rock, as long as when u hang it up in the closet, u have sum1 2 go home 2…and lookin like that, they both can get it…

    but yeah, those lashes are Hottie/Schatarish…

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