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Ya’ll Know What Time It Is? That’s Right…It’s CAKE Time! LOL!

Posted by Media Outrage on September 24, 2009

Coco u1best

Coco is addicted to tootin’ that ass up in the air for everyone in the world with working pupils to see.  Well she has another pic she wants yall to see, especially the fellas lol.  Check out more Coco at,,

Coco b

Coco calls this her “Vegas Showgirl Look.”

61 Responses to “Ya’ll Know What Time It Is? That’s Right…It’s CAKE Time! LOL!”

  1. Atlantaaaaa said

    I aint mad at her. I hope she getting paid good for showing her ass. If Ice-T likes his wife showing her ass to the world then I love it.

  2. Ms_Behave said

    Sorry, but i don’t like ‘baked’ goods… and even i did – i thought ‘plastic cakes’ only came in a barbie accessories kit.

  3. ucanb2 said

    Ms_Behave is on a roll today!! LMAO
    I don’t see the average man approving of his wife jacked-up like that… but Ice T ain’t the average man!

  4. champ1118 said

    I don’t care what nobody say…in a room with nobody there ALL men would smash, some ladies too. She fyne!!

  5. Marathon_Man said

    I would leave my whole bloodline of unborn children right on that azz.

  6. Marathon_Man said

    And the rest of the family reunion could go right on them lips

  7. mAc said

    if i eva go 2 prison jus send me a whole bunch of her magazines and i wont even need da vaseline. damn! Id fuk her right in da azz

  8. Smurfette said

    I mean its one thing to look cute. But to me she is cute but has this look like she got that “nasty women’s disease”. Don’t kno y I say that.

  9. Ms_Behave said

    COCO is a walking billboard for STDs, i think we should rename her HOHO.

  10. If she has a Disease my skeet is FDA appoved by the CDC to knock whatever she has out of that phat azz!!! All I need is a 6ft magnum to put all over my body and i’ll let the cock snot fly!!!

  11. itsurboi said

    I wouldn’t be shocked if she had that STD that makes gremlins follow you around… i wonder if you’d have to feed them. but as nasty as it sounds I’d still hit it in a pinesol vat with a HAZMAT suit and timbs on.

  12. MoneAlicia said

    Just as I was about to say, “Wow, she doesn’t look like a whore in this pic….”

    Darn u MO….I can appreciate a big azz tho.

  13. MissTX85 said


  14. Gina said

    LMAO I haven’t been on here in awhile and I see yall haven’t stopped with the funny comments!

  15. reggie said

    wow is all i can say to that

  16. Dwayne Wayne said

    Whether it’s fake or not every man on here would hit. I think she’s beautiful, I actually saw her in person in NYC last week and that thing is unreal in a good way. So big I know Ice is lovin’ every minute. But I won’t say anything crazy because that is someone’s wife yall.

  17. ash said

    Coco is HOT! Don’t hate just cause you don’t look as good as she does! GET IT GIRL!

  18. scum manifesto said

    its so funny how some ppl hate on coco…she’s gorg (and i’m a female)…bought or whatever, she got it and u don’t. i for damn sure aint paying to see your dvd or buying your calendar.

    WERK COCO!!!! she makes her own $$, doting wife, and a sweetheart.

  19. Valentia said

    What, is she supposed to be ashamed of her body or something?

    It’s not my thing particularly (as a straight girl) but if you’ve got it, there’s no shame in flaunting it. She’s a pretty woman with a great body, and she’s confident enough in herself to show it. Go for it!

  20. Kittyrins said

    Because all the people ragging on her are just so beautiful?
    Seriously, get a life much? #teamcoco


  22. Blarf said

    I love all of these people calling her fake or whatever.
    Every straight man would leap at the chance to be with her and every woman who seems so disgusted by her? Yeah, your man would leave you in an instant for her. I’d be pissed too.

  23. if havin your ass out isnt for you then dont let your ass hang out. Let Coco do her! She looks damm good doin it so dont hate. Let her do her and you do you. Her man love it and thats all SHE needs to worry about, that and her paper which shes obviously gettin … why dont yall focus on gettin yours? you mad you dont have ass like that? or mad you cant get a chic with an ass like that? I dont condone all females doing this kind of thing, half naked all the time, but shes doing it and doing it well… its not like shes 19 with little girls buying her music or looking up to her, shes a grown ass woman. Just cuz this is how she gets paid and shes got it like that, that doesnt mean shes nasty or has an STD, yall are stupid…

  24. LadyBlownapart said

    Those of you that immediately cry “OMG STD SLUT HO!” need to start taking your medication and stop projecting your daddy issues on someone who flaunts the body she has.

    It’s one thing to say crap like that about someone that has absolutely no substance, but Coco’s worked DAMN hard to get where she is, with no favors or sympathy, and actually gives BACK and pays it forward.

    Now, when you give a nickel of your Weekly Crack Fund to someone who needs it, then we’ll talk. In the meantime, stay as classy as the clearance rack at Wal-Mart from which you get your clothes.

  25. Ms_Behave said

    lol @ #teamcoco <– WTF! do u think this is twitter? hahaha

  26. muffintops said

    haters.. she takes care of herself, her man, works hard and is a total sweety. She has a terrific attitude and just does her own thing right. Wise man once said “Just tell them bitch you just hate me because you can’t be me.”(Katt Williams)

  27. Trinty88 said

    I would leave my wife who happens to be 223 pounds and over weight, tomorrow if I had a chance to be with this woman. Ice you’re tha fucking man! duDE!

  28. Trinty88 i hope your wife reads this and leaves your ass for saying some dumb shit like that, im sure she can find a man that loves all 223 lbs of her …

  29. kevinoutofcontext said

    CoCo’s posterior is as real as it gets. Yes, her breasts are fake and she openly admits it. She works hard, is great at marketing herself and if you don’t want to look at her then, really, you don’t have to.

  30. Trinty88 said

    @ Killakali223, Im just being honest. I have begged my wife to go to the gym with me and work out but she refuses. Yes she works hard like i do but come on, when we married 10 years ago she was 140 pounds and had the perfect figure! How do you put on that much weight? We don;t have any kids! She refuses to work to make herself more attractive which is disappointing. I keep myself in shape for her because I love my wife to have something great to look at. She fell way off.

  31. frak said

    You people are repugnant. Coco is beautiful inside and out, a lot more than can be said for you.

  32. Smurfette said

    @Trinity, do u think maybe she feel off, cuz when she was looking good, u never complimented her? When she was hot, did u still take her on dates? When she was lookin good, did u still cheat. These are some of the reasons y women let themselves go. They feel, if my own man don’t notice me, why maintain my sexy. Idk yo situtation, im just sayin

  33. Smurfette said

    And just wanted to add this: its a whole lotta brand new muthafuckas comin to this bitch’s aid as if she need yal to take up for her. Not.

    Im inclined to believe that at least 3 of u newbies is Coco herself. Care to dispute? …….

  34. BelizeanCutie84 said

    LOL @ all the comments. I just think the girl looks trashy and nasty. Trailer park trash is all I see when I look at her. Seriously. She does have a great bod, I must agree.

    Majority of her parts are fake, so all the guys that are saying they would f her, might as well fuck their daughters Barbie doll. They’re made of the same parts. Im just saying.

  35. scum manifesto said

    @smurfette…i’m not coco LOL

    (for the negative nancy’s) is it so unthinkable that ppl actually like and respect her??

    if you look good, arent asking for handouts, and got a little smarts with yourself, why wouldn’t ppl like u??

  36. Lowridaz said

    LOL @ smurfette,….. And just wanted to add this: its a whole lotta brand new muthafuckas comin to this bitch’s aid as if she need yal to take up for her. Not.

    Yea i agree its a whole lot coming to her aid, seem to be saying the same shit, im thinking its the same person changing their name.

  37. Lowridaz said

    anything fake will enhance anyone’s looks, lets see.. hair, eyes, body parts, makeup, walllahhh an illusion , beauty is when you can take all that shit off and still be beautiful naturally,

  38. MissTX85 said

    @ Lowridaz, I swear that’s exactly what I was saying! Cause this shit never happened before on a Coco post. So it gotta be the same person.

    LMAO @ Smurf crazy ass!!

  39. Lowridaz said

    I dont know her and what she does, if that is what her husband loves, then that is great, i have seen worse, and TRUST i have seen BETTER. so its really no spectacular shit there, hell I can put my neighbors pic up if that is the case, girl got a ass that will take that fake injected shit down, and this SISTER is real. so if it works for whoever, good for them, that is nothing to hate on or be jealous of,

    beauty comes in all sizes and shapes, im a lil motherfukka but ima bad bitch to. she put one of her asscheeks on me and probably knock me down. LOL but i love my lil pretty petite body.

  40. Lowridaz said

    I agree Miss TX85, it has to be

  41. scum manifesto said

    @lowridaz…i’ma address you since none of the other coco lovers came back LOL

    like i told someone else, i’m not coco. i just think its odd that everyone’s excuse for not liking her is because this is fake and that looks like that. i don’t personally know coco but i will defend a good looking woman doing their thing getting hated on (for no reason)…same as if you were posted and you looked good and were doing your thing, i’ma give u props to dismiss the haters.

    as females, we should be less critical of others. if beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, what makes coco the exception to this rule lol

    look, i’m @ work…someone mentioned this site so i expressed my feelings on the situation. i guess i don’t have enough work to do LOL…take care

    remember ladies: the sexiest thing is confidence. when u hate on another female, it shows your lack (in self confidence).

  42. brynnrock said

    Coco does not know how to carry herself, hell with confidence. She puts too much attention on her body, that is insecurity not confidence, sorry. The bitch goes into the grocery store with nothing on and a t-shirt stating she is a sex educator. That is not classy. But your right she is doing her thing and has a nice ass hell with that bangin ass body shit. When you are off the stage get it together and represent yourself and your man to the fullest and with respect. Right?

  43. MissTX85 said

    I think when people say beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, they’re referring to the natural parts of a person.

    Just my thoughts.

  44. Lowridaz said

    @ Scum, since u addressed me , let me return the favor.. lol, I respect your thoughts, and what your saying. I dont hate that female, becuase i personally dont know her, if that is what she choose to do with herself to gain attention or be something she isnt. that is her business, not mine to judge, and YES beauty comes in all shapes and sizes no doubt about that, some people choose to go fake to enhance themselves, and some dont.

    your right in what you said, and i truly respect what you feel, but everyone has a right to post what they feel. some like her and some dont, for whatever reason they have, is on them, I personally cant say i dislike her as a person, becuase I dont know her as a person. bottom line is there really isnt nothing to hate on.

  45. brynnrock said

    I cant believe this woman got this much attention, what’s up ladies? Other posts dont recieve no attention. Something to think about.

  46. Atlanta said

    @Misstx, Mone, and Smurf…I tooooooooooold yall. Now you see what I’m talking about. I bet I know who it is too…hmmmmmm.

  47. nolachick said

    Someone up there said she’s worked hard to get where she was…..Really?…Really??? Doing what sucking dick and stripping cuz that’s what she looks like a plastic fake tittied, fake face, fake ass (literally ho) and were those bootleg Bo’Derek braids I saw. I guess in crazyland fucking the shit out of some sellout ass nigga and getting him to wife u must be hard work…..

  48. nolachick said

    And the bitch has Madonna hands. That hoe is not young. But MO be on her jock and Ashanti jock nonstop the way YBF be on Beyonce NUTS allllll day. So……..B/c nobody else talks about this plastic waste of life other than to comment on how tacky and plastic she is.

  49. CTROY2369 said

    1) Most of these HATERS are female (jealous by nature)
    2) Coco’s WAY hotter than all of (even your avatars)
    3) It’s no coincidence that most will post negativity yet won’t attach a pic of yourself to be judged.
    4) BIG tits and BIG ass (cameltoe, too) will always matter more in society than hate.

    BTW. I’m not a fan of blonds. But, I can’t deny my ERECTION!


  50. brynnrock said


  51. you can click my name and see my twitter page boo .. its not that serious to go and post acting like a bunch of different people. aint nobody comin to nobodys aid. I stated my fuckin opinion. Just because i dont agree with you, just because im not jumpin on the hater bandwagon doesnt mean im trying to be captain save a ho. I dont know where these need to vocalize your superiority in regards to other women, youve never met comes from but I will say its kinda said. All yall talkin about what you do or dont do, how you feel about yourselves, ok … what the fuck does any of that have to do with coco? Not a fuckin thing. At the end of the day yall sat here talkin all kinds of negative shit and shes still living way better than you ever will. Why dont you just let her do her, and you focus on you. Shes not suggesting every female dress like she does, is she? Why the fuck do you care how she carries herself? Its something for you to look at and try to point at and say “oh yea, im better than her, shes trash” do you even know her?

  52. ucanb2 said

    WOW… It really got deep on here behind COCO! LOLO

  53. Lowridaz said

    I agree Ucanb2, behind this shit… get real! it amazes me how people put their business online, showing themselves half naked, and also on twitter they put their business out there, and when they get one or two or more negative responses, motherfukkas come back saying shit like people are haters for having their opinion, just because you stack 15 layers of makeup on and lace 12 inches of fake weave in yoour head, and show implants, shit that aint real, not every one is gonna bow down, some may like it, and some wont , each person is entitled to their own opinion , however that is what this site is, for every one to leave their replys and comments, whether good or bad, take it with salt, just because one has their opinion , there is no need to call people haters and shit. or say anyone is jealous, that is insane, she is definelty not worth all this attention . damn

  54. Lowridaz said

    the funny part is, its an illusion, fakeness, so remember that movie, “IM GONNA GET U SUCKA, when homeboy met that chick in the club, she was fake from head to toe, so he got her to her house, and off come the weave, eyes, leg, and all that shit, he ran like amotherfukka, so these fools need to stop lookin with their fucking dicks, and thinking all this fake shit is the cream of the crop, that bitch pull off that weave, wash that 10 layers off her face, deflate that ass and chest, im sure she wont look shit like that pic up there, HAHAHAHAAH trust

  55. brynnrock said

    Put her straight Lowridaz…kick that bitch to the curb fuckin with the real M.O.’s up in heer! hahhahahaha Bitch (KillaKwhateverthefuck)got all fuckin personal with Coco, I learned my lesson commin to Kelis aid. Fuck that, everyone does have an opinion and you have to respect that. The bitch aint shit and she’s a stank ass fake ass wanna be black girl hoe! Fuck Coco and the horse she is fuckin and rode in on. I am crackin myself up over here!

  56. Random said

    lol@the Captain-Save-a-Hoes on here..oh my!!

    Let’s see what we’re “Hating” on here…

    1.Odd/Masculine facial structure/features?
    2.Fried Extensions?
    3.Fake Tits?
    4.Fake Ass? *I’ve posted links on previous posts*
    5.Her 4’0 height? *from the looks of it anyway*
    6.Her Slutkabob appearance?
    7.Her Taste in cheap/beyond skanky clothing?
    8.Feel free to add your own list..

    On that note..Get the FCK outta here with that “HATE” B.S…there’s NOTHING attractive about this ghetto barbie wannabe..

  57. Lowridaz said

    LOLOL Tell em Random


  59. Smurfette said

    At Killa, just b/c I don’t think she is attractive does not mean im a hater. Ppl throw hater around too loosely. I think she is nasty for she her ass every chance she get. And she aint the baddest bitch out here. Even wit all the plastic surgery, she aint got shit on ppl like Deelishious, Buffy the body, Melyssa Ford, and kai toi.

    This bitch need to put some clothes on and u will never see me type another negative thing about her. If she was 21 or even 31 dressin sexy would be great. But she too old for this. In 20 yrs she gone look back at how she was paraded around and be ashamed. If she don’t regret it, her elevator don’t go to the top floor.

    And btw, I hate when ppl say that someone wit money is living better than someone like me, just b/c im not rich. I have a great life, and I have dozens of ppl who love me and have my back no matter wut. And no amt of money would replace that. And this is somethin I guarantee u coco aint got.

  60. Atlanta said

    Yall please stop wasting your time on this fool. I DONE TOLD YALL WHO THAT IS. HE needs to get a life.

  61. Smurfette said

    @Atl, u kno wut? U rite. Im done.

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