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Yung Berg Gets STOLE on By White DUDE And Does Absolutely NOTHING

Posted by Media Outrage on September 29, 2009

Yung Berg

Yung Berg has once again become not only the victim of getting stole on but also the BUTT of everyone’s jokes.  SMH.  We wish this guy would learn how to scrap forreal.  In the video you’re about to see, a white dude runs up on Yung Berg during a scuffle and just steals him in the back of the dome piece and Yung Berg does absolutely nothing.  Pay attention at the 30 second mark and watch Yung Berg walking into the store and the dude in the black shirt come from behind with the haymaker lol. Watch for yourself….

12 Responses to “Yung Berg Gets STOLE on By White DUDE And Does Absolutely NOTHING”

  1. Ms_Behave said

    MO, Dude so short, i think he just sat down as opposed to been pushed or maybe he tripped on sagging jeans, hahaha.

  2. Atlantaaaaa said

    Hell nawl. Why are people always messing with him? Folks aint gone be happy til faggot ass Young Berg kill somebody. Then they gone be talkin’ bout stop the violence. Then, he let a white boy hit him at that.

  3. I saw this yesterday and im trying to figure out why or how he a rapper?!?!?

    You got stole on by a Tony Hawk stuntdouble?!?! WOW….Young Berg please stop rapping and get a 9-5.

    You have the street cred of Miley Cirus holding a Super Soaker in the South Bronx!!

  4. Media Outrage said

    LOL! @ DT

  5. K-SMOOTH (LBC) said

    Yung Berg i hope your reading this….u got bombed on by Zac Efron’s big brother and you did absolutely NOTHING…u didnt even flinch at the dude..Damn…Sucka ass nucca….stop rapping and go apply at the Baby Gap punk a$$!!

  6. Yeah I Said It said

    He would do better to kill himself. Big mouth wall=eyed fish

  7. LACY said

    Somebody need to teach his ass how to fight ..

    **********BTW Philly news just showed Lisa RAYE ON THE NEWS WITH REV SHARPTON..He is here to push education funding..These two are funny**************************

  8. Unkle Death said

    And this nigga supposed to be from SHANKAGO, KILLA NOYZE and let a bitch thrash his ass like that? Let me find this nigga. I’ll shank his pussy ass in broad daylight, on me. Don’t no nigga rep my city in a bitch made way!

    South Shankago Killa Noyze
    One 20 Block, Triple Ward
    312 FOR LIFE

  9. Yeah I Said It said

    @ Unkle Death.. I came off 96 and colfax. We hung around 103. We moved to homewood/flossmoore.I use to take the el to 35th and hang out with friends, and we walked to 47th and the beach. Where this big nose boy from?

  10. Yeah I Said It said

    I almost forgot we live on the westside on 16th and millard. My parents moved us to hoffman estate pass ohar’a before they figured out it was not working

  11. MissTX85 said

    LMAO!! That’s what his little conceited, yella ass get!

    I heard about this yesterday! They said he was hollering to call the cops. I didn’t hear that on here though.

  12. Diva said

    damn this nigga is a bitch. the same niggas that try to act hard always getting dealt with, LOL.

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