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A Night For Sherri Shepherd

Posted by Media Outrage on October 6, 2009


Some of Sherri Shepherd’s close industry friends came out to support her launch party last night at the Empire Hotel in NYC for her new Lifetime sitcom “Sherri.”  Malcolm Jamal-Warner, Barbara Walters, Joy Behar, Paula Patton, Al Sharpton, Lynn Whitfield, and Meghan McCain were all in the building for the festivities.  Great for Sherri!  We love to see people on the come up.  How many of you will be watching besides DT?  More pics when you

PaulaPattonSherriShepherdMalcolmJamalWarnerSherriShepherd1AlSharptonSherriShepherdSherriShepherdBarbaraWaltersSherriShepherdMalcolmJamalWarnerBrandonKhalilSherri Shepherd g


Malcolm Jamal Warner gMeghanMcCainSherriShepherdJoyBeharBarbaraWaltersSherriShepherdBarbaraWalters1

7 Responses to “A Night For Sherri Shepherd”

  1. ucanb2 said

    Good luck to Sherri!

  2. Sumarrain said

    Malcolm Jamal-Warner was on the Wendy Williams show yesterday and he looked great he is such a beautiful man. I hope the show does well.

  3. joneblaze said

    I hear Kywm whitley will do a few episodes so its going to be the ultimate big titty T.V

  4. yea

  5. MissTX85 said

    Lifetime’s doing ‘Sneak Peek Week’ and they showed an episode yesterday. It was pretty good. Seems to have a good cast of people.

  6. Yvonne said

    I was all set to watch Sherri and missed it by a half-hour. I WILL make sure to catch it next time around. I hope the show is a big hit. I like Sherri.

  7. Bradley said

    Loved the show! Sherri is fantastic!

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