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Nicki Minaj Is Wearing BUTT PADS

Posted by Media Outrage on October 12, 2009

Nicki Minaj g3

Nicki Minaj debuted her nice butt pads at the BET Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta this weekend.  Nicki is the truth when it comes to her spit game and the face is something very nice to look at.  Take a gander at more pics and then check the video that proves that she’s definitely had some major work done when you

Nicki Minaj gNicki Minaj g2Nicki Minaj g1

Now take a look at this….

90 Responses to “Nicki Minaj Is Wearing BUTT PADS”

  1. JTL said

    i will beat it fake or not

    • ryan carter said

      4 all u biches out dere stop hatin cuz she got more azz den yall

      • ariana said

        she dont have more ass then me! how can a man say he would still smash fake or real when the only reason is because of her but pads but once panties come off that ass you thought you were gettin is gone!

      • Ra Gunna said

        i agree wit Ryan…stop hating Cuz she got da wild body

      • DaniPrice said

        y do ppl always assume that just because we say something about someone, its hating? im str8 forward and i tell it like it is, i dont give a damn who u r, and thats 100. like Ariana, i can promise on my mama Nicki aint got more ass than me and if you pay attention, she does wear them. whenever u see her ass lookin flat at the top, its fake. point, blank, period

      • Allison said

        On the real I wanna say Ain’t Nobody Hatin On No Damn Nikki The Fake Ass Minaj I believe her butt is fake and the boobs cause ain’t nobody gon have a no-booty one year then booty the next year and of course u GUYS are gonna say it’s not fake because yall want her but u can’t get it now Call me a Hater I don’t care I know it’s not true so

  2. Ms_Behave said

    She’s Phony, She’s Fake, That’s the type of people i Hate!

    • DEDE said

      I do agree. I mean she has a nice pitch with the doll baby thing. But so does be going over the river.

    • Diva said

      This bitch has no bars. She is cool to fuck with if you in the game, other than that I think she is a gimmick.

      • Atlantaaaaa said

        She is definitely a gimmick. A wack giccick to me but she can rap. She’s a tumboy acting dike on the real. And those are defintely butt pads and hip pads.

  3. MR. F said

    damn she is fly i dont care whats fake or real on her

  4. I don’t see it. Her rap game is weak, her face is average and her body is fake.

    • Ra Gunna said

      shut up u just mad dat u ugly nd Nicki is da fuccin Most Beautiful Women dat walked earth…
      Ha Face is way beyond average-your face is shitty nd ugly
      Body Fake? nah i dont think but if it is ill still beat it nd she still look betta den u point blank

  5. Cut Up said

    Who Cares!! she still a “bad B” She can rap her ass off too.

    • ariana said

      sorry cut up your girl cant rap, mabe if your 14 you might think so since she sounds like lil mama anyway! even high school students dont want another wayne expecially a high pitch one!

      • Ms. O'Neal said

        Really…Is is really that serious?? If guys wanna smash nicki with fake ass so what!!! If thats the type of woman they prefer then let it be…thats just making it easy for real woman to see who appreciate the real thing…thats how I see it…and I’m a college student and I don’t think nicki is the best thing happening definitely not a lil Wayne but she got some nice verses:-)

  6. nolachick said

    Lol @ MO. You but her on blast for wearing butt pads but y’all give that tanned lump of cottage cheese Coco props when yall know that shit is fake lol

  7. MissTX85 said


  8. Unkle Death said

    I would fuck Triple Stackers and Chicken Fries from BK out of that ass, natt or flat LOL!

  9. same…who cares if fake or real.

  10. Media Outrage said

    Lol @ Nolachick. Hahaha. Nah we just linked to the video that shows those are butt pads. Coco says her’s are %100 real lol.

  11. 2thick4u said

    I watched the video…it’s up for debate 🙂

    What I do wanna say is that she owns her ass if it is fake or not 🙂 !!!

    Nicki has came a long way and she looks GREAT 🙂 !!!

    Not liking the outfit as a whole but only Nicki can pull it off and still look like a 5 Star Chick 🙂 !!

  12. ucanb2 said

    LOL! If you didn’t have a phat a@@ 2 days ago…. WHY! LMAO

  13. Ms.Behave said

    Man, u guys would f*ck anything… I might as well strap on a false p*ssy and say ‘F*CK ME'<– JUST DAMN!

  14. pattie said


  15. Pamela said

    That chick looks fuckin crazy and like a hoodrat. PASS

  16. Unkle Death said

    LOL @ Pattie

  17. Hey its Wayne dime so if he wanna get little mama a fake a$$ and throw some D s on it that’s they business lmao ; ) but yeah that booty faker then a 99 dollar bill 😉

  18. Her fake butt make lola Monroe look real! In my big boi voice girl stop! 🙂 it don’t even look real n what’s wit all them stupid faces!

  19. Kanyade said



    I refuse to become plastic (and by default flammable…why burn twice?)


  20. Random said

    lol well Duh!

  21. Ambassador said

    I’ll hit it….. plus her music is DOPE!

  22. itsurboi said

    Real/ fake whatever she’d get those cakes rearranged like they was in a food fight wit whip cream in her face

  23. sweet_tea said

    Butts are turning into the new breasts… for those old enough to remember, do you recall way back when we felt this way about boob jobs? My how times change…what’s next?

  24. lex said

    um well 2 be honest,it doesnt look fake 2 me cuz it aint perfect it has cellulite n stuff n trust me i know,so y hate on a beautiful woman whom you have no reason to hate on!

  25. MoneAlicia said

    Umm…she needs to do some lunges.

  26. sticcy said


  27. Random said

    There’s no cellulite on the pads…it’s her’d have to be completely blind not to see that thing is BEYOND FAKE!!

  28. lowridaz said

    I am so sick of people with this why hate on a person bullshit!!! there is absolutely not a damn thing to hate on! that shit is beyond fake, as RANDOM said.. FAKE!!!

    • DaniPrice said

      RIGHT!!! theres a difference btw being honest and observant and being a hater. cause i damn sure aint hatin, Nicki’s ass has NOTHING on mine & im sayin its fake. does that make me a hater??

  29. ameera said

    well i bet all yall bithces fat and need to stop hating on her she bought it so stop hating she get more dudes than yall and shes has more $$$ than yall so why you worrying about her step ya pussy up and your money and stop worrng about somebody you cant be

  30. brynnrock said

    She does not have an ass like that and should not portray that she does. Look at her earlier pics on internet. As far as pussy money and being fat and all that… please just comments boo don’t get so personal. Fake is fake and should not be rewarded. That aint her shit. I am just glad I keps it real with me. Real hair, fingernails, eyes, skin, ass, belly, legs, eyelashes, eyebrows, breasts, once you take all that off on a woman then what? That was not really her with all that fakeness. It is a shame for the woman who need those enhancements to feel beautiful. STOP! I feel naturally beautiful each day and hell I am far from perfect let me tell you but I feel beautiful. Big difference.

  31. Alicia said

    Strawberry cupcake ass HOES.

  32. satch said

    jealous black women say everybody who get props on the net got fake body parts

  33. dani said

    even tho she got evry bdy fooled, she still is one of da best female rappers out.

    note: she’s not lil wayne’s girl she just signed to cash money

  34. so tha fuk wat if ha ass fake yal needa stop hatn n get on ha level!she aynt worryn bout yall leevn comnts sayn ha ass fake she makn em dollas!………shyt she wnt yal ta tlk about ha tha mo ya tlk tha mo money she get!

  35. insideman said


  36. Tommy said

    I would fuck her fake ur not she cute and her pussy most likely fat dam she bad

  37. MIMIREXA said


  38. wow!! said

    u guys are ridiculous, ur losing site of the real question: are the but pads real or fake? judging by her outfit there fake, kuz if u really look there is no padding and da shape isnt fake neither … so give it up kuz she wins and you losers LOSE!!

  39. sassy334 said

    check nicki out at before she got famous….she’s definitely stole Remy ma style and mad cuz Remy dont fuck wit her no mo.

  40. Ralphy J. said

    Thank you Captain Obvious

  41. kayykayy said

    no wonder she claim herself to be a “HARAJUKU BARBIE” everything on the bitch is fake.

  42. kissubae97 said

    she is faker than a yellow pig and my rap game is killin her my ass to cause it aint fake lol

  43. ariana said

    all im sayin is do we realy need another bum bitch spittin nonsense, come on shes sending black women back 20 years. probs to alicia keys keepin it real…..all real!

  44. Candi said

    REAL TALK..ONIKA(Nicki as everyone calls her), is not fake. Mad females are jealous these days and don’t have anything better to do with their lives than to talk about someone who is at the top and doing 100x’s better than they are. Get lives people, why are you worried about Ms. Miraj? She is not worried about you or your comments. TRUST!!! DMR-

  45. Drama Diva said

    Pretty girl. Who cares about butt pads?!

  46. the gansta said

    stop hattin i would smash dat anyday hell! all niggas like me would smash dat so stop hattin because all yall ugly and fat

  47. you_silly said

    to EVERYONE who would still hit, take out her war painted face, fake boobs and butt and you have EXTRA AVERAGE female. If you would still hit, then buy a blow up doll, print out her picture and smash that instead cuz it’s basically the same thing. FAKE!! and that’s what people are talking about. not if she has bars or not. just fake ass cyborg type shit. Based on physical appearance alone, there’s 1000’s of girls in NY alone that top her hands down.

  48. Aluv said

    I love Nicki, her bars are hot, and I think she is sooo pretty. But if you look for old photos…her wearing a booty pad could be true.

    Look at this picture on photobucket… it looks average from the side.


  49. bionca said

    she is a hoe and a bitch ass little girl i hope she die as a dumb ass hoe her bitch ass need to get a damn life.

  50. bionca said

    no one likes her ugly bitch ass that bitch need to get her ass beat by me that her gay ugly ass she is such a hoe people look at what she wear and she is so bisexuality and fuck everyone i bet if 2pac was still alive she would fuck him to i bet she has a thing for little girl’s too. no one like her the the hell she has a fuck up dumb ass name like that anyway?

  51. tha god said

    it funny ugly hoes talkin bout dey got more body than her bitch yall hoodrats wit muffin tops please fake or not get a life who cares

  52. Lots of Good information in your posting, I bookmarked your blog post so I can visit again in the near future, Thanks, Sidney Munchmeyer

  53. R. E McGillicuddy said

    Hold on a damned minute. You mofo niggas are insane. Who gives a shit about that gals ass, padded or not. Her shit still stinks. Rise to a higher level. And whoever you are that dissed 2pac, look out! How do you know the hoe would fuck him or not. Money talks and bullshit walks.He may be dead but he shore ain’t forgotten.

    Bionca, who are you talking about beating. I am a mad black woman from Georgia. You have never been beaten until you cross me baby.

  54. bree said

    look @ this pic from the massive attack video all natural……

  55. 4real said

    I think she is gettin cocky b-4 she came famous she was a regular girl who rapped on yutube now that she with young money and is gettin all these gigs she startin act like she all dat but imma laugh when she end up like MC hammer !!! but her ass FAKE!!! just like her

  56. BrittanY said

    Okk folks really? First n foremost sum of yaw is really hatin….2nd she can rapp ha ass off (lil wayne wanna b or not)(fake ass or not)…….N naw she aint da finest n da world ……but I ganrantee she look betta den some of yaw ass! Leave dat gurl alone…let ha do ha! Yaw b goin 2da shop getn dem fake ass Nails…..well she go 2da store and get sum fake AZZ……she doin sumthin rite cuz wayne was hittn dat shyt………prolly still is…….so leave ha alone SHE ON so yaw hataz get oFF

  57. keyshana said

    she is not fuckin fake yall ppl better stop haten a

  58. Deltoria said

    Look, you guys claim that you would fuck whether her ass was fake or not. As a woman, I believe this. The problem for us women out in the real world is that we have to be compared to every damn woman a man has ever seen or been with. Truth be told, I am a very beautiful woman…but no ass in sight. If I strapped on a plastic ass and everone wanted me, that would be cool. But wouldnt it be crazy for you to brag on the beauty of my ass, knowing that it is fake. Point..If your buddy was wearing some fake ass Jordans, but they looked good…you wouldnt ask to borrow them or tell him that they were tight.

  59. Di'lesha said

    she stilll ckute far backk buht uhp colse she ehz ahh monster lol buht she qone qeht eht wen i see her because she witt mi mann buht wait til i see her slipin i dnt why she fukked all of younq mula buht thats wutt goes doo

  60. ARIE said

    No shade but her ass and hips are surgically enhanced……just look at her old videos on youtube she looks nothing like that she barely had hips and ass she was real petite. And nobody is getting butt pads anymore cuz they wanna have something to prove when the topic does come up in question. And niggaz is weak now days they will fuck anything but I guess if when bitches aint got no man and will go out and buy a dildo we’ll fuck anything too lol

  61. Of course all des niggaz wanna fuck cuz dey gon fuck any bitch wit a pussy…..But I knew Nicki’s ass wasn’t real cuz sometimes its medium and sometimes its real big so I cant see why da bitch jus can’t like her body how it is datz jus called an insecure bitch………And all des niggaz sayin she da prettiest chick on earth, no sweetie all dat makeup she got on is blockin da true probably(ugly) her……..But i aint gon hate let her do wat she do cuz she still makin dat bread and ill still listen 2 her…….

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  63. 1eth said


    Nicki Minaj Is Wearing BUTT PADS

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