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What’s Terribly WRONG With This Picture???

Posted by Media Outrage on October 12, 2009


Akon and Wyclef decided to put their draws on display while on stage during the MTV Africa Music Awards in Nairobi, Kenya.  We just have several questions:

1. Why?

2. What The Hell?

And Finally…

3. What’s Terribly WRONG with this Picture?

It’s not over yet…..


31 Responses to “What’s Terribly WRONG With This Picture???”

  1. Truly23 said

    I don’t even know what to say to that..

  2. I’ll say it for you Truly


  3. Truly23 said

    lol@Dani thank you because I was at a lost for words…

  4. nolachick said

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Is that his meat or a microphone b/c I feel like if that’s his junk anybody man or woman couldn’t help but stare like that. That shit is ridiculous. What I need to know is what led up to this. Who wanted to see Wyclef in his boxers?

  5. lowridaz said

    damn!! is that his meat, fuck how wyclef is looking, if that is his meat, damnnnn!!! (packing my shit now))) im kidding, aint no way my little ass would handle nothing that big, or anyone can, damnn . I think its the MIC

  6. Ms.Behave said

    Seen Akon, and he DEFINATELY AIN’T packing like that *Please!* What i want to know is what could make a grown man or any man for that matter have an ERECTIOn with another man on stage… that is some straight HOMO THUG Shit!

  7. MaliaMalia said

    lol @ lowridaz!!!
    eww no comment to mr akon but wyclef is looking hot

  8. Teena Thomas said

    That is a mic!!! Look at the tip of it and his hands are down there holding it. LOL I mean, but Damn if either one was holding like that……………………………

  9. MissTX85 said

    I just wanna know what led them to THAT onstage!!

    And what’s Akon’s reason for having the mic in his draws?!! NASTY!!

  10. Ms.Behave said

    This brings new meaning to ‘singing on a mic’,lol… I bet MM is Bigger, hahaha.

  11. Marathon_Man said

    Im really mad that they photo shopped my lower half into this gay ass male bonding moment.

  12. VA_Gurl said

    Lol that is definitely a MIC! lmao

  13. Unkle Death said

    MM What you talkin’ about? You stole that shit off my computer. That was an early Crimmus present for Ms. Behave and Smurfette LMAO

  14. Media Outrage said

    Lol @ MM & Unkle D

  15. Unkle Death said

    Like you tho, I’m too mad they put that shit in with these fruit loops!

  16. Ms.Behave said

    UD, i like to open my presents eaaarly… so if that’s what’s in it , give it to me NOW!!!

    *tears wrapper open*

  17. Marathon_Man said

    *Blindfolds Ms_Behave And Jumps In the front of the line….Ok Ms_Behave say AHHHH!* lol

  18. Ms.Behave said

    *chiropractor on speed dial* lol

  19. ucanb2 said


  20. Yvonne said

    I agree with a lot of others…that’s the mic and why are these two nitwits on stage with their pants down anyway?

  21. Pamela said

    If its too big it hurts lady 12 inches or more.

  22. Pamela said

    i meant ladies

  23. Lio said

    I found this very offensive …ppl in africa don’t tolerate this kind of behavior…Hell ppl everywhere don’t tolerate , and for those assholes to do this is very disrespectful. SMH…

  24. […] Um, what is going on here, Akon?? […]

  25. ali said

    At least we know Acorn is circumcised….

  26. Smurfette said

    Now hold on Ms Behave! I gots to get mine! Where u at UD!? Lol

  27. Kanyade said

    Michael Buble is such a poser…


    This image. RIDICULOUS! These are ‘grown men’. FATHERS! Acting out in the motherland.


  28. she keeps it real said

    @Kanyade & Lio I too found this embarrassing and offensive. These are two grown-assed men acting out worse than my 17 year old! Who’d, btw, get a smack-down if I saw pics of him like this. I can’t think of one scenario that could lead to behavior like this and in Africa?! Come on now, just shameful.

  29. Cassie said

    Yeah..he was totally just here singing at my school less than a week ago too…..

  30. sweet_tea said

    All that is out of bounds. Not only are both of them BEYOND ugly & wouldn’t stand a chance if they were the last men on earth, but that whole scene looks disrespectful & ignorant. That behavior is why n*ggas are n*ggas. & to do it in Africa too? smh…

  31. NETFA said

    I like Akon, think he’s sexy as hell. but after 800 years of fuckery, should we really be getting down like this all the damn time… once again I’m embarrassed by my family.

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