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Getting Her Shine On

Posted by Media Outrage on October 22, 2009

Khloe f7best

Khloe looked plenty good last night as she accompanied her husband to Kitson for his launch of Rich Soil Fashion.  The entire Kardashian Klan came out to support but Khloe’s shine overwhelmed everyone else’s.  The girl is looking very good these days.  Maybe it’s the shine of that Kaaaa-Ching!!!   Plenty more pics when you

Kim c15bestKim c14bestKim c13bestKim c12Kim c11

Kim c9Kim c7Kim cKim c1Khloe f1

Khloe fKhloeLamar fKimKourtney fKourtney dKourtney d1

Khloe f8bestKhloe f10Khloe f9LamarKhloe dLamarKhloe d1

LamarKhloe d2LamarKhloe d3LamarKhloe d5Khloe f5

20 Responses to “Getting Her Shine On”

  1. toni said

    I dont love them hoes.

  2. 2thick4u said

    She looks cute…damn…who body they put her face on 🙂 !!!

    Seriously…she does look good. Nice dress!!

  3. jason said

    they look like they cant stand each other. just posing for the camera like stiff statues.

  4. bernice said

    this is not a real marriage

  5. lowridaz said

    he always got this look on his face like, “Yea im a dummy” lol

  6. ucanb2 said

    LOL @ Lowridaz.
    But Khloe has seemed to come into her own, she looks good!

  7. aniyaqt said

    I am NOT a Kim SLUT’DASHIAN fan but she does look nice…a bit less manish. THE MIRACLE OF MAKE UP…..WOW! But ahhhh why do the rest of the SLUT’DASIAN clan needs 2 be there AND—-WHY IS PREGGIE STILL WEARIN’ THE TIGHT DRESSES?…..just messy!

  8. sweet_tea said

    Not a Kardashian fan, but Khloe looks great in that pic. Her body looks the best it EVER has, and she really seems happy. Lamar on the other hand…smh…

  9. Yvonne said

    Khloe looks alright, Kim has always been the stand-out sister and Kourtney needs to get that big stomach out of those tight clothes…damn girl, you’re pregnant and dressing like you’re not is not a good look.

  10. sweet_tea said

    & Kourtney, when your belly is out further than your ass it’s probably time to move those tight dresses to the back of the closet for a while. Pregnancy is cute but the hoe maternity look is never a good one. Take a page out of the Heidi Klum book, she was stylish & kept it classy all 12 times or so she’s been pregnant lol.

  11. ali said

    WHY IS SHE FAMOUS??? UGHHH!!! I hate this tranny! And if I hear her say “doll” one more time I am going to hurl!

  12. I wonder if Khloe had to get pemission from the state retard hospital Lamar Odom is staying at to come to this event?

    We all know this clown marrying a woman after a month is more stupid than Spike Lee at a KKK rally.

  13. JAN said

    LOL LOL LOL tell em dick LOL LOL LOL

  14. Ms. Tee said

    I’m sorry people need to stop hatin cuz Khloe has stepped her game way up there. She looks good if you ask me, she my favorite out the Hoe’dashian sisters. She the one that always kept it real, ppl can judge all they wantna but I think these two make a good lokking couple, cuz he ain’t all that. & Kim need to stop it & go sit her jealous ass down some where. She’s upset cuz she wasn’t the 1st one to marry a rich ball player, & she the one who started all of this hoeing in the 1st place.

  15. brynnrock said

    Kim looks fine as hell but I know she is jealous b/c she didn’t catch the 1st ring. Ass aint everythink Kimmmy. and Sweet Tea you had me laughin with hoe maternity clothes.

  16. MissTX85 said

    All them heifers look a mess!

    And that damn Lamar Odom look like a bigger fool every damn time I see him!

  17. Jolie said

    Lamar, another dumb ugly bastard with no morals.

  18. Ms_Behave said

    This is the happiest I’VE EVER SEEN Khloe, laughing all the way to the bank 50 cent style, lol… I don’t know what made her happier: financially raping that retard Lamar, getting married first <– take that kim, lol or FINALLY being the one that the spotlight is on, lol.

  19. Atlantaaaaa said

    She looks great in the top photo. KK’s dress looks a lil’ cheap to me.

  20. BadBadKitty0727 said

    Somebody please help me understand why women allow their men to be on their arm lookin’ like The Soloist but she’s all glammed up? That shit irks the hell outta me.

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