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Question Of The Day???

Posted by Media Outrage on October 22, 2009


Ladies if you were creeping on your man and your jump off was at your crib and your man came over unexpectedly and had a key to your crib so you asked your jump off (stay with us lol) to hide in the closet or under the bed and he did, would it turn you off?

80 Responses to “Question Of The Day???”

  1. Trina said

    Well if i asked a man to hide and he didn’t i would be pissed. There would be a reason for me asking him to hide, which would probably be to avoid a physical altercation and the popo from being called. So no I wouldn’t be turned off.

  2. Yvonne said

    LOL…can’t answer that MO…wouldn’t put myself in that situation by creeping on my man in the first place.

  3. Lai' Lani said

    LOL @ the question and pic. MO I wouldn’t be in that situation but if I were then YES it would make me give old boy the serious side eye lol. A man hiding just ain’t right lol.

  4. Ms_Behave said

    lol @ the pic… If i ask u to hide, then hide muthaf*cker! What would turn me ‘off’, is if my man came in and saw my ‘jump off’ and jumped out the window, lol <– pussy ass nucca!

  5. Marathon_Man said

    Yo MO I know this is for the ladies, but, I just had to say that any nigga willing to hide from another man is a straight up BEEEYOOOOTCH! Fuck that I would tell her to let the nigga in and I’d put my George Jefferson stroll on right out the front door.

  6. BroadStreetBully said

    Funny ass picture! Lmao! Yo any nigga hiding and willing to hide is a muthafucking bitch. Im good with my hands so let’s have it all day every day. I can understand a woman trying to avoid a confrontation, but then if that’s the case she shouldn’t have me up in the crib knowing the nigga could just come on in wiht a key? Fuck outta here! I’d tell that bitch to go hide.

  7. Ms_Behave said

    R U guyz serious?!… ur f*cking ur man’s best friend (or any other man) and ur man comes over and u would give him a ‘side eye’? man i would give him more p*ssy for saving my life cause my man would go ‘mortal’ on my ass, lol.

    It’s called ‘creeping’ for a reason, creep ur ass on the floor and slip down the stairs in ur drawers and make way fool. Believe me U AIN’T my man, so ain’t no way u gonna stand up and act like ‘I’m the Boss’, it ain’t ur house fool, plus i will help MY MAN beat ur ASS if u start acting up, u boyfriend #2 not 1 dammitt and ur a ‘jump off’ because ur supposed to jumpoff/out/over/on ANY damn thing for my man NOT to see u.

  8. mAc said

    id make her suck my dick extra long after i came out da closet i wud bust a phat snot nut on her fuking face for makin me feel like a bitch in da closet. but i wud hide if she axked me. call me a bitch all day id be a bitch without a black eye

  9. BroadStreetBully said

    Lol Yo Ms Behave i dig where you coming from sexy, but im a man so i ain’t hiding from NO other man. now i will walk out the front door like MM said but I aint hiding. Now if she ask me to go out the back door to avoid a fight then i would do that but get in the closet?!?! FUCK OUTTA HERE! LOL Its against my religion to fold up lol. beeen in too much shit in my life to start playin bitch now

  10. Yasmine T. said

    I wouldn’t look at him any different. I would want him to hide to stop something crazy from occuring. I would look at him different if he tried to act King Kong in my house. Not the time or place. Like Ms Behave said, we are “creeping” for a reason. So nope wouldn’t turn me off.

  11. Ms_Behave said

    Thank You MAC!!!!! It’s not like ur the ‘man a yawd’ so why would ur pose, hide dammit… y’all lying, cause that’s what creeping is ALL ABOUT not getting caught and why it is so ‘thrilling’, cause if it is already understood that there’s no hiding necessary, why would u ‘creep’ and not just call and come over… y’all lying, ur asses would be busy making ‘trapped in the closet part#100’, lol

    FYI… Mac, i ain’t s*cking ur dick though, lol.

  12. Listen, I honestly dont know about this one. For one hiding is kinda stupid because youre at a disadvantage in the fight game because he can hit you and you have no room to maneuver. Plus if he has a gun you dont have the advantage of running.

    So I wouldnt hide not because im hardcore, but because I cant manuever if he finds me. If you cant do a B.A. Baracus from the A-team jump out that window or front door then what?!? Your silly ass is trapped in the closet. I would just tell dude I was a friend of her sisters or brothers and leave it at that.

    If he dont want to believe me, then of course I’d whip his dumb ass like my son coming home after curfew and then run his pockets. Then unfortunately I’d have to smack the stupid bitch I was fucking who put me in this predicament in the first place. Then unfortunately I’d tie everyone up and then fuck her good one last time before I’d break out with some flatscreens, jewlery, cash, and some other valuable items…..

    Might as well not leave empty handed.

  13. Ms_Behave said

    @ BroadStreetBully : “Now if she ask me to go out the back door to avoid a fight then i would do that but get in the closet?!?!”… but u going thru the backdoor is ‘technically’ u running, so it’s the same thing… u don’t want to get caught. Unless ur claustrophobic or running from ur inner gay,lol, i don’t get why ur afraid of closet… under bed/in shower/hanging off window, lol.

  14. Sumarrain said

    Hell no, if I was stupid enough to have him in my bed knowing my man had a key to the apartment I would expect him to hid any where I told him, because the life he may save listening to me would be ours.

  15. Justine said

    I agree with Ms_Behave. If we’re “creeping” why would I want him putting it on front street at my house? So to answer the ??? No it wouldn’t turn me off one bit. It would show me that he has common sense.

  16. BroadStreetBully said

    Lol Ms Behave walking out the back door is walking out the back door. But me going under a bed or getting in someone’s closet is a real bitch move. I don’t really get scary in those kinds of situations because i have been in them before so it’s not new to me. lol @ dt.

  17. mAc said

    msbehave if me n u was doing da nasty n dat shit happened then after u got rid of ur boyfriend i would a-town stomp dat jaw wit my penis n cum down ur throat for makin me hide. its only right

  18. sweet_tea said

    lmfao @ MsBehave: “and ur a ‘jump off’ because ur supposed to jumpoff/out/over/on ANY damn thing for my man NOT to see u.”

    Definition of a jump off…speak that!

  19. I HATE MO! said

    Its not in my blood to hide either. So I might not want to scrap nobody but it would just have to be whatever it was gone be cause I 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th that motion that I AINT HIDING

  20. VA_Gurl said

    Men shouldnt hide from other men. ALthough i wouldn’t want to be caught, it would turn me off to see a dude im messing with happily hide from another man lol.

    sorry that would be our last rendevous.

  21. Udamnright said

    It’s been a minute MO! They won’t let me see the light of day at my gig. I still creep in every few days but can’t leave comments. So imma make this fast:

    Shortie ask me to hide ima feel real insulted that she even thinks that im that dude to hide. Like what would even possess her to feel like her boyfriend is the more gorilla nigga? you feel me? So just off of that alone im sprawled out on the couch playing with my balls when the nigga walks in. If anything that nigga better be asking me to run amtrak on the broad cause anything else real brolic like, is blows being exchanged.

    Im out! MO got mad love for yall!

    Massa coming! lol

  22. Erika M. said

    It has to be a strange cookie that would alter her perception of a man after “asking” him to hide. WTF?!? That’s my answer.

  23. Ms_Behave said

    @VA_Gurl: “Men shouldnt hide from other men”… this ISN’T ur typical ‘imma cap ur ass’ and then the man rather than defend himself decide to go Nelly Furtado ‘i’m like a bird’ and fly his ass away from the situation, lol…

    Picture this, u upstairs with a dude staining up his sheets and then u hear the door open downstairs, tell me ur heart isn’t in ur mouth at this point? He AIN’T ur man and HIS girl is coming upstairs, now u can sit and act like u queen bitch and not run/hide and get in a confrontation with her and trust if u start beating HER ass, said man IS going to intervene and propably beat ur ass too, CAUSE UR NOT HIS GIRL, u just creeping. It ain’t like ur afraid of her, ur CREEPING and u ain’t trying to get caught … plus, the sex will be even GREATER tmmrw when u creeping again, lol.

  24. Ms_Behave said

    Yeah Erika M, how the ‘F’ u gonna ‘ask’ the man to HIDE then when he DOES IT u get ‘turned off’?… What were u doing testing him? if so, he SHOULD stay and BEAT her ass Chris Brown style along with her boyfriend, lol.

  25. Erika M. said

    LOL! @ Ms_Behave. Yup that whole scenario doesn’t make sense if you ask a man to hide and then when he does, you get turned off? Crazy.

  26. Fat Frank said

    Being that im terribly out of shape and sweat when i blink I would hide in a minute. It would be hard for me to get under a bed or in a closet but i would try. I am not a fighter. Never was. Being honest.

  27. Ms_Behave said

    lol@ Fat Frank… u know what’s funny, the pic MO posted has the BOYFRIEND holding a m16 and the’creeper’ hanging off the rail, if his ass had just hiden in the closet none of that would’ve happened… now he’s really going to be a ‘jump off’ when he ass hits the ground, lol.

  28. brynnrock said

    If it was my man who is 6-4 and 225 built solid I call him the Triple Threat Black Bald and Built but also has brains! That MF better hide; you to udamnright-he will crush any mf in his way including me with the ni**a. So, you are hiding and so am I one way or another or we jumping off that patio together; either way we are gonna get fucked up! My man has all the goods so I don’t need to creep; his 11 inches make me very happy every night and day! feel me ladies? I feel I am lucky and blessed to have him most days esp. the way he feeds me, no one can do it better. Yeah Im braggin SO!

  29. Marathon_Man said

    Im still not hiding Brynnrock. I don’t care if the nigga tall as Shaq. Im more than confidant in my fight game but you’re not emasculating me and making me feel like Pee-Wee Herman. I’d rather take an ass whoopin. But i give it like i take it so that aint an easy win.

  30. MissTX85 said

    1st off, ain’t no man bout have a key to my pad. 2nd, this is why doors have a deadbolt. Use that bitch!

    Now I’ve never cheated cause I don’t see the point. But if I did, and dude done copied my key(cause that’s the only way he’d have one) like Yasmine T. said, I’d be more pissed at him acting Billy Bad Ass in my crib than taking his ass in that closet!

  31. D-Block Cappo said

    Kill me b4 i hide in some fuckin closet or under somebody’s bed. Naw not happening.

  32. BadBadKitty0727 said

    First of all, if you lettin’ your “jump off” come to your crib and your man got a key, then you ain’t on top of your game. I understand the excitement of getting ya freak on in “taboo” places, but NEVER, EVER will a “jump off” know where I lay my head every night – that’s opening yourself up to too much drama.

    Second, if you stupid enough to be bangin’ the “jump off” in your crib, then he better know his position in the line-up – SECOND. I ain’t askin’ him to hide though ‘cuz everybody involved grown enough to deal with the situation, and I ain’t gonna let it get to the point where nuccas are fighting or shooting ‘cuz ain’t NO pussy worth anybody going to jail for or losing your life over, ya dig?

  33. Cut Up said

    Something similar actually happened to me. We was outside of the house though and she didn’t ask me to stay, it was one of those “oh shit, okay, now what’s next” type of things. I don’t know this fool, if he has a gun or nothing. I am fully clothed but feel butt naked. he approached me on some “who you” type shit. Gotta admit, I was a little soft spoken, just being apprehensive. Didn’t really know how to react. They were on the rocks anyway so I didn’t know how he felt. It wasn’t long and drawn out, he focused his attention to her and pretty much gave me cold shoulder on some “man, just leave shit” needless to say,Cut Up didn’t hesitate!

    Now, I just mess with chicks who husbands be in Iraq when I’m not lol. “I’m bullshitting”

  34. 2thick4u said

    Damn…this some getting me and you killed type shit 😦 !!

    Nah MO…I wouldn’t even put myself in this situation cause we will be at his house …LMAO (just playing my man lays the PIIIIPPPPEEEEEE)!!!

  35. Tiffany Johnson said

    Sorry MO would not DARE put myself in that kind of compromising and very dangerous situation.

    If I did then I would most certainly want the jump-off to play his position and HIDE!

    I’m reading some of you men’s comments about taking or giving an ass whoopin’ before hiding but in my city i don’t read about too many fights, nothing but gunfire. Something to think about if you’re ever in that predicament.

  36. brynnrock said

    You are one bad MF MM! I like that, no punk and will fight for what is not his! smile

  37. Marathon_Man said

    lol lol @ brynnrock. Not trying to be tough but just feel that a woman asking me to hide is straight “SON-NING” me to the 5th power. If I can’t walk up out the front door then she better have the top lock on cause I am NOT getting in anyone’s bedroom, closet, under the bed, cabinet, under the table, behind the couch, or any other space that a body could fit. That’s the moment when all the shit hits the fan and he finds out I been FUCKING HIS GIRL like MR. MARCUS with his hat on backwards. My man hood just won’t allow that kind of shit lol. So it’s best if I blow her back out in my whip, hotel, motel, outside park or in my crib. Only way Im getting in the closet or under the bed is if a nigga walks in puts my LIGHTS OUT and drags me in there.

  38. Marathon_Man said

    Like I just read what Udamnright wrote.

    “Shortie ask me to hide ima feel real insulted that she even thinks that im that dude to hide. Like what would even possess her to feel like her boyfriend is the more gorilla nigga? you feel me?”

    I couldn’t have put it better myself. So that’s like saying that a woman might not feel safe with you because she thinks her man is more gangsta. Nope i’d have to play the “you got to show me!” game.

  39. I Love Beating Women said

    i hear what niggaz is saying. but i think all this bravado would cease if she said her man was at the front door and he was strapped and you weren’t. would you hide then?

  40. Marathon_Man said

    If a strap is involved and im not wearing then im out the backdoor or window. but thats some life or death shit and im far from stupid. but if it’s bare knuckles then im not hiding and im cryp walking out the front door as i blow shortie a kiss.

  41. Brenda said

    The only thing that would turn me “off” is watching two grown men fight in my house and destroy shit i worked too damn hard to get. I wouldn’t ask a man to hide. My man would walk in and ask questions and then i would explain “lie” and my jump-off would leave. End of story. Lying is for cowards.

  42. Brenda said

    If I’m having sex with someone else all the time then I can’t care too much about my relationship anyway.

  43. I Love Beating Women said

    MM your whole story and demeanor just changed cause the nigga is strapped. You’re a fake ass suburban gangsta. Shut the fuck up wit all that bullshit. Niggas like you get fucked in the ass.

  44. I think talking it out should be the best way to avoid hiding and running. If he has a strap, you HAVE to run…FUCK HIDING! ITS funny to think about it but when its really happening your life is flashing in front of you.

  45. Marathon_Man said

    Lol computer gangstas gotta love them.

  46. I Love Beating Women said

    Not being a computer gangsta but none of your comments made sense but when i throw a gun in the equation then all of a sudden you’re going out the window or back door? What if the nigga has a gun anyway and you don’t and she’s asking you to hide for that reason but doesn’t tell you. Then what?

  47. Cut Up said

    Everybody got guns today. He can be as big as one of those “knick ass niggas” at the end of the day, I will have “a story to tell” like B.I.G

  48. ucanb2 said

    LOL..but if I told you to hide, then dude you had better hide!
    Run Forest Run!

  49. Smurfette said

    I know im late, but I would NEVER ask a man to hide. If he even suggest hiding, he a bitch ass nigga. I would let my man in, explain this is my friend, and ask boyfriend #2 to leave. If number 1 wanna get pissed then I will handle his ass. Alone. I aint hidin from no nigga, and my men don’t hide either.

    And if u got this good good like I do, u can tell yo man anything and he will buy it. No need to duck and hide.

    Ever hear of hiding in plain sight. That’s what jumpoff doin wheni introduce him to my man, as calm as can be.

  50. Lio said

    JUST DON’T FUCK AROUND IN YOUR HOUSE. go to a motel or hotel but not is your ass, this is how people get killed ! SMH

  51. Smurfette said

    Thank u Lio! This is what the holiday inn is fo!

  52. lowridaz said

    Anyone put themselves in a stupid situation like that deserves what gets, I would never do something dumbminded as that, knowing my man has a key and can walk in, how fucking dumb is that?!!!! get real!

  53. Ms_Behave said

    OKaaaaay…. after reading all 52 comments and analyzing them, i realized MOST of u either didn’t read or didn’t understand what MO posted. “Ladies if you were creeping on your man and your jump off was at your crib and your man came over unexpectedly and had a key to your crib so you asked your jump off (stay with us lol) to hide in the closet or under the bed and he did, would it turn you off?….

    In other words u have a Main Squeeze (husband) and ur cheating (F*CKING UPSTAIRS) at YOUR (husband+u) HOUSE and ur husband came home (HE knows UR CHEATING) AND U ASK ‘Jumpoff’ TO HIDE, would it turn u off?

    MO, didn’t ask if u were the type to cheat, if u would give a man a key to ur house, if it’s a good idea to cheat at home… so if it doesn’t apply to u or U CAN’T hypothetically put urself in situation, DON’T ANSWER! … Remember the KEY to point is “would it turn u off?”… STAY ON COURSE PEOPLE!

  54. Marathon_Man said

    @ #46- It does matter if im at a chick’s crib and she tells me that her man has a gun on him. If she doesn’t tell me then that’s information that I don’t have so im not really thinking he does. So im walking out the front door. Nothing bitch about me and for you to get on MO at a computer and start talking crazy is ridiculous. Not gonna exchange threats with a cyber gangsta. My stance is my stance. Here’s a thought, if you can’t engage in convo without hurling insults then just HOP OFF MY NUTS AND ANSWER THE QUESTION FOR YOURSELF.

  55. 2thick4u said

    Damn Ms. Behave set us straight 🙂 !!!

  56. Ms_Behave said

    @ MM… I get ‘ur stance’ and ‘I Love Beating Women’ (hate that name by the way)is RIGHT. Ur demeanor did change after hearing about GUN, which makes it seems like ‘I am AIN’T a p*ssy ass n*gga, but if u have a gun…”. So u’ll stay in SOME circumstances but NOT all.

    Take ur situation with ur sup at work, i sure u guyz flirt a lot at work and try to do things in ‘secret’, but when someone is coming around corner or nearby, u hush-hush, it’s like that, it’s not like ur afraid of them, it’s just that if they all know ur banging ur sup, then it’s no longer a ‘secret’ and either u claim her and make her ur girl or continue to keep her on the side WITH EVERYONE KNOWING that ur banging her… Get it?… so of course u can stay and not hide, but that will mean NO MORE CREEPING, because now he KNOWS, plus she might loose her relationship/marriage which is what she was trying to avoid by creeping. Get it now?, lol… i wouldn’t hold it against guy for hiding because i ASKED him to and he is SAVING my relationship, now i would resent him for staying in OPEN and jeopardizing what future i had with my man, he CAN’T be called a P*SSY for that, he did what I ASKED.

  57. Ms_Behave said

    lol@2thick4u… Na MA, i ain’t trying to regualte ish, lol, but i love these sections when MO leave the celebrity ish alone and we can have DIALOGUE (good/bad), I hate digression, plus i take this as an opportunity to learn and i love learning, lol.

  58. Marathon_Man said

    Ms Behave ANY man’s stance is going to change if you bring a GUN into the situation and IM or HE is NOT wearing one but the other dude at the door is. He’s a fucking moron for even wording that question like that and then saying i switched up my whole demeanor. WTF?!? You can’t beat bullets so he’s retarded in the first place. I just don’t get why people get on blogs and computers and talk superman with insults.

    My stance never changed. I rumble is way different than GETTING SHOT AND KILLED.

  59. Marathon_Man said

    Its like saying I WON’T RUN FROM A MAN ON THE STREET and then someone saying what if a BEAR IS COMING DOWN THE STREET? would you run? HELL YEA IMMA RUN! So #46 you’re an idiot in the worst way to even pose that question.

  60. Yeah I Said It said

    The only honest answer i read was post #33. In my fantasy world he would hide and i would get a turn on, knowing he is there and my man does not have clue. Maybe later he can tell me how turned on he was to hear me moaning while making love to my man after i made love to him. Remember people this is only FANTASY WORLD!!!!!!!

  61. lowridaz said

    REPEAT.. .wouldnt put my self in ANY situation where i can be walked in on period!!!! avoid all drama and if I were to creep /cheat, it damn sure wouldnt be where he has access to walk in on, PERIOD!!

  62. lowridaz said

    AND no, not a turn on for me, knowing a man is hiding and my man is walking around talking, i would be paranoid.

  63. lowridaz said

    people die daily from shit like that!!! lol

  64. Ms_Behave said

    MM… boy ur cutting me up, lol, i don’t think he was wrong in asking, the way u were going at it, was like under EVERY circumstances u wouldn’t hide, so i guess he got his answer, lol, now i understand u deciding to run after he ‘popped’ his trunk on ya ass, lol… but i think ur missing the mark, the girl ur creeping with – lets say her dude doesn’t have weapon, her asking u to hide is for her man not to see you, nothing more, so either u go in closet, out back door, under bed – u staying in open WILL harm her relationship, will u still do it? cause i think THAT would be a p*ssy move.

  65. Marathon_Man said

    If she asked me to hide just so her relationship could be saved? NOPE still not hiding lol. She shouldn’t have me over there and that is something I would establish with her before hand. Would tell her in the start:

    I plan on drilling for oil, skeeting everywhere, and NEVER HIDING. You still wanna get it poppin’?

  66. Ms_Behave said

    @MM, fair enough, if u’ve established that BEFORE then she would be wrong to put u in that situation, seems u not the ‘creeping’ type *damn!* I was hoping to sneak u in thru my window and have u wash my tubes with ur 13′ pipe and swing jane style on ur tarzan *just damn!* guess i’ll have to call DT, lol.

  67. yeah I said it said

    @ MM…. I will assume based on your comments, you would not
    (A) find yourself at her home knowing full well she has a *man* that is her number one because after all you are the jumpoff
    (B) you plan on only having her at your place
    (C) Knowing that they both share the same home and regardless of you too wanting to get at each other, You will NOT under any circumstances put yourself in that situation to warrant such harsh feelings

  68. Ms_Behave said

    @yeah I said it — those are my deductions also, too bad i was hoping to have him sneak in crypt style, slither on his big black snake and have him in ‘hiding’ for our next encounter, lol.

  69. Marathon_Man said

    Not gone front, I have been in that situation 1 time in my life. Only once and i was in my young 20’s.

    I knew the girl had a man and the dude was 2 times my size because I actually knew who he was but wasn’t friends with him or anything. She wanted to get it poppin’ and we did but this 1 time she wanted me to come through because her car wasn’t starting so I went over to pick her up and she asked me to come in while she finished doing dishes and I was nervous thinking lets get the hell outta here lol. She told me he was at work and she started kissing me and getting it poppin’ and i was still like yo lets just leave real quick but she didn’t want to, she wanted it right then so me being young and stupid and hard as hell, got it poppin’ right on her living room floor and when it was over I was in her bathroom washing my thing off lol and I heard her scream “he pulling in the driveway!!!!” I was scared as hell! and felt like i fainted but grabbed my stuff and couldn’t get her back door open. Dude came in the crib and seen me and rushed up on me and started throwing blows and I was in a position where i had to cover up for a second cause them shits was ccoming mad fast but when i got the chance that shit turned into a wrestlin match and we was falling allover the place but I was fighting only to get this nigga off me so i could get the fuck outta his house being that he might have a weapon or some shit in there. The nigga wasnt as strong as i thought he would be judging from his size but i was just trying to get the fuck outta that house in one piece. i didn’t know if dude had niggas in the car or what. when i got free i ran up out the crib and left my phone. But one thing is for sure if i would have had time to hide i wouldn’t have hid because that puts you ina bad position wehre you cant defend yourself. I was 21. But i learned my lesson and would never do that shit again in my life. I will fuck another niggas girl in a milli second but jsut wont do it at his crib lol

  70. yeah I said it said

    ahahahahahahahahahaha… MM I got a visual and that shit was funny. When you are afraid your adrenaline kicks in and helps you out.

  71. Marathon_Man said

    yea i was mad scared yo. He was 29 and I was 21 dude got his weight lift on lol and i was skinny back then but it wasnt as bad as i thought it might be when we locked up. Im not saying that in a situation like that that i wouldn’t be a bit scared because that shit is normal and necessary for you to react to a situation properly and survive but hiding isn’t me and it’s dangerous for you. Id rather go out the back door or walk out the front door. I was mad i left my phone over there. Shortie called me after that and i wsa done with her. But the dangerous thing about beefin’ is that u usually see niggas again in life somewhere and i saw him in philly years later outside the club and me and my niggas treated him like the dance floor in the soul train line lol stomped that nigga out real proper like. Oh well.

  72. Ms_Behave said

    hahaha@MM, that what ur ass get, lol, i knew there was a reason why u were so FERVENT about NOT HIDING, but i understand now… “But one thing is for sure if i would have had time to hide i wouldn’t have hid because that puts you ina bad position wehre you cant defend yourself.” The premise behind ‘hiding’ is that u would NOT get caught, so if it is a KNOWN fact that u would get caught then ‘ u betta run n*gga’, lol, just like ur nerves got the best of u then, that’s how a man would react to jump in closet, without even thinking then saying ‘what the ‘f’ am i doing’, just like ur first opt was to ‘run’…. still laughing at ur ass, hahaha.

  73. BroadStreetBully said

    lol MM most men been in them situations. funny shit. i try and stay far away from trouble cause ive done time and not trying to ever go back. but if its my life in jeaopardy i wont hesitate to squeeze that steel cause other niggas in philly aint thinking bout fighting. most of these niggaz cant fight to save their lives so they’re quick to bang dem heaters.

  74. Ms_Behave said

    @BroadStreetBully: “i wont hesitate to squeeze that steel” u betta hesitate cause i don’t want u in the pen wil tip, lil wayne and em and having ur ass paying the price or having to sing u another ‘miss u’ song like aliyah, plus bro, i won’t get to talk to u no mo’, i’d rather u hide in the closet and give u a ‘thank you’ f*ck later, lol.

  75. BroadStreetBully said

    Yea im done wit any kind of dumb immature shit. I go to work and come home and chill. Dont even run the streets anymore. Just saying if put in a situation where i feel like its my life or his then it has to be his. But shoot i go to church every sunday lol im done with the streets.

  76. Bonita said

    MO the picture is HILARIOUS! LMAO

  77. Ms_Behave said

    @BroadStreetBully… AMEN!! Hallelujah *splashes holy water* lol

  78. brynnrock said

    Wow, this was a good post! Loved all the comments and had me crackin up. MM-u the man stay strong and anyone who LOVES theirselves; would haul ass if a gun was in their face or knew he was packin heat. Does change scenerio but you always have to be prepared. Feel me so get the hell out if ever in that situation cuz you don’t know until the heat is in your face. BOOM!
    A man will protect 3 things in life: His woman, money and child. If he is any type of man so just remember that shit when you start fuckin with these 3. Also his mama!LOL

    Ms. Behave you always set us straight. No it would not be a turn on…I would shit in my pants and throw up with just the thought of him walkin around and this fool hangin from the porch or some shit. I would step on his fingers so he would fall right off that MF balcony. My man would be like bitch what the fuck is wrong with you, he knows me all to well after 10 yrs. he knows when I am not right in anyway. But this was fun. Put another good topic up there to talk about.

  79. Ms_Behave said

    *throwing up caution sign* @brynnrock… Thanx!

    U’ve come a long way, not so schizo,lol, before i used to skip ur comments but now, i ACTUALLY read them, lol, i don’t mind ppl speaking their mind- same as i do, long or short post, lol, cause we can ALL learn from each other.

    “A man will protect 3 things in life: His woman, money and child.”… U forgot HIS LIFE, lol.

    Great Post though!

  80. Terrance said

    Yo MM that was me nigga! And I didn’t forget when you and your noodle @$$ friends stomped me out in front of Palmers. I swear Ima split ya $h;t when I see you! LOL, nah just playing people.

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