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Morehouse College Bans Sagging

Posted by Media Outrage on October 26, 2009


Morehouse College isn’t having it anymore!  You will not attend their learning institution and sag your pants at the same time.  Pick one!

Via AHH:

In an attempt to eliminate “inappropriate attire,” prestigious HBCU and private institution Morehouse College has adopted a policy that bans sagging and other styles associated with Hip-Hop culture.


The “Appropriate Attire Policy” initiative is the product of Morehouse President Robert Franklin, who is seeking to reestablish what he’s coined as the modern “Renaissance Man.” That individual, Franklin states, possesses the “5 Wells” of being well-spoken, well-read, well-traveled, well-dressed, and well-balanced.


Sagging is said to have originated in the penal system, where prisoners were unable to keep their pants up due to belt confiscations to prevent suicides and murder.


The style eventually made its way to popular culture courtesy of early 90’s Hip-Hop, when multi-platinum artists like Naughty By Nature and Kris Kross adopted sagging as an accessory to their fashion ensembles.


Although viewed as a style for juveniles, some prominent Hip-Hop artists in their 30s and 40s still utilize sagging in videos, concert, and award show appearances.


Along with the new sagging ban, students will not be allowed to sport any form of grillz, do-rags, hats, “stunna shades,” hoods, or pajamas to class.


In another controversial move, the Atlanta college has prohibited any students from wearing female clothing, such as dresses, tops, tunics, purses, and pumps.


School officials have argued that none of the new rulings were designed to discriminate against students who identify with Hip-Hop or gay culture. Instead, President Franklin states he hopes to have the next generation of Morehouse graduates live up to the school’s legacy, as seen in notable alumni such as Martin Luther King, Jr, Spike Lee, Samuel Jackson, Maynard Jackson, and Saul Williams.


While acknowledging student reaction has been mixed, Morehouse Office of Student Services VP William Bynum explained that the majority of students would just have to make minor adjustments to their dress.


“I would say that about 95 percent of the students on this campus feel that appearance matters to them,” Bynum told the Maroon Tiger, Morehouse’s school newspaper. “We are not trying to isolate anyone that falls under a category, you can just look at it like its one out of eleven things being addressed.”


On the gay rights issue, Bynum revealed that administrators first consulted the campus’ gay rights oganization Morehouse Safe Space, to make sure their policy was in order.


“We talked about it and then they took a vote. Of the 27 people in the room, only 3 were against it,” Bynum stated.


Morehouse College has an estimated student body of 2700, and is one of two black institutions to produce a Rhodes Scholar (1994, 2001, 2004).


Mediaoutrage–  Any thoughts?

69 Responses to “Morehouse College Bans Sagging”

  1. Sumarrain said

    That is terrific news, I just hope other school follow them. When young men or women enter college I believe they should not be wearing big baggy or close fitting pants under their ass.

  2. pattie said


  3. Frustrated Mother Takes a Stand against Public Indecency.

  4. Jolie said


  5. Rafiq said

    Hmmmmmmmm that’s wonderful the college should have did that a long time ago.But even more so as a student going to such a prestegious college THEY should not have wanted there pants saggin.I think sagginpants help promote homosexuality among young brothers.You hanging out with all ya boyz drinking,smoken,popping them skittles.Everybody is looking at each others asses WTF.That shyt look SLOUTCHY AS PHUCK,WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR PEOPLE.PULL YALL DAMN PANTS UP IGNORANT MUTHAPHUCKA’S.THAT SHYT AIN’T COOL.PEACE

  6. Bustin a sag everywhere aint cool anyway. I can understand you not wearing cigarette tight jeans, but you dont have to look like you got a potato sack around ya ass either.

    Im glad this has been implemented.

  7. Truly23 said

    That’s the best news I’ve heard in awhile and it’s an extra bonus that it started with a Predominantly Black School..

  8. brynnrock said

    I agree and love the 5 “wells” stated!

  9. Atlantaaaaa said

    Hooooooney please. Morehouse aint got no problem with saggy jeans. EVERYONE who goes there is gay. That’s the skinny jeans capital.

    They need to go to these high schools and ban saggy pants. Somewhere that counts.

  10. Lowridaz said

    Thats great! pull your damn pants up and look presentable in public, that shit is tacky, and tasteless, and looks damn silly, what is even worse is seeing a dude with straight leg tight jeans on that he happen to pull down to sag, the only part is saggin is the seat of his pants, and the legs be tight, that shit is gross! no man should walk around like that!!

  11. K-SMOOTH (LBC) said

    GOOD!…There needs to be a nationwide ban on sagging…grown ass men showing their ass cheeks…seems to have a homosexual undertone if you ask me…E-Z access….lol

  12. Yvonne said

    I glad to wake up and read something positive. I thoroughly dislike seeing boys/men walking around with their pants hanging on their thighs. I wish they would ban that shit everywhere.

  13. Ms_Behave said

    @ K-SMOOTH (LBC) “seems to have a homosexual undertone if you ask me…E-Z access….lol”… That’s where this ‘fad’ started – in PRISON, when prisoners weren’t allowed to wear belts, thus pants sagged and when released from prison they wore it just the same and ‘fad’ caught on.

    It is considered the ‘fag fad’ as it is used for ‘easy access’ because pants is already half-off, homos also wore pants backwards to use zipper opening as an entrance to their ass… If only these young kids knew… if u don’t know ur past, ur bound to repeat MISTAKES!

  14. Yvonne said

    I mean “hanging down to their thighs”.

  15. jeanette said




  16. yeah I said it said

    At some point after graduating high school and entering college you should want to grow up. If you want to walk around with your drawls showing hell take your pants off all together!!!!! Have some respect for yourselves and those around you and pull your damn pants up.

  17. constitutional rights said

    Freedom of Expression is a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT, but dumb old supposedly intelligent educated negro leaders dont know that.

    Now they’re so stupid they want to deny children an education because of clothes. Throughout the generations elders have complained about fashion, but they had sense enough to adhere to the constitution, and they were intelligent enough to know it is a PHASE.

  18. constitutional rights said

    white rascist should pass a law that all DUMB VIOLENT negroes are to be in the house before dark.

    deny the children their rights, and rascist are going to take yours away for offending them by being in their presence FOOL!

  19. close black colleges said

    what’s going to happen is, black kids who have been loyal to black colleges are just going to go to predominantly white schools where they can practice freedom of expression without discrimination, and these black colleges will close up.

    too many ignorant africans who don’t understand american freedom are at the black colleges, and they need to go back to voodooland so they can be jailed for opening their dumb mouths against freedom they never experienced before.

  20. brynnrock said

    You missed the point constitutional rights. Re-read post. I believe in freedom of expression but I don’t want to see no one’s ass checks or boxers. It is disgusting and CHANGE is a good thing re-read the “5 wells”. Clothes do make the person, ever heard of that expression”. Stand up and dress for success. That is a BUM look and black man are not bums. Now what?

  21. Marathon_Man said

    Its apparent that #19 #18 #17 & #15 are the same person lol. You got to love ignorant hatred. White folks are still upset at the people that BUILT this beautiful country. They’re still upset at the People that introduced them into civilized way of living. They’re still upset at the people that taught them astronomy, how to read, make fire, and fuck their wives into deep comas. They’re still upset at the people that introduced them to religion and GOD. They’re still upset at the people who continue to dominate SPORTS, MUSIC, HOLLYWOOD, ARTS, ACADEMICS, and any other thing we put our BLACK hands to. They’re upset that we were in South America and North America before Christopher Columbus ever landed on this continent. They’re mad that they still can’t figure out how our people THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS (not the white ones they show you on TV and in the Bible) built the Pyramids without construction companies. They’re still upset that we’re responsible for so many stellar contributions to society. I understand and all our people that the SUN smiles upon with plenty of melanin and brown skin, understand why you’re mad. Well just stay mad….

  22. Republican Voter said

    Marathon Man do you dislike white people?

  23. yeah I said it said

    Say that again MM……. I to believe those post are one and the same. Only an idiot would type such trash and call it information. Self hatred is the worst form of hate, makes you take to a blog site and spill all that ignorance for the world to read and laugh.

  24. People this post isnt about race. This is about the fact that grown men should not wear pants down to their ass! If we want to talk about freedom of speech then I should be allowed to have my Straight Rights parade and have men and women fuck in the middle of the street!!

    I know that wont be happening any time soon, so please get off this “constitutional” rights bullshit. This is about ids who’s parents pay top dollar to send them to get a fucking education!!!

  25. Marathon_Man said

    Republican Voter I like white people as much as they like me. I’m speaking the truth is that why you pose that question?

    whats good YISI?!?

    These ignorant fuks kill me on here. ALl they do is try and point to slavery as if that’s where our history actually begins lol. Please we gave you civilization! Ethiopians taught the Egyptians. Who did the Greeks learn from? We already know. Why is the nose on the Pyramid partially shot off? Napolean was so heated when he seen the face had BLACK AFRICAN FEATURES. You already know.

  26. yeah I said it said

    @MM…hey little brother.! Don’t give it to much energy not worth it. Between this post and the hotel owner post this is shaping up not to be a good exchange of differences.

  27. Marathon_Man said

    Yea it’s cool. I’ve said what i had to say. People are just stupid period. Whats funny is people that have all this COURAGE behind a computer screen would never open their thin lips to repeat that ish in person. I work with a few.

  28. Truly23 said

    DT you are right, it’s about grown ass men dressing like they have no dayum sense. I wish hubby would pull a stunt like that-he’d have my foot so far up his ass he would think he was being prison raped. That’s not a good look for anyone-black,white no matter..

  29. Ms_Behave said

    Now, who in here is hotting up my baby Marathon Man head? Boo, please calm down, don’t need ur pressure to surpass my school bills, lol, i’ve got a nice pillow for u to lay ur ‘head’ on… do u want it?

  30. ucanb2 said

    Good for the school!

  31. Constitutional Rights said

    You call yourself Marathan Man but YOU’RE NOTHING BUT A COMPLETE FOOL who should be banned for wearing your nappy azz, uncombed, can’t run a comb through it mass of uncivilized dung hair to work every day.

  32. constitutioal rights said

    Brynnbock people have been showing their azz every since the mini skirt came out in the 1960s, and the bikini came out soon after, and the topless bathing suit soon after, YOU ARE JUST A DUMB N8GGAH WHO HATE YOUR OWN BLACK AZZ SO MUCH THAT YOU WANT TO KEEP IT HID, BUT DONT MIND LOOKING AT WHITE AZZES EVERY CHANCE U GET.

  33. Marathon_Man said

    No I’m really a fool for engaging in a discussion with an uneducated fool. Go read a book and you’ll be alright.

  34. diane said


  35. sticcy said

    if ur going to be a college student a prestige one at that dress like one

  36. Ms_Behave said

    @ jeanette/constitutional rights … PLEASE STOP!!! You are neither Funny nor Correct…This a BLACK board, leave your RACIST comments for your KKK rallies where they will be appreciated and celebrated. We do not applaud IGNORANCE here… PLEASE EXIT!!!!!

    Marathon Man or any other reader, please DO NOT Encourage this behaviour by responding.

  37. frantzie said

    marathan since you hate white people so much, get your azz back to black azz africa, and take all these millions of illegal alien africans who lied, borrowed and begged to live in rascist america, rather than live under black rule in africa, TAKE THEM WITH YOU.

    We good american black and white don’t need your unpatriotic azz here messing up our freedoms.

  38. viola said

    Oh, and by the way, in case your dumb self don’t know, WHITE MEN STARTED THE SAGGING CRAZE. READ A LITTLE AND EXPERIENCE OTHER CULTURES THEN U MIGHT LEARN SOMETHING, instead of sitting in your hood, criticizing your hood neighbors. Oops forgot, whites wouldn’t mingle with your low class self even if you paid them.

  39. diane said

    ms sticcy u can dress a pig up in an evening gown, and GUESS WHAT??? it WILL STILL BE A PIG. INTELLIGENT PEOPLE KNOW THAT.

    PROFESSORS in academia are KNOWN to have a rough appearance, unshaven, wild hair, but they are hired for what they KNOW, not what they look like. GENIUSES ARE KNOWN TO HAVE A ROUGH APPEARANCE.

  40. sticcy said

    yo whats with the racist hate speech going on up here I thought we were all of mature level???

  41. Atlantaaaaa said

    LOL. Yall trippin.

  42. joane said

    sticcy why are foreign blacks the first to cry rascism when the truth about how they:
    take opportunities that should go to black americans
    leave their BLACK countries with their BLACK rules to live in rascist america
    start criticizing and trying to con black americans as soon as they get an opportunity that should have gone to a black american
    marry a white person as soon as they use a black american to reach their goal
    scorn, ridicule and work hard to tear down everything black americans built up in this country.

    Every since africans started teaching at black colleges they have been working harder than a white rascist to close up and shut down our historical insitutions. why is that??

  43. MissTX85 said

    It’s about time! Why the hell they up in Morehouse like that anyway?! Martin Luther King probably turning over in his grave!

    *NOTE* All those names we’ve never seen before are definitely the same person. With the exception of that Sticcy person maybe. Check post #38. Hadn’t posted earlier but comment started with “Oh, and by the way,….”

    Just saying.

  44. frantzie said

    I wish some n8ggah would tell me what to wear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Ms_Behave said

    @ Ms Tx, yeah f*cking Idiot, lol, “Oh, and by the way” <– U only do that when u WERE SAYING SOMETHING BEFORE,lol, told y'all this fool is Ignorant as hell, hahahaha.

  46. ludamilla said

    What a joke. The one girl complaining about pulling your pants up has a big hole in her pants with her butt cheek out!

  47. Don said

    I think the KKK is paying these dummies to beg for their own incarceration and to make idiotic laws to control each other. They have always said that negroes aren’t smart enough to vote, or lead the country.

  48. […] Morehouse College bans sagging? […]

  49. Terrance said

    There really isn’t anything left for me to say since the first few commenters “hit the nail on the head”. What I will say is I wish MO would call this clown out who obviously is a severe sufferer of multiple personality disorder.

  50. itsurboi said

    WHOAAAAA what the fuck is going on here why all this hate over sagging jeans…..? I agree with the “5 Wells” at Morehouse. Morehouse is one OUR Ivy Institutions and i think those that are accepted should be represented it proudly. When i crossed into the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, INC I repped my letters with pride and class, because as a small force on UC’s campus we had to put forth an identity so that we would not be confused with regular students. We aimed to get the attention of the president of the school so that when Phi Beta Sigma needed something nobody would tells us no because we threw the best programs, raised the most money for charity, tallied the most hours of community service, threw the best parties and f####d the best H###. I say this because morehouse should hold their students to a higher moral code on campus, I mean hell their in ATL… get down with the get down but when its time to be on you business sh!t play the part. (Gay or straight)

  51. itsurboi said

    If your going hate for comically entertainment then hate on but if your gonna be disrespectful then get the fuck out! This is a forum FOR DISCUSSION. whoever this muahfucka is talkin shit needs to take that shit back to they masturbatin ass momma or they dick in the ass daddy. how the fuck you pop up and start talkin bout dumb negro this and dumb n8ggah that…. Hell im wit my NIGGA Paul Mooney “I’ve been called it enough so Im gonna say NIGGA wheneven the fuck i want.”

    all my MO NIGGAS say ^NIGGA

  52. @ Itsurboi ; Greek I completely agree with the decision to ban this foolishness. As young men on the come up, its time to begin thinking and acting like men…not boyz. I attended Tenn St. Univ, and we were always focused on carrying ourselves with class, intelligence and self-respect. Didn’t need a campus regulation to act like we had sense. Since i’ve gotten older and met many young bruhs, i’ve noticed how things simply have changed. Classy & tailored has been replaced w/ white t-shirts and baggy jeans and braids. Seems like its the way of the world.

  53. itsurboi said

    Blu-Yo, greek. I’ve seen the change within my chapter I was on the last real line to actually cross OLD SKOOL style. My sandz and I put in work on campus to bring the respectiblity level of NPHC greeks to that of the level of Pan hell and IFC. In the two years before we finally crossed a line we had the best NPHC GPA and everything i listed above. The major players of the schools faculty knew us by name and didnt heitate to call us for community service or for help to assemble functions with high student participation. But now we have younger bruhz riding the wave of hard work and i dont see the same fire that i had when i was neo. I was blu up from the shoe up when i crossed a Sigma was everywhere on campus but it was only five of us. Now LT is approaching 20 and i dont understand where the love went. we stayed in our letters, they might wear a shirt once a month. But i guess its the way of the world like you said.

  54. alliswell5 said

    Saggin’ is wack as hell!!……and Skinny Jeans are even worse!!

  55. dave said

    Nupe4Life, do you know anything about childhood development? It is obvious to me you don’t. R U a fool who would expect a 5 year old to act like a 15 year old, or a 18 year old to act like a 35 year old. OBVIOUSLY EDUCATION DIDN’T HELP YOUR INTELLIGENCE LEVEL ONE BIT.

    Whether it’s the black pants, jacket, black shirt and heavy makeup of the goth look or the pants falling off the rear end, large shirt rapper look, teens will go through fads. As a parent or grandparent you can beg, plead, yell and punish, but you won’t be able to stop your teen from sneaking their favorite look. While condoning the look is not what we’re talking about, surviving it is. Here are a few tips for surviving your teen’s latest clothing fad.

  56. denise said

    Nupe4Life, do you know anything about childhood development? It is obvious to me you don’t. R U a fool who would expect a 5 year old to act like a 15 year old, or a 18 year old to act like a 35 year old. OBVIOUSLY EDUCATION DIDN’T HELP YOUR INTELLIGENCE LEVEL ONE BIT.

    Whether it’s the black pants, jacket, black shirt and heavy makeup of the goth look or the pants falling off the rear end, large shirt rapper look, teens will go through fads. As a parent or grandparent you can beg, plead, yell and punish, but you won’t be able to stop your teen from sneaking their favorite look. While condoning the look is not what we’re talking about, surviving it is. Here are a few tips for surviving your teen’s latest clothing fad.

  57. itsurboi said

    i guess education didnt help yall either dave or denise. there is a time and a place for fads and an institution for higher learning isnt especially when its a private well respected school if yall knew anything about HBCUs. this aint (no disrespect to any current or alums) Jackson, florida A&M, Rust, Elizabeth City this is THE HOUSE. This one of OUR shining gateways in America, and should be represented as much

  58. 2020VIZN said

    First and foremost the people arguing constitutional right need to understand that Morehouse is a PRIVATE instatution and Private Instatutions are not operated by governments though they may or may not receive funding. Depending on the region, private universities are not normally subject to government regulation. There are rules and regulations that private organizations CAN apply to what belongs to them. The choice to attend Morehouse is all on the person attending, if they dont like the rules, they can choose another University, it is simple as that.

    Now the PERSON that is here posting and race baiting, please give it a rest!!!! Constitutional right my ass, lets talk about the constitutional rights of all of the Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen who are dying daily just for you to have the right to blurt out racial slurs on the internet and God knows what else. What about their constitutional Rights? They cant wear their pants sagging, thet cant wear a shirt with Bob Marley smoking a joint on it, they cant talk to the press about violations of their rights and amendments, they cant even sue if a military medic fucks them up for life due to negligence or just plain incomptence. So before you start talking shit about Black Colleges and causing chaos over their right to implement rules as they see fit, why not fight for those that fight for you, since you feel like fighting???

    part of the problrm in America that we have run into today is due to the people who want to fight a fight like this one. This sagging rule is not gonna hurt these kids if they cant have their pants hanging off of their ass. But there is always a someone with nothing to do willing to take time and address some bullshit like this. Someone wants to take up the issue ajnd stir the pot thus making the individual with an interest (the aspiring sagger) somewhat entitled. I will leave it at this because we all know what the sense of entitlement has done to the our Country. Most cant cant do shit for themselves, Americans hit a wall in life and quit, and when you tell them they can’t…… they go on a shooting spree, all because they think someone is violating their constitutional right. Dont get me wrong there are battle worth fighting but when you argue shit like this, you are part of the problem vice part of the solution.

    Now If you will excuse me, Im gonna go home and put some water in Buck Nasty’s Momma’s dish, Good Evening!!!!!

  59. 2020VIZN said

    (instatution and Private Instatutions) damn, didnt look over the post….well you know what Im saying!!

  60. keam said

    Colleges exist to SERVE people. That is their only role. The students pay high tuition and if they’re not smart enough to understand finance 101, they need to close close close. Move on students. There are hundreds of thousands of white unversites who won’t violate your civil rights.

  61. MissTX85 said

    Dave & Denise are definitely the same person!! How anybody missed that is amazing!

    MO can’t ya’ll do something about this shit?!! Thought ya’ll had everyone’s IP address? Can’t you block them when they post this bull?

  62. Media Outrage said

    Howard, Keam, Denise and Dave you are the same person and are starting to really trip out with the Go Back To Africa talk. It’s offensive and won’t be tolerated. So fall back with that bullshit.

  63. Yvonne said

    I checked back to see what was up and couldn’t believe what I was reading. There are some truly, truly screwed up people in this world. SMH.

  64. lowridaz said


  65. RBaller said

    Sagging i believe started in prison. I don’t think it was from not having belts, it was a symbol that you are available(homo). And yes it was whites who started it. And yes it has made it’s way to popular culture. Not only do blacks sag. But all these young white kids do too. Im from the belief if you pay good money for anything you should have more say. If you are on scholarships then okay the school is paying your way then they have more say. They say they are doing it so the next generation can live up to certain standards. I totally understand that. It seems to me that this is like an intervention, which rarely work. You have to be preventive and start this in High Schools, Middle schools, grade schools, where it my actually work. Otherwise it just one college trying to turn the majority.

  66. yeah I said it said

    Good point RBaller. it would be nice if their own self worth makes them pull up their pants.

  67. itsurboi said

    can sumone explain saggin tight jeans? ive been tryin to find understanding in the fad of saggin jeans that look like denim spandex. dont get me wrong when i was in grade school i was totally krossed out backwards baseball jersey and everything but as i got into high school i thought sagging was the lameest shit ever cuz when me and my boys was runnin admins and POs it made more sense just to wear baggy clothes that drooped much like parachute pants. yaknamean. but fuck it keep saggin it makes it easier to run your pockets.

  68. Anthony J. Jones said

    Nice, my Dad went to Morehouse and he likes it also. My highschool happens to have a strict uniform policy and when it was first put in place(my 8th grade year)I hated it but know that im almost 16 I have no problem with it. The only thing that upsets me is the colors we have to choose from.

  69. Not for the first time, she wondered what it was and why it was there. Like him, Hyle was naked save for the robe that had seen better days. She even stood, with the vague intention of leaving the balcony. She clutched him, snatched at her thoughts like fireflies flitting about her. That spell shouldnt have been so hard. Startled from her thoughts, she glanced up at him. Im so proud of you. It took a few moments. The entire time youve lived among us, Ive been jealous of you. He says we need to all make our choices, and his heart chooses you. At first she didnt understand, but then there was Brevins flinch. She cant make it easy, can she? What shed done before had only amplified it. His fingers laced with hers where she clutched the mattress. They burned like a banked fire. Do you have time to come speak with me? That, and you havent asked to talk to me alone before. Her race was born to breed. Before he was done, she reached down with her free hand to palm his cock.

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