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Grabbing Some Dinner

Posted by Media Outrage on October 28, 2009

katsuya kardashians 281009

Kim, Khloe, her mother and meal ticket Lamar Odom hit up Katsuya restaurant in Hollywood after the Lakers put the stomp down on the Clippers in the home Season opener in which Kobe and ‘nem got their championship rings.  Lamar has definitely raised his profile by making lots of media mentions over the past few months, let’s just hope that success translates to victories on the court.  More pics when you

katsuya kardashians 281009katsuya kardashians 281009katsuya kardashians 281009

9 Responses to “Grabbing Some Dinner”

  1. MissTX85 said

    OMG! I actually like Kim’s outfit!

    See Lamar still looking like a damn fool!

  2. Kanyade said

    Kim’s outfit IS nice, other than that……..can’t seem to find much relevance here so,

  3. ucanb2 said

    Kim looks nice… but I see Ms Khloe is giving an autograph! HMMM

  4. BadBadKitty0727 said

    I’m LOVIN’ the over-the-knee boots – that’s what’s up for the Fall. Personally, I would’ve worn blue jeans ‘cuz I can’t get down with the black jeans.

  5. itsurboi said

    what the fuck is lamar wearing? Doesn’t he make millions of dollars so that can at least find clothes that match? Im not feelin that “would you like fries with that?” manager shirt.

  6. Atlantaaaaa said

    Love the boots.

  7. cstyle said

    lamar need to hit on the sis and get it poppin!!!

  8. lowridaz said

    I am so done with all of them, its to the point what she wear or whatever is not evening exciting to me , im sick of reading about all of them. lol he look like a damn fool up there, goofy looking

  9. lowridaz said

    I meant… Not even exciting to me anymore, what she wear, do , say, look like, nothing about her is about anything!!

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