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Martin Brings The Family Out

Posted by Media Outrage on October 28, 2009


Martin Lawrence hit up the LA premiere of This Is It yesterday with his daughters Lyana 8 (left) and Amerie 6 (right).  Which daughter resembles Martin more?  It’s rare to even catch a glimpse of Martin out and about, so to see the brother is a good thing.  What kind of role would you like to see Martin portray??  Peep Vivica Fox, Will Smith, Bill Bellamy and Nia Long when you

Martin1MartinWill cBillKristenBellamy fJackieTitoMarlon1

Vivica cNia f4bestWill c1Will c2Will c7Nia f

Nia f1Vivica c1BillKristenBellamy f1

11 Responses to “Martin Brings The Family Out”

  1. Ms_Behave said

    MO, R u serious? one of them kids look half korean and u dare to ask which looks more like martin, lol, they got his ears though, no paternity test needed…Nia looks good, not sure about the floral leggings <– WTF?! and legs too 'long', lol… There is something always a 'lil too much' about Will, like he's trying to prove sumthin'… and Kristin, please tell me ur gum ISN’T twice the size of ur teeth, hahaha… Vivica, u f*cked up!

  2. Kanyade said

    Are we sure this isn’t the premier for BAD BOYS 3??? 😆

    Everyone looks great 🙂 Martin’s girls are adorable 🙂

  3. Yvonne said

    LOL…seriously MO..the little girl on the left looks exactly like Martin and you know that. Both girls are cute though.

    I would like to see Martin in another comedy. The dude is funny.

  4. ucanb2 said

    You already know the answer to that question! Cute little girls though.

  5. Rafiq said

    Hmmmmmmm Both of thoses babies look like that man.One has his color and the other has her mother’s color,but that little girl look just like that man.What are you all looking at.I’m dark chocolate my youngest children are light,Jasimine Guy light and if I walk in a room and my children are there.People look at my son and daughter and tell me all day every day MAN THEM CHILDREN LOOK JUST LIKE YOU ,THEY’RE JUST A LIGHT VERSION OF YOU.And she is just a lite version of him.Look at that face.BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN who has a SERIOUSLY FUNNY FATHER.PEACE

  6. vmarsh said

    Haters like Ms. Behave have too much time on their hands. Vivica looks lovely as always too me. Anyway, do your thing Martin

  7. MissTX85 said

    BOTH look like him but the one on the left does favor him more. They’re both beautiful little girls though.

    Everyone else looks nice.

  8. itsurboi said

    What kinda question is that? His little girl on the left is almost Shenaynay. oh ma gawdness

  9. Atlantaaaaa said

    Great looking fam.

  10. Media Outrage said

    LOL @ Itsurboi.

  11. tyree said

    oh snap the brown one look just like em LMFAO

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