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Sheree Talks LESBIAN Rumors

Posted by Media Outrage on October 29, 2009

Sheree Whitfield f1

Sheree Whitfield brings the drama on RHOA and spoke to Essence about the Lesbian rumors, the season and how they were treated by Bravo.

Via Essence:

ESSENCE.COM: After watching your fashion show, was there anything that you would have changed?
It wasn’t the first fashion show of the season, but definitely the last. I wish they had showed more because it was really nice. Other than Dwight being above and beyond for TV, I wouldn’t change anything. It’s edited to look like he did the entire show and he did not. I was 100 percent involved and they cut me out of the scenes. From last season to this one, it’s like, wow. Lisa said it’s been two years, and it’s only been one. I guess some people can’t count.

ESSENCE.COM: NeNe called us up last week and shared how she was inaccurately portrayed as a villain on the show. Knowing her, do you think the NeNe we see on TV is not the real her?
I think everyone’s character is who they are. Was her coming to my party really how it turned out? Absolutely not. You sign up to do this show. Just like last season, I was the villain. They can only get what you give them. They can edit it whichever way, but they didn’t make me pull Kim’s hair or get into it with the party planner. These are things that happen. Unfortunately, things happen and you’re on TV. Maybe some things happen some people wish were not caught. This time you see different sides of people’s personalities, but the season is definitely true to who everybody is.

ESSENCE.COM: And there’s buzz about you possibly being a lesbian and discussing your sexuality on tonight’s finale. Please set the record straight.
I don’t feed into those rumors. It goes in one ear and out the other. I know who I am. Anybody would do anything for hits on their site. This reunion is going to surprise a lot of people. People will be shocked. It’s a must-watch.

ESSENCE.COM: With Atlanta leading traffic for the “Housewives” franchise, how do you feel your cast is treated by Bravo?
Of course, I don’t feel we are treated like we should be. For our ratings to be what they are, could we be treated a lot better? I honestly think so. We put the ‘Housewives’ on the map, but you would never know that. Numbers do not lie.

12 Responses to “Sheree Talks LESBIAN Rumors”

  1. Ms_Behave said

    How the f*ck can u be a lesbian, when ur a MAN?… U Gay N*gga!!!

  2. lowridaz said

    LOL yea she ass ugly, damn

  3. Yvonne said

    I don’t believe Sheree is a lesbian or bi. She loves herself too much. LOL.

  4. ali said

    LOL @ Ms_Behave
    They didn’t really put the housewives on the map. Sheree is so full of herself. The Househo’s have been on for PLENTY of seasons before she came out with her man face and tacky clothing line. I’ve watched every single one of them.
    Ughh..she does need a man. Good luck with that.

  5. MissTX85 said

    Yeah she does look a lil’ mannish.

  6. BadBadKitty0727 said

    I keep tellin’ ya’ll that Shetland-pony-lookin’ ho is on STEROIDS – that’s why she look like Tyrone from around the way.

  7. Atlanta said

    Say what yall wanna say about Sheree but one thang fo sho is the bitches body is banging. She has the body of a 25 year old. I like Sheree. She turned out to be one of my favs on the show.

  8. 2020VIZN said

    She is knocking all he competition in the dirt……Holiday Heart, Wenell Williams, Madea, Rupaul, Shangay Lily, Donnarama, Sylvester Geraldine (Flip Wilson) and Omarosa. Sherman….I mean Shiree you Haaawt right now.

  9. ucanb2 said

    LOL @ 2020! She is fine but not attractive! If you tell her that you will have to steal her uppity ass! LOL

  10. Kanyade said

    Sheree comes across as somewhat illiterate to me. LOL CAN you be ‘somewhat’ illiterate? LOL She stumps her words and appears *deer in the headlights* dumb sometimes…

    With that said, *didn’t read* oh and the reunion show was BORING.

  11. Don Z HAWTHORNE III said

    Strong, beautiful, black woman to Me 🙂 people saying the same shit 💩 about Serena now. Muahfreakers really afraid 😨 of a strong black woman

  12. Steven Mcgee said

    I love you Shree if i had the money I’ll look you up and sweep you right off your feet.

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