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Ice-T & Coco Do Halloween The RIGHT Way

Posted by Media Outrage on November 2, 2009

IceCoco f

Ice-T and his classy wife Coco hit up the M2 Ultra Lounge in NYC to get their Halloween celebration on real proper like.  The costumes and accompanying pose are pure comedy!  More pics when you

IceCoco f1Coco yIceCoco f2IceCoco f3Coco y1IceCoco f4

12 Responses to “Ice-T & Coco Do Halloween The RIGHT Way”

  1. Ms_Behave said

    “The Pimp and his $1 Ho” ~ Dead On! All they need now is a STD billboard behind them.

  2. Ms. E said

    Ice T looks like a porno version of Elvis and she looks like super botox Pamela Anderson Lee!!

  3. ucanb2 said

    What else would you expect from these two???

  4. brynnrock said

    Freaks of the week

  5. Marathon_Man said

    Lol @ Ms Behave. Ice Looks like he’s bustin’ a massive nut right on her anus.

  6. Ms. E said

    @ MM – I know you wish that was you busting a nut on her plastic fake a$$!!

  7. sweet_tea said

    They are out of control… Ice T probably hasn’t gotten it up for anything in 20yrs. I don’t buy all that.

  8. MissTX85 said

    What the fuck?!

  9. itsurboi said

    I guess thats how they keep their relationship young and alive gag ball and all?!

  10. BadBadKitty0727 said

    These ain’t no Halloween costumes – she-it, they just rolled up outta bed and said, “Let’s go to the party!” Ice-T still gettin’ it up – Viagra. ‘Nuff said.

  11. FRDB said

    Is it just me that read the “Halloween” part of the title? Were they supposed to dress as Moses and Mary Magdelene?

  12. Chique said

    I did not even notice anything different about the way they dress they look the same on every photo

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