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Damn She’s FINE!

Posted by Media Outrage on November 7, 2009

Paula h

Paula Patton was gleaming the other night during the NYC screening of “Precious” which has started to really buzz around the Hollywood film circuit.  Robin is one lucky son of a b_tch!  Despite being pregnant Paula’s figure is still very much in tack.  Director Lee Daniels who looks like he can’t get enough of huggin’ up on every female associated with the flick and writer Sapphire were both in the building enjoying the festivities.  Those pics when you

Paula h1Paula h2SapphireLeeDanielsPaulaPaula h3Paula h5Paula h4

SapphireLeeDanielsPaula1Paula h6SapphireLeeDanielsPaula2


11 Responses to “Damn She’s FINE!”

  1. She couldnt be my wife…We would be soooo homeless and broke.

    …Cause every waking moment of our marriage I’d be riding that thick pussy like a magic carpet!!!

    Fuck Work, school, the 13 kids we done made from the years of fucking…all that shit!

  2. Media Outrage said


  3. ucanb2 said

    LOL @ DT
    Nice pic

  4. MissTX85 said

    Cute pic. Love the dress and shoes.

  5. MaliaMalia LOVES MO said

    she is so gorgeous!! xxx loving her shoes

  6. joneblaze said

    Nothing like pregnancy tits!!!

  7. Atlantaaaaa said

    I like that dress too.

  8. Luel14 said

    I laugh so hard @ dt. LOL.

  9. lowridaz said

    very beautiful woman! and yes give props where its due, she is lovely, and looks classy, dressed very elogant! yes she is beautiful, LOL @ DT comment, wow!

  10. timecube said

    “Despite being pregnant Paula’s figure is still very much in tack.”

    INTACT. Look it up. maybe if you stopped whacking off for a second there might be enough blood going to your actual brain. Go back to school and learn to spell.

  11. Kanyade said


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