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Kansas City Chiefs Cut Larry Johnson In Wake of GAY Slurs

Posted by Media Outrage on November 9, 2009

Larry Johnson3

Kansas City Chief running back, Larry “I Hate Them Fags” Johnson, has been cut from the team after using anti-gay slurs a few weeks ago.

Via TMZ:

The Kansas City Chiefs have officially kicked Larry Johnson to the curb — cutting the running back from the NFL team in the wake of his gay slur scandal.

Johnson was just 75 yards away from becoming the team’s all-time leading rusher when he was suspended last month, and now it seems he’ll remain number two.

The move to chop Johnson gives Chiefs fans one thing to cheer about this season — in the last few days, tons of KC fans signed a petition to get rid of the running back.

Johnson had used the homophobic f-word in verbal attacks twice in two days — he also publicly ripped the team’s coach.

Mediaoutrage–  Damn, wonder if he’ll get picked up by any other team?  Any thoughts folks?

22 Responses to “Kansas City Chiefs Cut Larry Johnson In Wake of GAY Slurs”

  1. ucanb2 said

    You have to learn that you can’t always say what you think/feel! SMH

  2. LACY said

    Prime example why our culture fail at building wealth ..As sooon as they get a nice check they blow it on hoes and start acting like they’re Warren Buffett..Wake up young black millionaires …Jay-z cut his ass too huh?

  3. brynnrock said


  4. Truly23 said

    And here I thought they tried to make an example out of Vick, this is just ridiculous..

  5. Dean said

    Absolutely, outrageous that someone is not entitled to an opinion in this country. What happened to freedom of speech? If I were Larry Johnson, I would be suing the KC Chiefs on the grounds that the 2nd amendment was violated.

  6. Atlantaaaaa said

    See, that twitter and facebook shit aint nothing but the devil. I think that he will get picked up again.

  7. aniya said

    He says he hate FAGS…..but why does he look like one?

  8. BadBadKitty0727 said

    @Aniya – ‘cuz he IS ONE.
    @Brynn, Truly, & Dean – This about the FOURTH time he been in some mess off the field. One of the incidents was he spit a drink in a woman’s face and told her, “I’m gonna kill your boyfriend ‘cuz he been talkin'” so don’t think he’s some kind of saint that’s being “made an example of.” He’s had PLENTY of chances to clean up his act, but the fact is, he’s an ARROGANT ASSHOLE who flings the word “fag” around freely, then he goes home and sucks dick. BUH, BYE LJ!

  9. Unkle Death said

    FUCK FAGGOTS! What is so damn cultural about putting your dick in other men’s asses? If you don’t want nobody to discriminate against you for what you believe in, don’t put YOUR DONG SMOKING ASS out there like that! Seriously, this is why the fuck I cannot stand the media. It’s like you have to accept a certain idea to be where you want to be, but damn it, they just beat shit to death. Once again, FUCK FUCKING FAGGOTS. FUCK THEM UP THEIR STUPID PILLOW BITING ASSES.
    Every time I see shit like this, I thank God for the 2nd Amendment.

  10. Lio said

    this is some bullshit right there..he fucking apoligized godamn it…geeeeeeeez

  11. Unkle Death said

    @ Lio – you’re right. This is some bullshit. Just goes to show you what kind of hold that homos have on the world. I personally have nothing against them, they’re just fucking stupid ass control freaks. You piss one of them off, you piss them all off. They’re worse than 10 bitches with PMS! I don’t give a fuck, I’ll tell all of Gay America to GO FUCK THEMSELVES and SMOKE SHOTGUNS if they ever try to do this shit to me!

  12. MissTX85 said

    That’s fucked up! Punk ass fags!

    And yeah he was a problem off field before, so why not let him go then? Why wait ’til he exercises his First Amendment Right to cut him? That’s some bullshit!!

  13. Kanyade said


  14. Kanyade said

    Oh I meant to say I have no sympathy for him whatsoever.

    He has made more money than I do in a year so screw his dumb behind.

  15. Yeah I Said It said

    This is the very reason you play ball get paid top dollars and STFU!!!! It’s called be a public person. How many presidents do you know that take office and call any one race of people out of their names in Public?

    So oh the hell well!!!

  16. itsurboi said

    Damn that sh!ts crazy how the hell do you lose your for off field non football remarks? someone need to cheer up those fags at GLAAD, tell em to stop hangin out with those broads in MADD and PETA and fuck em. Cause the only thing that can cheer a man up is new good pussy. To hell with both of those groups, GLADD needs to cheer up and PETA needs to learn to joys of Lamb and lettuce in a pita pocket, and let LJ and Mike Vick make their money. Cause there are more like why did ARMY Major Hasan shoot up Ft. Hood.

  17. itsurboi said

    “More important matters like”*

  18. RBaller said

    he got cut to bad for him. I think he is from penn. So with westbrook being hurt all the time and Andy Reed known for giving second chances maybe he will be an eagle. If not a steeler. The pats like having vets on their team too so i believe its one of those three.

    Watcha think if you care lol

  19. Flaco said

    Wow… I’m glad he got cut. Dude has had serveral chances to straighten up. After the 1st time he spit in a woman’s face, or the second time when hit spit on a woman and threatened her, to now… with his big mouth. It’s not about making an example of him because he is black. He is a public figure and a (former) representative of the Chiefs organization. When you are in that spot, you act like you have some damn sense. I have nothing againts gays. Heck not too long ago in this county Black folk were treated second class like gays. What if Peyton Manning said, “I can’t stand those Niggers” on his facebook, then came the next day told black reporters to get your Nigger Asses out of my face. Everyone would be in outrage. So why is this different. I said good for KC taking a stance. Am I worried about him? Nope. I’m sure he will land on his feet with another NFL team by the end of the week.

  20. Yeah I Said It said

    @ RBALLER… Please don’t curse the Steelers. They are doing just fine without drama. I know Rothenburg has issues going on right now, and that’s enough…..


  21. leilaray said

    You know what? I’m tired of this…should he lose his job when he has a contract? I don’t think so… bench him.. I was outraged when Grey’s got rid of isiah washington…just to have t.j knight shit on the show afterwards. I’ve seen white folks curse out cops.. And walk away. I see all points of view but they don’t get that its important to deal with the matter instead of getting rid of it.

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