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Took Them Stacks And Ran

Posted by Media Outrage on November 12, 2009

Lil Kim l2best

Lil Kim can add her name to the already long list of artists that have been paid to perform and then skipped out leaving the promoter looking crazy.

Via TMZ:

Lil Kim is allegedly one of the biggest flakes on Planet Earth. We’re told she recently bailed on six gigs after pocketing her $20,000 fee … then blamed it all on a nosebleed!

We’re told a company called Abstrakt Visions Entertainment paid Kim $20,000 up front to make six club appearances in London between November 7 – 14.

Sources say Kim told Abstrakt she suffered a nosebleed in her hotel room the night before the first gig — then got a call from Kim the next day saying she’s heading back to the USA.

Kim’s people tell us the nosebleed part is true — but the real reason she bailed was because the promoters had poor planning skills and never even gave her a schedule.

Kim’s crew says the rapper is gonna use the $20K to cover her travel expenses — but she might wanna invest in a lawyer … because Abstrakt told us they plan to sue.

6 Responses to “Took Them Stacks And Ran”

  1. tb said

    What is she performing for? She hasn’t came out with any fiyah since the first album.

  2. ali said

    Nosebleed being code for ANOTHER nose job?

  3. Truly23 said

    She just straight up robbed the entertainment co. I don’t blame them for suing-I would’ve been on the same plane she was on getting my stacks back…

  4. MissTX85 said

    No wonder she took the money and ran! She ain’t get but 20 G’s to do SIX shows!

  5. 2020VIZN said

    If she was gonna use the 20 Gs to cover travel expenses she is the shittiest business woman I have ever seen. From what she is saying she is just performing to cover travel expenses. (((((Scratching Head)))))) So everywhere she goes she gets just enought money to cover travel expenses. What about bills and other shit we need to live. Thats like working and only making enough to money to get a bus pass to get to and from work. DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Lio said

    AH ! 20k that what she charges..well i think I’ll book her for my friend’s stag !!!

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