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Looking Like She Just Finished SHOOTING UP

Posted by Media Outrage on November 13, 2009

Lindsay Lohan j

Lindsay Lohan attended the Nu Pop Movement launch at Kitson Men in West Hollywood looking like she just finished shooting up.  Maybe her father is really onto something.  Get some help Lindsay.  Peep Jermaine Dupri and fresh face Denyce Lawson when you

Denyce Lawton jLindsay Lohan j3Jermaine nDenyce Lawton j1Lindsay Lohan j2Jermaine n1

JermaineLindsayLohanPascalMouawadDenyce Lawton j2


7 Responses to “Looking Like She Just Finished SHOOTING UP”

  1. Ms. E said


  2. Atlantaaaaa said

    A fuckin’ dope feen.

  3. MissTX85 said

    Damn sure does!! And did somebody hit her in both her eyes?!!

  4. Yeah I Said It said

    Gone call your momma child.

  5. Kanyade said

    Go wash your ass and comb your hair and hairline!

    Po’ thang look pitiful. I has little sympathies for her. She makes more money than I do, so screw her.

    Talent gone to waste; she’s a solid actress. She used to be anyway.

  6. ali said

    LMAO @ MO. She sure as fuck does look like she just shot up.

  7. ucanb2 said

    Damn can you say REHAB!!!????

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