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Ultimate Disrespect: 50 Takes Rick Ross’ Baby Moms and Son To Floyd Mayweather’s Mansion For Family Time

Posted by Media Outrage on November 16, 2009


This entire saga is pure comedy!  50 has taken the whole rap beef to another level by whisking Tia and her children off to Floyd Mayweather’s mansion this past weekend.  Damn Rick there’s no coming back from this:



42 Responses to “Ultimate Disrespect: 50 Takes Rick Ross’ Baby Moms and Son To Floyd Mayweather’s Mansion For Family Time”

  1. I wasnt going to comment on this because im still in this Maternity ward but I had to sign in…..

    Yo, There is not a rap song or a Rick Ross fan out there that would say that 50 didnt just do him in!!!!…..

    Not only do you have his baby moms half butt naked on publicaions, but now you got 2 of yo sworn enemies playing “daddy” to yo fucking seed!?!?!?

    This is worst than being a soldier in Afghanistan and you have to watch a tape of your wife sucking and fucking another man!

    Any man out there (who’s a REAL father) would know up front that 50 just won this disrespect contest…now this shit IS DEEPER THAN RAP!!!!

  2. awww…naw fiddy. Why go there…its bad enough you had her pose for the photo spread last month, but now you actin all brady bunch like wit her? Dumb broad…you’d think she’d be smart enough to realize she is gettin used for publicity. But hey, trying to pay bills will make a b**ch do some foul a** s**t.

  3. Truly23 said

    That’s why 50 has that high ass 20G’s security…

  4. lowridaz said

    MMM ..lil bit, love me some Floyd , boyyyy u lucky!!!! u just lucky

  5. mizzsimplicity said

    thats fucked up to the nth degree

  6. Yeah I Said It said

    It’s not so much 59 disrespecting Rick Ross. It’s his child mother being bitter and angry to allow this disrespect to take place. A woman scorned is a mother f*ck. If I were Rick Ross the only thing I would say to his mother, is one, don’t use my son for your games. Two, you can suck,fuck,take all the ass shot for 50 that you want cause I don’t care enough to give a damn. Three, if you keep using my son in a manner I consider neglect, I will visit the court system to gain custody. Four, If 50 aint droppin you enough money to handle yours, dumb bi*ch you being played yourself. Last you and 50 both kiss my ass!

  7. Yeah I Said It said

    On another note DT is today the day????? If so congrats! I hope it’s a girl! and you name her Sydney

  8. Ms_Behave said

    Maternity ward?…huh? damn ur boy sho’ is fast,lol, congrats!!! Too bad i was praying for a christmas baby,lol.

    *Robotic Voice* Intruder alert…. Intruder alert….World beware, Dickwell Thrust JR. is fast approaching…ladies hold ur panties reeeeeaaaaallll tight and hide your daughters……Intruder …Intruder alert!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I had a 8 pound baby boy… laying on a hard ass Maternity ward couch at Emory in the ATL. He was born Sat night t 6:16 pm….had to stay a little longer cause my woman had to get a c-section due to the babys weight…

  10. 2thick4u said

    Congrats DT…a Scorpio baby…me likey 🙂 !!!

    As for 50…he can never do wrong in my eyes…Love you 50 🙂 !!!

  11. Yeah I Said It said

    Good job to the mother DT! Happy the baby is ok, wish it was a girl.

  12. Marathon_Man said

    Yo congrats Dt.

    All i can say abou this is


    Rick he just took pics with your son! Lmao!!!! Just fucking retire and go put that pistol in your mouth…

  13. SweetScorpio said

    Much Congrats DT on you Baby Boy!

  14. TIDUB said

    YISI said it! Lol

  15. ucanb2 said

    @ DT congratulations on you baby boy!
    This other nonsense is soap-opera-ish! SMDH

  16. Ms_Behave said

    AWWWWW!!!! :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: how cute, my mom’s Bday was on 11th… Hope u take my new Stepson to see me, we can throw one big ole Bday party this time next year, Congrats… The next kid is on me,lol.

    .......\__))..........'#'......... ((__/.....

    Welcome to the World DT Jr. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  17. Atlantaaaaa said

    That’s what I’m saying DT…he just disrespected that nigga Rick to the fullest.

    Damn DT…yall still in the hospital?

  18. Kingston said

    It’s one thing to exploit yourself, but why bring the kid in the mix. love 50, but SMH at this mess that he’s doing. And the mom is even worst.

  19. Teena Thomas said

    OK, 50 may have gone too far. But then again……. I mean the Momma went to far. She allowing her personal feelings to let others disrespect the father of her son, which is not cool. 50 all I can say is my boy got BALLS!!!! LOL Rick Ross may want to give the real homie back his name and start over. LMAO.

  20. Truly23 said

    Congrats DT…

  21. Lio said

    congrats DT, hope the mother and baby are doing fine…

  22. MissTX85 said

    Man fuck that! If anybody getting disrespected it’s that dumb bitch! Rick probably sitting back laughing at this hoe and waiting on 50 to do her ass in!

    And if you really wanna get deep with it, 50 the one looking like a fool! Foul as it would be, Rick probably the type of nigga that sits back and laughs and mothafuckas that think they hurting him by taking care of his seed. He probably sits at home laughing at them “play daddy” thinking it takes a load off him.

    Whatever the case may be, as always:


  23. shorty dee said

    50 Cent is just being himself. Now for Rick Ross bitch ass baby moms that hoe is just that a hoe thats looking to make a name for herself. Rick needs to fight it out in court and shut the bitch up.

  24. Media Outrage said

    Lol @ Teena

  25. Atlantaaaaa said

    LOL. IDK bout that MsTx. Rick Ross is the boss alright. The boss of the damn police. See mstx it may be hard for you to understand cause you dont have any kids but this is really a low blow. To be all up taking pics wit another niggas kid. HELL NAWL. You get murked for that type of shit round here. Whatever little chump change that 50 is giving Ross baby mom is exactly that…chump change. This is Mr. Vitamin Water were talking bout.

  26. Atlantaaaaa said

    @Teena…I agree totally. But, Rick baby mamma said that he has nigga NEVER done anything for the kid. I don’t know what type of bosses roll like that.

  27. MissTX85 said

    “To be all up taking pics wit another niggas kid. HELL NAWL. You get murked for that type of shit round here.”

    LMAO! Really?!! WOW! To me that sounds like an upset mothafucka that ain’t doing his job as a father!

    Maybe I feel this way cause I took pics and spent time with boyfriends that my mom had and my daddy didn’t give a fuck. His thing was, they can buy me all the shit they want long as they don’t touch me, sit me on they lap or tell me to call them daddy (none of which moms was having anyway) he wasn’t sweating shit. Cause he knew who he was and knew he was doing right.

    And as for Rick being popo or not, I don’t give a damn. I still like his music better. As for the type of person/father he really is, I don’t know cause the baby mama could be lying.

    Like I just stated, the shit would only piss him off and be wrong if he’s NOT doing what he supposed to.

    If he responds negatively to this then that means he’s a deadbeat. If he remains sitting back, then that means his son knows who his daddy really is in my opinion.

  28. ALLISWELL5 said

    Congrats to DT and many blessings for your baby boy!!

    50 plays the beefin’ game like chess and prays on his opponents weaknesses….If Ricky Ross is truly a deadbeat Dad, then this has gotta cut like a knife!!…..All deadbeat Dads need a reality check just like this one!

    Big Up to all the real fathers and Big Up to all the strong women who have to be the Mother and the Father!

  29. 2020VIZN said

    Congratulations DT, Nothing like having them lil boys that try to do everything you do. Take it from me, when it comes time to teach how to catch a football to be tossing the ball to him like a lil girl, throw that bitch like you John Elway, he will start catching it after about a year of practice, mine did he was catching it like a chap on his third birthday.

    As far as this 50 cent shit, I see some comments about RR not taking care of his seed. So I guess this is how you take care of that huh? Naaaw this is some pure n!&&@ shit. If the bitch had half a brain she would do what people who have a clue do. You get a Lawyer and take this shit to the Judge. I wonder if who payed Floyd Mayweathers way down there, we all know he is broke as Gary Coleman. He is the biggest Joke on this whole picture. I know Jewelry stores who have been robbed and have not been taken for 7.1 mil. These pics have a bunch of dumb N!&&@S in them (not shortie).

  30. ali said

    I hope your boy has the same filthy sence of humor as you because apparently EVERYONE loves it!!

  31. ali said

    Oh…and 50 is a douche bag. Hope he can survive the 10th shot!

  32. Smurfette said

    I love 50. SOMEBODY need to take interest in this lil kid and mentor him. Rick obviously aint.

  33. Smurfette said

    Oh yea, Congrats on the new baby, DT!

  34. Atlantaaaaa said

    @2020.. I dont really think that Floyd Mayweather is broke. This nigga is getting BOXING MONEY. Even if he does not have the money that he should right now he can easily get $20 mill from his next fight.

  35. 2020VIZN said

    ^^^^^You might be right!

  36. thanks to all the MO fam…much love….



  38. Monica said

    50 is funny as hell. But where the hell is his own son. That bitch Tia is scandalous as hell u can’t really be mad at 50 just because she’s a hoe.

  39. Unkle Death said

    OK….3 things:

    -Congratulations DT. You’ve got a blessing not a burden. LMAO, just kidding. DON’T SHOOT LADIES!

    -50 just PWNED the shit out of the Bawse. That shit ain’t cool but damn. Just DAMN!!!

    -Whoever wrote comment 37 should become more proficient in the English language before they insult ANYONE. Tx gets nothing but love from Unkle MF Death!

  40. Smurfette said

    @UD, yea, that comment was a lil dyslexic now that I re-read. Ugh. Reading is fundametal! Open a book.

  41. Atlantaaaaa said

    Well, I just feel like all the name calling is not necessary. I also feel that if MO has a no negative comment policy under the our readers post then it should apply to all post . I understand that they can’t control what some people type on here they can delete the negative b/s.

  42. vonnievonn65 said

    I really dont understand why people think RR is not taking care of his child simply because this hoe stated it. If she can take her son in the presence of his enemies, take half nekkid pics with 50 and write a tell all book about RR this biotch would lie to GOD himself. If you look in one of pics the RR’s clearly have a Maybach chain around his neck….So it may be safe to say his son is taken care…..This hoe is just looking for a come up by exploiting her child…I really dont see a problem for her to go with those other boys but she should have left RR’s son at home….Its no way when this child is old enough to understand would appreciate being part of this bullshet…NOT EVER even if the father is not supporting him….if you have any children….you would understand all a son wants is love and to be around his parents…..I really think someone needs to stuff this chicken in an oven and roast the shit out of her….Floyd you were my favorite but I’m starting to like Manny better…he big up his people he dont help tear them down…and for 50 cents….U better hope you end up where your momma lay because you heading str8 to hell of this bullshet….As a mother…this shit turns my stomach…because I put my feet in that childs shoes…this may forever bother him!!!!!!!!!

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