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Some Things Just Shouldn’t Be DONE! Like Exploiting Your Kids To Get Back At Their DEAD BEAT DADDY

Posted by Media Outrage on November 18, 2009

Tia has went all the way in on this one.  She had her kids at Floyd Mayweather’s mansion with her baby daddy’s arch nemisis, Fiddy Cent.  Well good ol’ positive 50 released the video footage of he, Money Mayweather and Diddy having a grand ol’ time with Rick Ross’ children.  Exploitation to the fullest:

15 Responses to “Some Things Just Shouldn’t Be DONE! Like Exploiting Your Kids To Get Back At Their DEAD BEAT DADDY”

  1. Atlantaaaaa said

    That nigga 50 and Mayweather are a damn fool. I bet Rick Ross somewhere with steam coming off the top of his head.

    The broad is making a mistake and there aint nothing right about what she’s doing. But, if Ross had stepped up to the plate and played boss like he claims to be then maybe she wouldn’t have to do that.

  2. Lio said

    Album sales must really low, cause 50 sound desperate. the last 2 albums were flops, and the reviews on the latest one are not that great. So at this point in his career, 50 will do ANYTHING to sell a copy …SMH

  3. Yo, forget the rap for a second. If you are a REAL man, you know that this is some kill-a-nigga shit right here…..Rick Ross, I kinda like his music but now this is WAY below the belt….(this is some shit I’d do to a nigga who is stationed over in Iraq or something…lol)

  4. Media Outrage said

    Lmao! @ DT

  5. MissTX85 said

    Funny folks think 50’s doing something by doing this. LMAO! What the fuck ever!

    IF Rick Ross is such the bad dad this bitch says he is, then the child needs to be with CPS or somebody. Cause she ain’t no better. And so he up in Floyd’s mansion! What the hell?!! What is he gaining from that? Where’s the so called “family time” that’s supposed to be going on? They just there flaunting their money!

    Again, IF Ross is such the bad dad, why isn’t she on the CONTINUOUS fight to get what’s owed to her son? Why come out with the one allegation then give up. She claiming Ross don’t care but it seems she doesn’t either. Especially after seeing this blatant exploitation of the child.

  6. Yeah I Said It said

    And they have the nerve to call themselves adults!

  7. Atlantaaaaa said

    Every second of this video to me is like a stab to Ross with a machete. This shit is REAL disrespectful. If I were a man I would even be scared to do this to a nigga in Iraq. LOL

  8. Atlantaaaaa said

    Then, did 50 kiss that lil’ boy???

  9. Miss Real said

    Well if Rick Ross isn’t stepping up to the plate, then I’m glad someone else is. 50 might be doing this for publicity,but at least the child is getting some attention.
    Obviously Rick Ross isn’t active enough in his child’s life. Any man that was interested in being a father would have put a stop to this stuff with 50 cent and his child’s mother. Rick Ross obviously does not care.

  10. Syncere said

    If baby daddy isnt steppin up, the best thing to do is hang out with his enemies, let his enemies pimp you out, take pics with 1 of his kids… I hope shes gettin paid a grip for this trife life sh*t of an example shes setting.

  11. ucanb2 said

    Yep that is plain stupid… leave the kids out of the grown-up DRAMA!

  12. Kingston said

    I agree. The mom can exploit herself all she want, but why get the kids involve.
    And even if Rick Ross is a dead beat, it’s not like 50 is doing this out of the kindness of his heart or because he really care about the kids. He’s doing it to get back at Ross, and this dumb bitch is playing in his game and probably don’t even realize.

  13. jj said


    • chris said

      this shit is funny. ross a bitch for letting this go down. 50 should have money on his head but instead he still walking around. and i bet he fucked ross’s baby mom.

  14. Its funny as hell too Me lol If I was Ross I’d be coming for 50, Floyd and My Baby Moms but Rick a bitch anyways lol Did you see Floyd flash the MMG chain around little dudes neck Ctfu

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