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Roy Jones Jr. Gets Rocked In The 1st Round!

Posted by Media Outrage on December 2, 2009

Roy Jones Jr. has been made to be a complete disgrace in the sport of boxing.  Roy fought Danny Green the other night and got rocked again in the first round.  The fight was called to an end after Roy stopped throwing punches back.  Roy just give it up, your legacy is very tarnished.  Peep the video when you


SYDNEY — Australian Danny Green stopped Roy Jones Jr. in the first round of their IBO world cruiserweight title fight Wednesday, preventing the 40-year-old American from claiming his ninth title across five weight classes from middleweight to heavyweight.

The 36-year-old Green retained his title and improved to 28-3 with his technical knockout over Jones at the Acer Arena, in the American’s first professional fight on foreign soil in his 20-year career.

It was only Jones’ sixth loss since 1989, along with 54 wins, 40 by knockout.

Green floored Jones with a right hand to the head after one minute. Green moved in to apply more pressure, and following a series of blows, English referee Howard Foster stopped the bout after just 122 seconds.

Jones offered no excuses for a defeat which could signal the end of his career.

“We don’t make excuses, it was a great performance by Danny,” Jones said.

Green was almost apologetic for handing such a defeat to one of his boxing role models.

“He’s one of the greatest fighters of all time and the opportunity to fight him in Australia, thanks, Roy Jones Jr.,” Green told the crowd.

“I almost feel bad doing that, that almost hurt me to do that to someone whom I aspire to look up to as a professional fighter inside and outside the ring. He’s a bloody legend.”

After nearly a one-hour delay following an undercard bout, Jones entered the arena to mild applause. But Green, with the Australian band Men at Work’s song “Down Under” playing, entered the ring to an ovation moments later.

“I didn’t surprise myself,” said Green.

Green won the IBO cruiserweight title in Biloxi, Miss., in August with a victory over Argentina’s Julio Cesar Dominguez on the undercard to Jones’ NABO light heavyweight championship win over Jeff Lacy.

Jones had been stopped just twice in his career, by Antonio Tarver and Glen Johnson, but Green warned ahead of the fight that he could end the Sydney fight early.

“I won’t name which punch, but there’s one punch, if I hit him clean with it, he is going to be knocked out for a week,” Green said. “His speed can baffle me, but my power — it can hospitalize someone. My fists are like bricks.”

Green has never been stopped, although he was knocked down but not out by Argentina’s Omar Gonzalez in 2004.

The Australian twice lost bids for the WBC super middleweight title to Markus Beyer — one by disqualification and the other in a split decision. He retired temporarily in March 2008 before making a comeback in April this year.

Jones, who has eight belts across four divisions from middleweight to heavyweight, was a strong betting favorite.

Green weighed in at nearly 179 pounds while Jones was at just over 179.

14 Responses to “Roy Jones Jr. Gets Rocked In The 1st Round!”

  1. Ms. Behave said

    lol @ him Getting Rocked In The 1st Round!

    lol @ him NOT pruning the shrubs on his chest, hahaha

    lol @ him ‘tarnishing his legacy”, pwahahaha!!!

    Guess he’s no Sugar Ray Robinson, haha… In summary this cat is a joke, lol.

  2. K-SMOOTH (LBC) said

    Damn….how do u fall that far from being almost the best ever to a complete laughing stock????

  3. lowridaz said

    I Guess its time for him to give it up, and go into business for himself or something, dude save what little sense you have left and live now, you already did your thing, your not gonna hold on to it, someone else came along and knocked that block back, give it up!!!!!

  4. ucanb2 said


  5. vmarsh said

    that’ll learn him

  6. 2Smooth said

    this is a damn shame…this nigga was on top of the game years ago….now he’s making a damn fool of himself….somebody need to tell his ass to lay back hv a donut and milk and watch a Rocky film and take a look at Apollo Creed…its much quicker if he just use a gun

  7. ALLISWELL5 said

    ROY JONES FLOPPED on purpose!!!…..I think he just wanted to get paid $$$.

    The end of Roy Jones career came by the hands of Antonio Tarver….Roy never bounced back from that KO!

  8. Rafiq said

    Hmmmmmmm Alliswell I think you are right. In the middle of his prime he use to be in Houston at the clubs partying.With his country azz ,who would buy a Bently and put spoke rims on it .YOU GUESSED IT ROY.Peace

  9. Lio said

    fucking embarrassing..losing in Australia of all places….hang you glove dude, you ‘re pathetic..

  10. MissTX85 said

    What the hell kinda sissy fight was that?!! Roy should be ashamed of his self!!

  11. 2020VIZN said

    Awwwwww man this is Highlarious……yall need to stop fucking with Roy…….”Yall must have forgot!!!!!!”

    Damn, I wonder if I could get a fight with Roy, I could use some spare change right about now and from the way he is fighting there aint no risk in this shit either.

    Maaaaaaan, I will Fuck Roy up right about now.

  12. joneblaze said

    He didnt even try!!!
    Hey at least he has a recording career to fall back on
    ”Yall must have forgot!!!!!!”

  13. Media Outrage said

    Lmao! @ 2020

  14. Ms. E said

    CTFU@ everyone!!!

    So sick of this ol’ cat..he is suppose to be fighting again with another ol’ washed up boxer!! WHY?? Who keeps promoting this madness, this is not entertainment it’s PURE COMEDY!!

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