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Justin Timberlake: “I Wish I Had Supported Janet More”

Posted by Media Outrage on December 8, 2009

Nucca Please!  Too little too late clown.  Justin Timberlake says he regrets distancing his little flimsy ass from Janet Jackson after her embarrassing wardrobe malfunction during the 2004 Super Bowl.

Via Eurweb:

Justin Timberlake apparently has regrets over his treatment of Janet Jackson in the wake of their 2004 Super Bowl debacle.

      At the end of the duo’s half time performance, JT ripped open her jacket to reveal Jackson’s naked breast. Jackson called it a “wardrobe malfunction” at the time. Nevertheless, the brief nipple flash was seen by an estimated 140 million viewers of the CBS event.

      Timberlake said at the time that he had no idea that Jackson was topless and quickly distanced himself from Nipplegate.

      Nearly six years later, the 28-year-old tells Entertainment Weekly that he regrets the way that he handled the situation.

      “I wish I had supported Janet more. I am not sorry I apologized, but I wish I had been there more for Janet,” he said.

Mediaoutrage–  He’s a clown.

17 Responses to “Justin Timberlake: “I Wish I Had Supported Janet More””

  1. and u just decided this 6 years after it happened??? bitch please.

  2. Ms. E said

    Ohhh shut up Timberfake!!

  3. Yeah I Said It said

    STFU JT!!!! you were a punk then and a punk now.

  4. lilkunta said

    @ yeah I said it
    Justin is a punk! You’re supposed to have your friends back!

    J J is a legend and has impacted music. You NEVER will. You’re just a wannabe, imitating Janet, Michael, & so many more.

  5. blakmaine said

    He should feel regret he is the one snatch open her shirt, but she took all the heat.

  6. ucanb2 said


  7. ali said

    WOW….WTF made him say that after all this time?
    OH…he is probably pissed he wasn’t friends w/ her anymore and didn’t get any publicity…ummm I mean coverage…I mean didn’t get to morn at the MJ funeral.

  8. mAc said

    c justin did it wrong.

    i wuld have spun her aruond like a 5 heartbeat and started suckin

    on her titie infront of millions, sheit i wuld have had every

    player on dat bench jackin off once dey saw her jackin my dick while i was suckin both tities on national tv. we wuld have fucked on dat super bowl field! it wuld have been great for ratings!

  9. mAc said

    dey wuld still be sellin dat super bowl tape in JAIL

  10. Kanyade said


    (and put out a new record already)


  11. MissTX85 said

    Yeah JT it’s a little late for that now!

  12. Monica said

    I have hated him ever since he played Janet out. Fuckin pussy. Justin go to hell, you want black people to support your music but ya ass left Janet all by herself to deal with that bullshit. Lame ass dick. Okay I think I’m done. That felt good. Thanks MO for posting this.

  13. Atlantaaaaa said


  14. leilaray said

    It seemed like He was trying to save his career. Which made a lot of sense at the time. But the truth is he is white.. And nobody was gonna stop buying his albums because he pulled a nipple out.. It was horrible that all the blame was dumped on her, and yea it did hurt her record sells.. Why? cause she black, and older…
    I wouldn’t put it passed these two to start dating..

  15. WTF! said

    Not only did he not support her, he humiliated her in songs that he did later and in the media. It was a shame that black folks didn’t ban his ass for disrespecting her then. He dissed her with black artists!! Let’s not forget that Timberland did a lot with him directly after his constant verbal abuse of Janet. Chicken shi__ punk!! Small, red, and shriveled _____!!

  16. WTF! said

    He just wanted to be a part of any Michael Jackson tribute!! He wasn’t even considered! Karma is a b____! How can you disrespect someone who was in the biz before you were a hint of sperm? If he so called loved Michael he wouldn’t have hurt a sister who Michael loved. He’s a f____ opportunist. He has a history of dissing women anyway. Dissed Britney who is bi-polar, Cameron Diaz for Jessica Biel (Cameron found out while she was out with Justin and he openly tried to get with Biel, what a douche bag), and now he’s doing all he can to keep rumors from spreading about his other paramours. Whatever.

    • Personally I could live without JT and JJ. They are both irrelevant pieces of shit as far as I’m concerned. Neither has put out a number one spot hit for years and are basically in the ever-expanding rat race of “he-say-she-say” that has–unfortunately–become the music industry. Seriously, the only place dirty laundry should be aired out is in the backyard. So you showed the world some chick’s titty. Big fuckin’ whoop! NOBODY WHO HAS A BRAIN–or penis–GIVES A DEAD HORSE’S LAST SHIT.

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