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Kanye Responds To Album of The Decade Honor

Posted by Media Outrage on December 9, 2009

Kanye West took to his blog to respond to Entertainment Weekly’s album of the decade honor.  Yes, they’re saying he had the best album of the decade (in the 2000’s).  Peep what Kanye had to say…

“Wow … This is really flattering… I’ve had some ups and downs this year, well actually this decade. Just seeing this cover takes me back to that time of my life. I remember how much pain and love went into this album. No one saw it coming. This project wasn’t about me, it was about a time in people’s lives where people force opinions on you and you have to make choices for yourself. We loved 50 cent but we wanted to be the yang. We wanted to wear pink polos and rap about being hurt instead being invincible. There was a core group of people who worked on this album everyday…. Plain Pat, John Monopoly, Don Crawley, Anthony Kilhoffer, Manny Marroquin, John Legend, Devon Harris, Rhymefest, Gee Roberson, Hip Hop, Al Branch, Damon Dash, Gabe Tesoriero, Craig Bauer, GLC, Ol’ School Ice Gree, Consequence, B Nice and my mom. I was most inspired by The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill and I listened to that album every day while working on my debut.

“Thank you for this acknowledgment and also for putting [Jay-Z’s] The Blueprint on the list also. I loved [Andre 3000’s disc of Outkast’s] The Love Below and [50 Cent’s] Get Rich or Die Trying also. They both equally deserved the number one spot in my eyes but there can only be one number one!!!”

Mediaoutrage–  Who besides DT and 2020 agree that this album should have been elected album of the decade??

11 Responses to “Kanye Responds To Album of The Decade Honor”

  1. ucanb2 said

    This guy needs an SSI check!

  2. Lisa said

    WE MISS YOU KANYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 2020VIZN said

    Was this N!&&@$ Album voted Album of the decade!?!?!?! Hold up, How long is a decade, 30 days?? Anyway who voted for this shit?? it couldnt have polled in the hood, If it was I know two 8Ball & MJG albums that would have beat his shit out. But I have to be honest, the vote would have been biased, no one in the hood votes for homernersexuals. If he gets Ambers talentless ass to rap they could be the first ever “Alternative” rap group. The first single could feature Jay JZ. The hook would go like this,

    My girls is strapped up but the bitch cant shoot me I need my partner’s tooly spitting so I guess I’ll call JZ, cause he’s got nutts but she’s just nuts, oooooooooh, and Id be lying to you if I said no homo.

    2020 Walks on stage and takes the mic form Kanyeze and says: Yo Yo Yo, Kanye Im real happy for you and Im gone let you finish but, O.J. da Juice Man and Solja Boy are garbage ass fuck but I would much rather see them get this award than your crazy ass.

    • 2020VIZN said

      speaking of Kanye West, I asked MO to post this video a couple of dsys ago but didnt get a reply. Maybe Im doing something wrong. But if you this comment MO, could yall repost because this thread is almost dead so most wont see it fom this point.

      Affion is a fuckin fool. Lol, but affion killed this one. This is heeelarious.

      • Media Outrage said

        LOL 2020 we posted this when it first hit the net a few months ago. It is funny as hell. Click the side categories on Chris Brown’s name and go back a while or put Affion Crocket in the search box and hit enter and you will see we posted it.

    • Kenisha said

      Kudos to you! I hadn’t thughot of that!

  4. 2020VIZN said

    Fasho, man yall my muahfuggahs, yall have to forgive me folk.

    I must have been at Do dirty’s house when yall posted it, that n!&&@ aint got Internet. Lol

  5. leilaray said

    Omg some of you guys are freaking crazy silly 2020 is retarded…
    8ball? Fuck outta here.. I used to only know bout those dudes in the 90’s cause I watched whatever on “The Box”. ” I’m not a big ass Jay z fan but u know what.. I can still hear two songs playing in the background “of my memories past” (pardon me as I never know the names of songs) H to iz O? And the hustlers anthem. I’m a hustler baby, I just want you to know it where I been but where I’m about to go”.. Pharrell was making a damn killing then.

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