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Kim & Khloe Tell Why They Date Black Men

Posted by Media Outrage on December 11, 2009

Kim and Khloe Kardashian stopped by Howard Stern’s to talk about why they date black men.  Some of Howard’s comments sound like he might be apart of the KKK.  Just listen for yourself…

61 Responses to “Kim & Khloe Tell Why They Date Black Men”

  1. Monica said

    Howard is crazy as hell for all that shit he was saying. But you know to expect him to say whatever is on his mind no matter how it sounds. He sound very racist especially when he asked them if they ever go and hang out in the ghetto.

    • C said

      Howard does ask questions to provoke but like some white people he thinks all black people come from the ghetto. He probably doesn’t know anyone black except Robin. IGNORANT!!!
      Those Kardashian chicks would not give a rats ass about a black man if he couldn’t do something money or status-wise for them. They found a couple of sell out brothers willing to oblige. Although I must say once these black athletes make it, it seems the norm is for them to go out and get em a white girl. I wonder what happens when they get mad and call em the N word, or their parents or friends. Oh Well.

  2. sweet_tea said

    MO- those of us at work can’t get the video…any chance of a synopsis or a link to text in the future? Some of these topics look GOOD and I can’t see anything! I need to at least learn a LITTLE about some mess before I go commenting on it lol… 😉

  3. Howard is from a part of New York that was all black and was terrorized by Leroy and Jaamal growing up so it’s not surprising. When I read his bio and he said that blacks beat him up and stole his lunch money growing up I know where his sarcastic hatred is coming from….

    • Sandra said

      Lol. These Kardashian women know they’re just opportunist. Kim doesn’t like to discuss sex. LMAO! You have a sex tape floating around the internet. Come on with the dumb shit. Lamar and Reggie are both retarded and deserve whatever they get when these ‘white’ gals take them both to Jefferson Cleaners.

  4. lilkunta said

    @ #2 sweet tea: Yea Im @ work as well & I am blocked.

    @ sandra: Jefferson cleaner? But Louise didnt take Mr Jefferson’s $ so what do you mean? Reggie is fvcking Kim, he wont marry her. U see how he dropper her *ss earlier this year when she mentioned it. Lamar has a prenup so it seems he is smart.

    I read that Robert Kardashian left his kids $3mill each. The sisters had that store together so i wonder if their $9mill was running low so that is why kim’s sextape “leaked”. Unsuprisingly Kim got $5mill for her sextape.

    • Sandra said

      Oh my. The expression “she took him to the cleaners” surely you’ve heard it. I just added Jefferson in it.

      • 2020VIZN said

        Oh my is what I thought as well ******scratching head vigorouly*****

      • lilkunta( reply to sandra, 2020vizn) said

        @ sandra : Thx.
        @ 2020 : Fvk u. Change your name bc you def DONT got 20 20 vision. Im surprised you’re arent saying they’re dating FrAm bc of the baphomet & all that other illuminati/mason bullsh*t you post.

      • mAc said

        lmao @ 2020

  5. Ms d said

    Howard Stern is a racist, I would never have a answered those stupid questions. White people need get over the fact that Black men date white women and black women date white men. We are have choices. As long as one is happy what does color has to do with it? Live and let live.

    • brynnrock said

      I agree Ms. D but you have to love your own color to embrace yourself. Kloe has some issues.

      • Random said

        Have any of you heard of PREFERANCE? I personally PREFER latin men..I find them extremely sexy *hence why I’m involved with one*…that’s what I’m ATTRACTED to…I’m not a Latina nor do I act as one..I’m a VERY proud ALBANIAN..I embrace and LOVE my culture…am extremely COmfortable in my own skin..wouldn’t change my CULTURE/BACKGROUND for the I don’t understand this whole bullcrap about not “loving the skin you’re in” because you happen to date out of your race…doesn’t make any sense to me…would anyone care to explain?

      • Sandra said

        Well as it pertains to black men, when they date nothing but WHITE women yes that could be preference but due to the negative psychological effects that slavery in America had on Africans, it raises questions about self-loathing behavior.

        See Random, because you are not black you will never understand the effects of being told that you were less than your entire life. So when black men only date white women it could be that they loathe their own kind. It might not but that’s always a possibility. If you call a grown white man “boy” it has a different meaning to him than it would if you call a grown black man the same name because of our past.

      • 2020VIZN said

        Random I know that you want an explaination, but all the explaining in the world will never get you to understand the big deal if you dont know what it is to be told, as Sandra says “that you are less. Random, I trust that this will be an issue that you may go to your grave and never understand, but dont take it personal when you see black people say stick to yur own. Most black people can Identify with the saying “my skin is my sin” There is a different set of rules in the game of life for black and whites. Most other races in the world have a negative perception of black people before ever coming into contact with blacks, and before you ask the question, yes I do travel. I find Asia the most accepting of black people. I know every race of people experience hard times and stereotypes but everything negative is hung on black people. After all the fuckery, now Tiger is black….wow Tigers wife whooped his ass but nothing was said about her behavior. Had this been Shaqs, D wade or Mashonda, it would have been labeled some ghetto behavior. All of that to say this, for years and years the only people who accepted us unconditionaly is us. Most Black people will tell you that no one outside of their race has truly loved them. You know I still dont expect you to understand what Im saying, its just one of those things. Its like a secret society, you will never understand or realy know about being one unless you are one.

      • Smurfette said

        Well said, 2020. My brother wife is white and she is in denial that racism still exists and that blacks have it hard as hell in America. I asked her once, “how would u know what racism was if u ever saw it?” she had no answer.

      • 2020VIZN said

        My point exactly Smurfette. I find that most people who ae not black are either in denial about racism or want black people to get over it immediately. Well, I would be an insensative motherfucker if I tell a rape victm to get over it without or someone who watched their parent or loved one commit suacide too get over it, or a soldier who just came from a war zone, to leave the death and destruction there. Racism and discrimination are painful, some people might just need counseling to fully get over it, but my question is, how much good will it do you when a year or two down the road someone calls you nigger, monkey or boy, will we all go back to square 0ne, because its probably going to happen?

      • Sandra said

        Well put 2020 & smurfette.

        I’ve been reading the comments on this site for over a year now and just started leaving some. I watch the issue of race go mis-understood by so many leaving comments.

        There is no other race in America that when it comes to dating outside of their race, might it point to self hate, because no other race were taken into captivity on this very same land and told that WHITE IS RIGHT. White women were put on a pedastal for BLACK MEN to desire in slavery. When our men tried to make a sexual or romantic connection, they were MURDERED (Hanged from a tree usually). Anyone remember Emmit Till, the young boy from Chicago who whistled at a white woman and was brutally beaten to death? So it strikes a real cord with “Black Women” when we see our men only run after white women because their is a very sensistive history that “White” people will NEVER connect with and I’m not asking you to either but don’t ask questions as if you want answers when you’re really simply being sarcastic. So a black man such as Tiger Woods that denied his roots so to say, get absolutely NO REMORSE from the BLACK COMMUNITY now. Go and be completely torn down in the media but don’t expect Al Sharpton to come to your defense or anyone BLACK especially not BLACK WOMEN! Fucking uncle tom.

  6. Random said

    Dude it’s Howard..what do you expect? I wouldn’t take him seriously..

  7. ucanb2 said

    Why are you kidding… you know that HOWARD STERN is Racist.
    <These "chicklets" can date anyone that they want to..who cares!

  8. Yvonne said

    Like Random said Howard is a fool and will say anything about any race, that’s why they call him a “shock jock”. I use to listen to him before he went to satellite radio.

    I heard the tapes yesterday and it went in one ear and out the other. lol. The K sisters may have money but the way they spend I’m sure those millions have dwindled down considerably.

    Khloe can say what she wants about having money but it’s nowhere near Lamar’s stacks. She found a fool with a huge bankroll and latched on to him like greased lightning.

    Soon we’ll hear about them fighting about her spending habits because Khloe is probably spending up Lamar’s money faster than he can bring it in.

  9. Zealous1 said

    They both some dam gold diggers! You know how one of their careers started!

  10. Wow.. said

    lmao!! howard stern is BITTER because Lamar O. & Reggie B. are with the Kardashian girls!!! It’s 2009; almost 2010 and he’s still stuck on color!! Might be a good idea for Howard to visit the hood and get some of his questions answered since he so phuckin curious about it!!!

  11. heather said


    • lilkunta(reply to heather) said

      @heather: What makes u think Rob Sr would ahve a heart attack if his daughter were dating AfrAm?

      I think Rob Sr woudl have a heart attack about their friendship w slimey Joe Francis.

      Rob def woulda got the kim sextape ssquahsed.

      Kris is horrible & i c why Rob Sr divorced her 8ss. She is doing a terrible job.

      I wouldnt be surprised if her younger 2 daughter turn out to be the next britney & lindsay Cali trainwrecks.

  12. brynnrock said

    Howard has always been hung up on black guys, their size sep. with white girls.

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  14. Lowridaz said

    I have a preference, black men only! (smile)

  15. MissTX85 said

    I don’t even see why anybody took the time to watch/listen to they dumb asses.

  16. gary said

    These Kardashian women have no talent what so ever. Why are they always in the news beside who they are screwing. They are like leaches. They latch on to whoever is news worthy at the time.
    So it’s not a point of black or white, just what ever man is in the news, spot light, and has big money.

  17. mzleezy said

    I saw the sex tape that Kim made and she is a total bore!!! Ray J was okay but he looked a little uninterested, I guess it was because she just lied there and didn’t participate!! Just my opinion! Khloe must really believe in love at first sight.

  18. Lowridaz said

    I never saw the tape, but she looks like a boring broad to me! that is why she so stuck on herself, spend so much time on what she look like, how she looks, tryin to be to pretty, probably has no sense of humor, just being too pretty! usually are the boring types, hey just because a broad is beuatiful, sexy, etc, doesnt mean she good in bed, and a good woman! she just to fake looking to me, just dont appear to be real, i dont know! just not a fan of them.

  19. Howard Stern sounded as if he was jealous.

  20. MoneAlicia said

    So what if they date black men?? They’re neither black nor white. Doesn’t matter. Sheesh!

  21. Rosita said

    Well, I have news for you Hispanics are the same way, especially Puerto Ricans. They have a term called MEJORAR LA RAZA which means marry white to improve the race. That’s right! Puerto Ricans parents teach their children to marry white people so that their children will look more white than Puerto Rican. Mejorar La Raza is a well entrenched doctrine amongst Puerto Ricans.

  22. Shawn said

    Kim was married to a black man a log time ago so it was no shock to her father. Mr. Kardashian was angry because of the situation with OJ Simpson. Didn’t you hear what Kim and Khloe said? It was after they let OJ off the hook.

  23. […] Kim & Khloe Tell Why They Date Black Men Kim and Khloe Kardashian stopped by Howard Stern’s to talk about why they date black men.  Some of […] […]

  24. keepingitreal said

    behind every STRONG black man is a STRONG black woman, in front of every WEAK black man is a WEAK white woman-point is these niggaz WEAK, u can tell a brotha’s strength by the woman he wit!

  25. keepingitreal said


  26. keepingitreal said

    look at lamar and reggie they look like two wusses with weak white women

  27. nanci said

    dont care what no one says, racism is alive and well in the US, the reasons why some white people dont want to admit it is because they are afraid they might have to share the priveledges and acceptance they get. Racism is even worse than in earlier times because nowadays you are put in categories, because of your race. Whites have this automatic acceptance, and only they know how good it feels. Go to any store or place of business, people immediate thinks a white person is there to spend thousands of dollars, and the black person is there to beg or steal, so what that says.

  28. Lowridaz said

    And whats really sad is , IT WILL NEVER END!! no matter how much we say, we need to stop this and change that, THAT SHIT WILL NEVER CHANGE!

  29. Christina said

    Yep, Arod would not be caught dead with a Dominican woman. All of the Dominican ballers come to America and immediately want a white woman even when they have Dominican women back home. My friends and I go shopping in the big posh stores and as soon as they see our PuertoRican faces all hell breaks loose and they send three security guards in our direction.

  30. keepingitreal said

    behind every STRONG black man is a STRONG black woman, in front of every WEAK black man is a WEAK white woman-point is these niggaz WEAK, u can tell a brotha’s strength by the woman he wit!look at Lamar and Reggie they look like two wusses with weak white women ONLY weak BLACK men like leftover trash-they are defects of the AFRICAN civilization


  31. Francis said

    Racism is a fact of life in every country on this earth. In homogeneous countries there is classicism. In Latin American countries there is colorism, in theocracies, there is religious intolerance, it is a fact of human nature. Every person over the age of 21 should know that by now. Live your life and enjoy it. It is not your responsibility to change the mindset of people who dislike you for whatever reason, the onus is on them. Acquire the best education you can get. Accumulate trustworthy friends who love you (if you have three or even two best friends, count yourself lucky). There are people who hate and reject their own family members so don’t expect imperfect strangers to approve of you because of their own worth sense of worthiness. People of different backgrounds are intermingling all over the world regardless of who likes it or not. Visit and see what I mean. See how black women are exploring new opportunities with men of all backgrounds to achieve the happiness they deserve. One size do not fit all.

  32. Francis said

    Excuse me, I meant to type warped sense, not ‘worth sense’. Remember:
    One size does not fit all!

  33. Chique said

    Howard Stern is an old man and has penis envy for the black man, that is no secret. He has all that money and all he can focus on is the black man penis

  34. chique said

    Oh someone said it in another comment, Khloe is the daughter of Rosie and China the wrestler, oh no, they are all sisters, no wait, twins, maybe …

  35. chique said

    Maybe Khloe, China the wrestler and Rosie O are the same person, ha what talent, one person can fool so many people, and to think people say Khloe is a gold digger, look she has had 3 careers, talk show and this is her second marriage, the first one was to a woman, and now she can be in two places at one time, with Lamar and with a woman working on a talk show, her China personality has been on vacation

  36. Archvile609 said

    I can’t believe Howard stern was like once you black you never go back!! Damn but the real saying is once you black you don’t go back, but once you spanish the black men vanish!

  37. Nicole said

    He is racist then a mother fucker asking where u find a black guy in Beverly Hills? Really? Like there is no black people in Beverly Hills or can afford the private schools in that area get the hell outta here… and all black people r not from the hood/ghetto!!

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