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Fantasia Looking Pretty Good

Posted by Media Outrage on December 13, 2009

Fantasia got all jiggy on ’em to attend BET’s 10th Anniversary Celebration of Gospel at the Orpheum Theatre in LA.  Her mom and a few other family members accompanied her to the awards.  BeBe Winans, Sherri Shepherd, Kelly Price, Sheryl Underwood, Elise Neal, Yvette Nicole Brown, Anthony Hamilton and his wife Tarsha were all in the building…

24 Responses to “Fantasia Looking Pretty Good”

  1. Random said

    Well at least she doesn’t look like she hasn’t bathed in weeks *as she normally does*…Pretty good? Neh..Decent maybe *and that’s pushing it*

  2. MoneAlicia said

    That’s a nice picture of Fantasia with Frankie and Neffie.

    I love Sheri Shepard! She always radiates.

    Kelly Price is glowing. Not feeling the outfit, but she looks happy so I can’t mess with that.

    Elise Neal’s hair looks terrible.

  3. Yvonne said

    Fantasia does look pretty good in those pics as do Sheri and the rest. I love Elise’s dress. Don’t like the outfit Kelly has on.

    @MoneAlicia…where is the pic of Fantasia with Neffe and Frankie?

  4. Atlantaaaaaa said

    She is looking a lot better lately.

  5. Monica said

    I’m sorry but everybody looks a mess. Fantasia is looking cleaner than usual.

  6. Kingston said

    I LOOOOOOOVE Kelly Price, so I won’t talk about how awful her outfit is. And why have I never seen elise weave looking half decent. ???? to everybody else.

  7. BadBadKitty0727 said


  8. ucanb2 said

    I was wondering why she looked so nice… (BET Celebration of Gospel) that explains a lot.
    Good seeing BeBe with his kids!

  9. heather said


  10. Sasha Fierce Is Fierce said

    I just hope she learns to read real soon. Nice look fantasia.

  11. Lowridaz said

    Kelly price looks beautiful, i love to see thick woman like that, keep themselves nice, i love it! I am a great fan of Monique also, she is BADDD,

    Elise i am not a fan of hers, I am not feeling that hair do.

    • BroadStreetBully said

      Say what you want but there is nothing BAAAD about Monique’s big ass. She cool in my book but her facial features are really not something I’d want to wake up to in the morning. Kelly Price is aight. But big girls rock also. Im just judging facial features.

      • Lowridaz said

        Dude I think you misread my comment. when I SAID MONIQUE IS BADDD, I Meant that is a sharp beautiful woman, i always loved her, so miss me with that, i love that woman! she is classy, dress her ass off, and is beautiful. and her face is beautiful also, she lost weight, but to me she looked better bigger, she look good now, but i guess i was use to the old Mrs. Parker!!!! lol

      • Lowridaz said

        I think alot of big woman are beautiful, I have seen some made my jaw drop, just fucking beautiful, and sharp dressed to, some look better than some of these skinny woman i have seen, LOL its all good, we all have our preference. some like em big, some dont!

  12. MissTX85 said

    Fantasia does look nice.

    Sheryl Underwood?!! There?!! WOOOOOOW!!

    Elise and her weave look a mess. Dress looks like an upholstered couch.

    Everybody else is okay.

  13. HauteMama said

    Can someone PLEASE buy Sherri a waist? Please! And Fanny looks a lot better. At least she covered up the Cook tattoo this time. Either way I’m sure he’ll be sitting behind her during the show. Ah well!

  14. HauteMama said

    I also forgot that we need to collect a love offering to buy Sherri some hips as well! If you’re gonna wear certain things, at least have the features to pull it off. If not, wear something else to accentuate what u do have. I’m just saying…

  15. banga77 said

    Why does gospel music need an award show?? Its bOGUS…

    I know the obvious but my opinion is gospel music isn’t about Gospel Music..

    It’s about the same thing any other music is about and thats $$$$$$!!!!

    Might as well start making Jesus Christ action figures and sell em to the kids… Watch youll see someones gonna come out with some kind of grape drink and call it Jesus Juice; sell it for a $1.55 at the bodega and watch the paper rain on da saints…..

    Oh by the way if you need a Jesus beat holla…I got plenty of tracks… cha ching!!!!!

  16. lilkunta said

    I love Fantasia’s voice & music, but she too is a cheatre!

    Tatooing that man on her body I KNOW she will regret!

    & if you continue this relationship, you BETTER get a prenup & keep assets separate. Or else when your boyf divorces’s his wife, YOU will be paying her child support.

    • MissTX85 said


      • Ms. Behave said

        LOL @ TX… Let me see if i can translate lol

        I love Fantasia’s voice & music, but she is too theatre! GET SENSE!* <– huh?! still don't know what the shit this has to do with anything, lol.

        tattooing that man on her body I KNOW she will regret! (don’t see a face on her bod lol but i guess she has too much plus that big ole grapevine running on her body lol)

        & if you continue this relationship, you BETTER get a prenup & keep assets separate ( aka get married). Or else when your boyf divorces’s his wife, YOU will be paying her child support. (mmmm…. i think it’s when ur BF (Young Dro) divorces his wife (wtf?! lol) u will be paying his child support cause he’s broke as hell lol so get a prenup.

        If that ain’t it… im recommending a Straight Jacket lol.

      • lilkunta said

        I will try again:
        I love Fantasia’s voice & music, but she too is a CHEATER!
        (Also : I feel it is a HUGE tragedy that ‘When I See You’ didnt win a grammy for best RB song or Best RB vocal bc the song si SPECTACULAR! & I love the vid. )

        F has tatooed her current MARRIED WITH KIDS boyf Antwaun Cook on her shoulder. here is a pic:
        She isnt dating Dro anuymore.

        If F continues this relationship, she had better get a prenup & keep assets separate. Bc Im sure her boyf’s wife will want child support. & she will get more since he is w Fantasia who has more $ than he.
        If she doesnt protect her $, she & Zion will be paying Cook’s wife child support.

        …Like how Whitney Hoston was ALWAYS paying Bobby’s child support for LaPrincia & Bobby Jr 2 his ex gf Kim Ward.

      • lilkunta( ms behave) said

        @ Ms behave : Thx for trying to help. I reposted . I hope I am clearer. ~lilkunta

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