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Will & Jada Attend Nobel Peace Prize Concert

Posted by Media Outrage on December 13, 2009

Will, Jada, Jaden and Willow were all in attendance during the Nobel Peace Prize concert in Oslo, Norway.  The big talk on the internet yesterday, was that their daughter Willow had half of her head shaved.  We don’t see the big deal, it’s just a style.  Peep more images when you

72 Responses to “Will & Jada Attend Nobel Peace Prize Concert”

  1. Yvonne said

    I read about that yesterday. Will and Jada probably give their kids a lot of freedom to do as they please, but if it was my young daughter I would not allow her to wear the “Cassie” hairstyle. When she gets of age and wanted to do then it’s on her. I just don’t like that hairstyle on anybody. That’s just me.

    They were at a prestigious affair and their son’s hair looked like Buckwheat. His hair could have been tamed down a lot. All in all the family looked nice, dress wise, with the exception of Jada’s red dress, was not feeling it at all. The yellow one looked on point, from what I could see.

  2. Sandra said

    I think it’s pretty decent that Jaden wears his hair out in that fashion. He has beatiful hair. Nice looking family.

  3. Im not letting my son go to no Nobel Award dinner looking like a terroist used his head for Al-Quida bomb experiments…fuck that shit.

    That crazy “Negrofied” bullshit can go to Dr Cornel west,(cause he looks like a fucking lunatic) but not my son nor any child in major Motion Pictures!!!

    • Atlantaaaaaa said

      You said that. There aint no reason why that boy’s head should look like that.

    • Yvonne said

      @ DT…well said

    • Yvonne said

      LOL @ DT….Im not letting my son go to no Nobel Award dinner looking like a terroist used his head for Al-Quida bomb experiments.

    • Sandra said

      So DT, wearing an “Afro” is “Negrofied bullshit” to you? Please explain.

      • Old_Skool said

        Sandra stoping our people from dissin’ our own features and attributes is like stopping America from invading nations with an abundance of natural resources lol it’s just not going to happen.

        Jaden’s hair is cool to me but there are a lot of people that would consider this “wild” looking. But if you noticed, DT said he wouldn’t allow “his kids” not anyone elses. Not picking a fight just commenting.

      • First off, People crack me up about what’s “natural” or “afrocentric” An afro is perfectly fine and totally natural. When the fro is hanging off ya fucking head like a sombrero on a drunk Mexican, then that mean you went from afro centric pride to nigga shit!!

        If a Shiite Muslim comes into a sweaty party smelling like Used Giraffe Diapers because his religion calls for him not to wear Speed Stick, then maybe he shouldnt be going to the party in the first place!

        If I come over a woman house and she hasnt shaved her pussy hairs since Welcome Back Kotter was on the Air, should I compliment her on her “natural” state or should I tell this trifling heffer to get a Gillette and go to work?!?!

        Look, we need to stop thinking that grooming ourselves is somehow becoming Anglo or we are selling out. Shit, I have a fro with Puerto Rican curly hair but im not trying to walk around looking like Method Man in 1994!

        Now Im not saying go out and perm your hair like AL or Jesse, but going so natural that you look like one of the cave men from the Geico commercials is not the fucking business.

        So if I walk out butt-ass naked with a Dashiki and no pants am I making a statement that my big black dick represents the oppression and jealousy of the White man!?!?

      • Sandra said

        Lmao @ you dt. So funny. But:

        A person not wearing deodorant and stinking up the fucking place is very offensive. He needs to vacate and go wash his ass some more and apply deodorant.

        Jaden Smith’s hair is not offensive. He has long hair that is very pretty. I’m sure he has an edge up from a barber and stays fresh. When Julius Earving wore the Afro and Kobe Bryant donned one, it happened to be picked thoroughly but none the less still an Afro. How a person chooses to wear their hair is there business and being that we are the only people on Earth who GOD blessed with the spring effect hairstyle, why not wear it?

        Im talking about hair not vagina hair. These are attributes assigned to us as a people and no he does not look like a cave person.

      • Sandra said

        When Jay-Z was wearing his hair longer than normal and hadn’t combed it I read a whole bunch of comments with “us” referring to his hair as “nappy”, “peasy” and all other types of ridiculous degrading monikers. So what if he decided to wear his hair and not comb it, it’s not as if he didn’t have a edge up. African hair is naturally curly. You don’t have to be MIXED with anything for your hair to be curly. Once again we’re talking 400 years of brain washing.

      • Sandra said

        “Shit, I have a fro with Puerto Rican curly hair”

        DT why are you describing your curly hair as Puerto Rican? They’re hair is not any more curlier than African hair darling. Yall please stop this madness!

      • Sandra,

        I understand where u coming from. But SPECIFICALLY looking at this boy’s head, It does look like a Star Wars character died on his scalp!!! Doctor J, Kobe and almost everyone else had shape up’s!

        This boy’s head has absolutely nothing to do with brainwashing or the “Man’s” image of us. There are plenty of brotha’s out there with fro’s that are cool…all I was “Jokingly” was saying was that his head look like a Dinosaur pubic region exploded on his dome…..

        It’s actually not offensive to me either. Shit, if you want to put a blond extension in it with purple highlight it’s cool with me. Iam just going to use it as comic material…….

      • Sandra said

        What’s funny, is that when Chris Rock was promoting “Good Hair” and MO was posting on it constantly a lot of the women readers were voicing their disgust with the subject and i still for the life of me can’t figure out why. This is a topic that needs to be talked about in the black community because we still have 50 yr olds teaching the younger generation that their kinky, curly hair is NAPPY. The convos take place in my family at just about every gathering because there are so many ignorant individuals in my family lol. I hear my aunt use the word nappy just about every time hair comes up. It makes me cringe inside. We can free the body but can’t unlock the mind.

        Have heard members in my family tell my cousin (who is very dark) that he needs to marry or procreate with a high-yellow woman so his kids won’t come out black as fuck. WTF?!?!?! My aunt thinks im trying to be haughty by stating my point of view. NO! I’m trying to stop her from indoctrinating our youth with her SLAVE mentality.

      • Sandra said

        LOL and DT i understand that you are quite the comedian and i probably take certain things more serious than they are but these convos come up all the time in my family and somebody usually gets mad and goes off on a profanity spiel with kids in the room. now the Rican hair comment got me. Our hair is just as curly period. But you have black people out here who DON’T feel good about themselves and where they come from.

        I’m in my 30’s and when i was in grade school i would watch BLACK kids say they were part Indian, Irish, Mexican, Spanish, and any other nationality just to avoid being from Africa. It used to tear me up inside because i was proud of being black.

      • BroadStreetBully said

        “Have heard members in my family tell my cousin (who is very dark) that he needs to marry or procreate with a high-yellow woman so his kids won’t come out black as fuck. WTF?!?!?!”

        Yo that’s just some ignant shit!

        My bad for jumpin in yall convo but my fam the same way.They hung up on color and hair texture. If i ever hear one my family members telling my son anything like that, i’m hurting someone’s feelings real proper like.

      • Sandra, Im black. The Puerto Rican comment came up because i was thinking about the dude from Welcome Back Kotter and how wild and curly his fro was. I didnt mean that Good hair/Bad hair bullshit. Hair texture, skin color is all stupid to comment on.
        People get confused and “color struck” and “hair struck” and take offense to things because of the way they were either teased or talked about in elementary school.

        Im glad I have a big penis and I can eat a pussy like Al Sharpton at a rib shack, That has absolutely nothing to do with my skin color or my hair texture.

      • mAc said

        @ Sandra

        sorry but da word nigga is never going to disappear out the lingo. if i eva get elected to office im just tryin 2 get prostitution legalized.if a nigga wants to pay to get his dick sucked den i really think it should be against the law to stop him.u know how much money the economy is losing by making prostitution illegal?them banks wuld never have failed if barbara ann was out dere legally suckin dick and paying taxes on it. everybody wuld own homes with happy Johns.

      • Sandra said

        LMAO @ mAc –

        What does that have to do with our conversation honey? I’m truly lost.

      • mAc said

        Dt said : If a Shiite Muslim comes into a sweaty party smelling like Used Giraffe Diapers because his religion calls for him not to wear Speed Stick, then maybe he shouldnt be going to the party in the first place!

        Sorry Sandra but i been to parties with Africans and they be STANKIN they Motherland Asses off.dat shit aint right.sweat + no deodorant and no DIAL soap = stankin all to be damn

      • Victoria K said

        mAc you are funny but so ignorant. I have to repent for laughing at your comment.

      • 2020VIZN said

        Curly Hair: Nappy is the tru curly, the curl in nappy hair is very, very tight, its extremely tight. So to me thats curly

        Good Hair: African/Nappy hair can protect against the elements, it can also cushion the blow from falling objects. Take an African with Fro, hold a knife a foot above his head and let it drop, nothing will happen. Take Tom Cruise and do the samething, but and make sure that your phone is recieving a signal because you will have to call 911. Now that is GOOD HAIR!!!!!

      • Sandra said

        LMAO! @ 2020 FUNNY

    • Sasha Fierce Is Fierce said

      THere is absolutely NOTHING wrong wit that childs hair!

      It’s beautiful.

      Sandra, i agree, why can’t we as black folk embrace our natural beauty? I do know that DT is a jokester so won’t hold much weight behind his comment but if he really means that then it’s ashame that we down our own.

  4. Monica said

    Who cares? It’s just hair.

  5. Sandra said

    It’s so terrible when our people have been so brainwashed that wearing our hair in its natural state or rockin’ an afro is considered untamed. See we don’t notice this type of self hate, only when it reaches the extremes such as the Jacksons where they bleached their skin and did away with their broad noses. It took more than 400 years for us to adop this mentality of White is Right and i guess it will take even longer for us to break away.

  6. Smurfette said

    @DT, wearing an afro is a negro feature or negrofied, but don’t try to make it seem negative. My hair happens to look just like Jaden’s on a daily. Loooooove my fro and any self hatin negro that don’t like it can kiss my negro ass…..

  7. Sumarrain said

    Cute family, but Jaden looks like he is wearing one of Erykah Badu famous wig, come to think of it, I believe it is a wig.

  8. BadBadKitty0727 said

    Personally, I’m diggin’ Jaden’s ‘fro. On the other hand, the 1/2 shaved head is NOT the business. A little too grown for a little girl. That’s the problem with these “millenium parents” – they give their kids too many choices when kids are not equipped to make such decisions.

    • ucanb2 said

      I agree 100% that is a little much for a 9-10 year old girl(( shaved off hair)).
      Jaden it’s his natural hair so “whatever”

  9. BadBadKitty0727 said

    Personally, I’m diggin’ Jaden’s ‘fro. On the other hand, the 1/2 shaved head is NOT the business. A little too grown for a little girl. That’s the problem with “millenium parents” – they give their kids too many choices when kids are not equipped to make such decisions.

  10. BadBadKitty0727 said

    Double post? I better ease up on the spiked, hot, mulled Apple Cider. LMAO! But shit, I ain’t though! ‘Tis the season!

  11. MissTX85 said

    Love this family!

  12. MissTX85 said

    @ Smurf, I was talking about the Smith’s.

    • Smurfette said

      Well kiss my ass too then!!! Lmao!!

      • MissTX85 said

        I’m just saying. LOL!

      • 2020VIZN said

        Lol @ Smurff you off the chain. “Well kiss my ass then” The first thing that came to my mind was the scene from Friday when Deebo said whats up stanley and stanly didnt respond like Deebo wanted him to respond and said “well fuck you den punk” or when Ice cube slammed the door in aunt Esther’s face and she said “well fuck you, you half dead motherfucker” Lol

  13. Lio said

    AW Come on people , look a the pic again, yeah he ‘s young and cute and all that shit, but GA DAMN, the boy needs a fucking hair cut, or at least a trim. the hair is ridiculous. COME ON !

  14. 2020VIZN said

    http://images.weeping willow

  15. lilkunta said

    mel B ( spice girl, ex of Eddie Trifling Murphy) did this same sh*t to her daughter Angel,

    I dont think any young girl
    s head should be shaved. It it hard to grow back.

    I guess we shold expect Willow in a wig or weave next year.

  16. lilkunta said

    PS: IS Jada still claiming that is all her hair? I remember she did in the Essence covers she did.

    I think Jaden shoulda hadhis hair pulled back.
    Im not familiar w Norway, perhaps they arent fearful of afros like the Anglos in the US are.

  17. coily girl said

    DICKWELL. … what an embarassment you are to my race.Just when I thought we, as a people, had made some strides, you prove that self-hatred is very much alive!!!! WOW!

    I’m tired of people like you making negative comments about our hair. Our hair is FABULOUS in it’s natural state. PERIOD. That is a HOT look on him. To me, it says that he’s proud of the hair that GOD gave him. As far as you saying that it needs to be styled,don’t you get it?? That IS the style. I much prefer that look over a processed look ANY DAY! That’s a kid who is more in touch with his “blackness” than you will EVER be.

  18. coily girl said

    P.S. Dickwell, love the way you insinuated that a “Puerto Rican Curly Fro” is beter than an African American Kinky one. Way to furter illustrate my point! SMDH

    • As usual there is some dumb ass out there who didnt read the whole “joke”!!! (she must be the funky bitch I was talking about that dosent shave her pussy hair because she feel…”natural”)

      • lilkunta said

        You nreally bneed to go away.

        MO please warn him or ban him.
        He is gonna make us frequent other blogs where there arent assholes like him.

      • Ms. Behave said

        MO please warn him or ban him. <– not going to happen
        He is gonna make us frequent other blogs <– upper right, red box with "X".
        where there arent assholes like him. <– believe me none like him and asshole he is not.

        P.S. u might want to check out DT's 'affiliation' with site before u request that he be 'banned' lol… again not going to happen.

      • Ms. Behave said

        lilkunta… just keep it moving. All opinions are valued and they are just that ‘opinions’. We love DT and very soon u will too lol just ignore and keep comments directed to topic, his sexual vulgarity ISN’T going to change nor do we want it to. I adds variety just like u and ur fervent comments. Love NOT hate!

      • please frequent other blogs space bitch! Your name is stupid, your comments make no sense and i been here for 2 years so what does that tell you?

        Either you are the reason “Precious” was made or your just a member of the Forrest Gump fan club to believe im going to get banned!

      • lilkunta (ms behave) said

        I HAVE been keeping it moving. But repeatedly seeing his buck toothed face & stupid comments ahas gotten to me. To bad blogs dont have an ‘ignore’ feature, like how imdb does.

        So just bc MO posted DT’s thoughts on dark/light skin, he is affiliated (an owner?) w the site? Yesterday there was a shoutout 2/4 unkle death’s bday, so is he too now superior? He is off limits.

        Ban him Ban him ban him!
        He posts his bullsh*t & I will post against his bullsh*t.

      • lilkunta (dt) said

        Im here for the info. You’re here bc you cant get none.

        You tried to present yourself better with that wack *ss opinon piece on compexion, but it aint work.

      • Ms. Behave said

        “He posts his bullsh*t & I will post against his bullsh*t.” Hey, i ain’t mad at u, whatever rocks ur boat lol venting is good for the soul lol. DT and LilKunta “can’t we all just get along” lol. I’ll leave u two at it, they stay there is a thin line between love and hate lol and the way u guyz are going at it, mmm…all i need now is some baby making music lol… keep at it, im getting my popcorn ready lol tell me know when ur ready to get ‘Rated R’ like riri and drop them clothes lol.

    • Im glad my internet comments actually got to you. its a damn shame that the internet can actually get to people…..

      Damn ho, you need to go back to your “roots” kunta!

    • damn you must be real new to this site sweetheart…you might need to go back some and really read this shit. I know where you from Kizzy was the only one who knew how to read, but just try it wont hurt!

    • @ Ms Behave,

      Ill leave this loon alone. Her fucking name is lil kunta for God sake. She is not funny nor intellegent. She attacked the homie 2020 for no reason and others on this site. So for the first time Ill actually let this lunatic slut muffin slide.

      • Ms. Behave said

        hahaha… boy u aint right lol, ok where have i been she attaked homie 2020? lil kunta, drop ur draws and turn that ass round, u deserve a serious ass whooping homestyle lol… Forgive me i think it’s kind of ‘cute’ how angry u are lol makes me stare at that gravie a lil more lol. I will miss u i’m Out for the rest of Year and New Year… Happy Christmas and NEW Year when it comes and tell my lil step son good night for me :kiss: lol when are u going to give me mine in person? lol

      • lilkunta(ms behave) said

        @ms behave: If your riding dt’s dicks so be it
        I dont follow multitudes to do evil.

        I dint attack 2020. I asked him where he is getting his idea that every1 is defjam or the music industry is a mason or devil worshipper. I did follow the links s/he provided, it was an interesting read. But too, many are successful bc they work their asses off.

        Wrong.Ive dont nothing warranting an *ss whipping.
        If you like his crap, then enjoy it.

        happy & safeend of the year.
        ..if we make it..per 2020 we are all gonna die..LOL.

      • Ms. Behave said

        “Lighten up kunta” lol *passes pressure pill* I saw that ish didn’t recall it was u, i believe 2020 but ‘ass whooping’ was a joke so take it easy ma, don’t want u in hospital for any pressure related illness lol

        Thank You! Safe and Happy New Year- and Christmas to u too also, now ‘BEHAVE’ in my absence lol.

      • Ms. Behave said

        P.S. Riding DT’s dick isn’t a ‘bad’ thing… Trust! lol.

      • lilkunta said

        O goodnesss. Whatever. Didnt u say move on? So move!
        Didnt u say you were gone til 2010? yet your still posting.

        dt is an *ss. If u like him continue to like him. Regardless of my feelings he lives,
        regardless of his feeling I live.

  19. No outrage-just superb Madison Avenue Marketing targeting non-US market. Find out why Brangelina Branding wouldn’t work at Oslo. Read Orgasmic – Oslo, Obama and Wyclef Jean

  20. Kingston said

    I think his fro is cute. I would rather my son have a well- kept fro than braids. And that half shaved head is never cute not even on willow.

  21. chique said

    I forget what is Jada Pinkett’s talent, I know what Will Smith’s talent is

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