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Don’t You Think It’s Time To Retire This Phrase? “She’s Pretty For A Darkskin Girl”

Posted by Media Outrage on December 14, 2009

There are certain phrases that we use in our everyday language that speak so loudly to the mental shackles that still exist in the African American community.  One that really resonates and mirrors that mental bondage is “she’s pretty for a darkskin girl.”  Isn’t it time we stop saying this ladies and gentlemen?  Discuss….

92 Responses to “Don’t You Think It’s Time To Retire This Phrase? “She’s Pretty For A Darkskin Girl””

  1. Tia said

    I didn’t know people still said that…if your pretty your pretty…doesn’t matter you skin shade…

    • Ms. E said

      Me either!!!

    • Yeah I Said It said

      What you said

    • Amen!!

    • DEDE said

      As a dark skin lady whos very attractive I do get tried of hearing this statement. I sometimes do not reply with a thank you, instead I just walk away or ignore the comment.

    • MissTX85 said

      You took the words right out my mouth.

    • Dila said

      First off, isn’t this the same article that Tameka Foster stole from that girl Aisha Curry? Secondly, No one has ever said that to me, however, I was getting off of the bus one day and an indian lady said that I was beautiful and asked my nationality, I said black! She said that’s it! I said yeah. She acted like she couldn’t believe it. I don’t have curly/silky hair, and I look like the girl that played Easha on state property(Beans baby’s mother) I have no clue why anyone would think I was mixed. She may not have said that I was pretty for a black girl but that the feeling I got from her statement.

      • Ms. E said

        Well everyone in my office building thinks I am Ethiopian! Everytime I tell them I am West Indian..they keep insisting I am from Ethiopia!! SMH!! I guess it will never end..throwin my hands up in the air!!

      • Kingston said

        Ms. E, What part of the west indies are you from?

        I am West Indian as well, and I always get that “Oh you don’t look it”, whatever that means. I guess everyone has their idea of what you’re suppose to look like when you’re from a particular place. I’m guilty of that myself because I always thought that rosie perez was just really fair skin, and Lala, carmelo’s girlfriend, I thought she was black until she made sure everybody knew she was not. LOL

  2. ucanb2 said

    As African-American women we are all beautiful… from “paper white” to “midnight black”!
    Let us as a race stop tearing ourselves down from within… and love ourselves.

    • Truly23 said

      I have to 2nd that Ucanb2..

    • Ms. Behave said

      While i get what ur saying “from “paper white” to “midnight black”!”… that is apart of the problem, the DIVISION within our group. The INTRARACISM has to STOP!.. Ever heard a white person refer to another why as ‘peachy white’, ‘chalk board white’, ‘tan looking’… NO! just white, yet we have ‘Lightskin/darkskin/black/caramel/brown/charcoal/blurple, etc. Next time try “We are ALL BLACK”, FULL STOP!

      • lilkunta(@ msbehave) said

        APPLAUSE! Well said!
        I have NOT EVER heard any anglo classify themselves as peachy( peaches are orange anyways so I dont relaly get that)
        or chalk
        or tan!

        Excellent ananlogy!

      • ucanb2 said

        MsB… I do understand where you are coming from, but I meant no disrespect to anyone.
        I merely made a statement to incorporate all the “beautiful shades” of BLACK. I love myself and all of my people regardless of any such trivial matter as color. Again no offense to anyone on this blog.

      • Ms. Behave said

        None taken, as i said “I get what ur saying”.

  3. BadBadKitty0727 said

    Damn M.O. – I’ve NEVER heard anybody say that shit and I don’t know anyone who uses that phrase in their everyday language. That sounds like some shit from back in the ’50s somewhere. I’ve only heard or referenced dark or light skin (“skin-ded” for peeps who still talkin’ Ebonics) with regard to complexion only.

    How ’bout we drop this phrase, “she fat but she got a pretty face.” LMAO!

    • lilkunta said

      @ badBoyKitty

      Let us stop the ebonics as well. Saying “skin-ded-ded” is stupid & unneccesary. The proper words are tone & complexion.

      “she fat but she got a pretty face.” … I have never heard this & never wish to hear it.

      • mAc said

        Lil kunta relax ma. what are you the internet police?

      • Unkle Death - Smoke That Good Green said

        You should read my birthday post. It will expand your mental horizons! 😉

      • lilkunta(@ msbehave) said

        @ Mac: Yes I am.
        This post is about phrases/ideas that are stupid 7 should die. Thus teh absurd “skin ded ded” should die.

        Speak English.

        U think Barack would have got ot be Senator Obama & now Pres Obama speaking sh*tty like you do?

  4. Who the hell says that country shit??!?! And damn that is a fine ass pic of Saana Lathan!

    Skin color shouldnt matter anymore nor race. We need to move past this and understand the only color in a relationship people should care about is GREEN!

    (Ladies know what im talking about! That STRONG black brotha who is laying down the pipe but LAYS down on the couch and dosent have a fucking job!)


  5. Smurfette said

    I aint never heard nobody say this shit… how I know? cuz I haven’t had to punch anybody in the mouth right in the middle of them talkin……

  6. lilkunta said

    Yes the phrase is stupid.
    Y is this entry w a pic of Sanaa? She is dark.
    Nia Long
    Malinda Williams
    Gabrielle Union
    Viola Davis
    Cicely Tyson
    Alfre Woodard . . add to the list.

  7. Unkle Death - Smoke That Good Green said

    Where the white women at LOL

    • BadBadKitty0727 said

      LOL – you crazy fool!

      And when the hell did I turn into “badboykitty” – I’m gone have to get with you (Unkle), DT, 2020 & Marathon to help me figure out how I’m ‘posed to use these new parts! LMAO!

      • Unkle Death - Smoke That Good Green said

        BadBoyKitty LOL. So….you were hiding Captain Winky all along huh? ROFLMMFAO, unnn! All you gotta do is slither next to the liver LMAO!

  8. Yvonne said

    Of course it needs to be retired along with the phrase “she has good hair”. They’re both whack.

  9. mAc said

    MO i never heard the phrase but here’s what i think:

    1. Anyone coming on a blog trying to be funny only to have habitual FAILS! Should lay down and let their neighbor take a shit on them.

    2. Anyone coming on to an entertainment blog ridin’ a little too HARD for the black race knowing they never voted a day in their lives and wouldn’t march in a 4th of July parade, should be forced to watch a MASH marathon.

    3. Anyone who has to question the meaning of a “joke” that anyone in America gets (Lil Kunta) should log off and go masturbate at once and come back after they’ve cleared their head.

    • you took the words right out my mouth!

    • Sandra said

      LMAO!!! @ #1

    • mAc said

      no not at all Sandra. You cool peeps to me. I need a sista like you in my corner should i ever get brought up on workplace sexual harrassment which i feel coming any minute now. why can’t people be normal on a blog?

    • Yeah I Said It said

      MAc you can only do you. Don’t kill your sense of humor, you make me laugh cause I get you.

      • mAc said

        Appreciate ya Yea I Said It.

        Just being me on the keyboard.

        You see more weirdos on the MO boards than you do at a psychiatric holiday party.

        Fanatics much?

        Some folks should have been born in 1823 so they could have lent some of that ferver to the freeing of our people. Some people should have been English teachers because they’re missing out on a paycheck and their calling by policing MO. If i want to mispel everrrryyyy worrd dat i so chosoe den so bee itt. whyyy takee it sooo personal? if couldn’t read or write properly i wouldn’t have the position i have. i come on MO to get the news and have some fun. my commments arent funny just whatever comes to my mind.

    • 2020VIZN said

      _________________________Flat Line__________________________

  10. Highbridge said

    It appears to me that the only people who use this particular phraseology….are not Black

    • ucanb2 said

      Actually I am ashamed to say but I have heard it used by my own race!

      • Highbridge said

        Hello there, well, hopefully….not recently…as the saying goes:
        sometimes we are our own worst enemy….so, having said that.. I will toast my cranberry martini to ……”retiring the bullshyt”…*clinks glasses with you*

      • Monica said

        I have only heard black girls saying that about other black girls. They may be lightskin and see another black girl who has a darker complexion and say that.

      • Unkle Death - Smoke That Good Green said

        This is a new one on me. I’ve never heard it, but it seems rather stupid. So what the hell, is Black the new ugly?…’cause strangely enough I heard some shit kicker say some idiot shit like “Gay is the new Black” or something to that effect. I guess if you’re gay, ugly AND Black you’re just all fucked up ain’t you? If Black is the new ugly, I’m a fucking brown bagger, ’cause with a brick tone I’m Black as fuck and NOT ashamed of it!

  11. mAc said

    Example sandra:

    She’s going to take tiger woods to “Jefferson cleaners”

    Lil K_ _ _ a: Wait, weezy never took George to the cleaners and they had a very happy filled marriage with him calling dozens of white men HONKY! So what are you talking about?


    • Yes…that heffer Lil Kunta is a fucking loon!

      • mAc said

        we on a blog passing time and muthaphuuukas are concerned on whether or not i won the spelling bee back in 1983. Shiiit my dick was 9 inches back in 1983 wtf.

      • BadBadKitty0727 said

        MAc, why you always gotta bring the conversation back around to your penis? Damn dude, we get it, you got a big-ass, anaconda, python, boa constrictor penis that (I’m sure) ’causes you to have all your pants custom-made (certainly with a 15″ penis you aren’t buying your pants “off the rack” – but then again is that 15″ flaccid or erect?) and you terrorize/brutalize any vagina that dare wakes the serpent.

        Now, post a pic of it (erect) so we can be the judge of that! LMAO!

      • Unkle Death - Smoke That Good Green said

        My penis is 9 inches…..AROUND

      • Ice said

        Mac, how did you get your dick to stretch back 9 inches in 1983? Boy, you must have been doing some serious masturbating. And Unkie Death your dick is 9 inches around what? Your imagination? I rest my case.

    • Yeah I Said It said

      LMAO @ BadBadKitty…… Ok MAc I need to see the killer penis myself. UD show me this round 9 inches at any time.

  12. Ms. Behave said

    I must be on some ‘other’ site, cause everyone here is pretending like it’s the FIRST time they’re hearing this phrase “she’s pretty for a dark skin girl” <— Major WTF!… Well here's a few more "Keep that baby out of the sun, don't want him/her too dark', 'marry up (light skin)not down', 'squeeze baby nose every day during bath to prevent from being too 'wide', 'Nappy ass hair (GUILTY!)', 'Negro', 'Black B*tch' (why not just- b*tch?), need i go on…

    YES!!! They all need to go away, the problem isn't just that they are used, most people don't care, don't UNDERSTAND and that is as a result of DESENSITIZATION. We've grown so accustomed to it that we have no issues with it, just like watching th News and zero killing we turn off to TV and respond that "there isn't anything going on tonight, it just BORING News" we've become DESENSITIZED to Violence, racial struggles even simple moral standard – it is simply 'ok' to be a 'hoe' nowadays.

    When a collective group of people have been told and have been brain washed by an economically and military dominant group of people that the very essence of who they are as a people must be despised, and to be programmed to believe that equality means being close to white in every way possible leads to a 'collective mental illness'. This illness is not unique to the children of African slaves in America. You see it in India, South America, Puerto Ricans- Hispanic have a term They have a term called 'MEJORAR LA RAZA' (Improving the Breed) which means marry white to improve the race… and even Africa.

    One group of culturally dominant people have used their cultural hegemony and their control over information to tell most of the world’s ‘non white’ population that the way God made them is not to be desired, while secretly they have envied the shades of black and brown. Hence, tanning, lip injections, booty shots, etc. While we might argue that 'whites' want to look like 'us' … we must REMEMBER that the insecurities of Europeans is not due the systematic destruction of their psychology by others. Naturally as humans we all have some 'insecurities', but our MIS-EDUCATION and psychological programming magnified ours… A white woman tans for cosmetic reasons- she plumps her lips for cosmetic reasons. Some white women go to extremes to enhance themselves for cosmetic reasons NOT BECAUSE they have been lead to believe the way they were made was WRONG. What we do is merely 'mimicking' white features and we're told it's 'good', so of course with years added it's the norm and you are just playing into massas plan, what we as blacks do to ourselves are MUCH DEEPER than 'looking good'.

    Why Do Some Blacks Lie About Their Ethnicity? Talking bout’ that Chinese, Indian or White family member you have or you GREAT-GREAT-GREAT-GREAT-GREAT-GREAT Grand Daddy had ‘pretty hair. What?! Does it make you feel more ‘comfortable’?, ‘accepted’? …Think about it do you REALLY perm your hair to make it more 'manageable' or do you feel if you walk in to your office tomorrow you will not 'fit in' or you yourself will feel 'uncomfortable'… are you really Happy to be NAPPY? (Sorry it rhymed, lol)

    P.S. It bothers me aloooooot that MO did this post of 'racial importance' and it's been shrugged away with comments like "I didn’t know people still said that?" or "Who the hell says that country shit??!?!" It just shows how UNATTACHED we are to what's happening in our society or we simple DON'T CARE!

    • BadBadKitty0727 said

      See I can kinda recall
      (Little ways back)
      Small tryin’ to ball
      (Always been black)
      And my hair I tried it all
      (I even went flat)
      Had a Gumby curly top and all the crap, now (ohhh)
      Was tryin’ to be (appreciated)
      Nappy headed brothers never had (no ladies) (no ladies)
      Then I Hit by the barber shop (real quick )
      had the mini little (twist) and it drove them crazy (drove ’em crazyyy)
      And then I couldn’t get (no job)
      Cause corporate wasn’t hiring (no dreadlocks) (oh-no)
      Then I thought about my dogs (on the block)
      Kinda understand why they chose to (steal and rob) (uh-huh)
      Was it the hair that (got me this far?) (uh-huh)
      All these girls these (cribs these cars) (uh-huh)
      Hate to say it but it (seems so flaw)
      Success didn’t come ’til I (cut it all off) (uh-huh)

      Little girl with the press and curl
      Age eight I got a Jheri curl
      Thirteen then I got a relaxer
      I was a source of so much laughter
      Fifteen when it all broke off
      Eighteen when I went all natural
      February 2002 I
      Went on and did what I had to do (oh)
      Because it was time to change my life
      To become the woman that I am inside
      ’97 dreadlocks all gone
      I looked in the mirror for the first time and saw that

      I am not my hair
      I am not this skin
      I am not your ex-pec-tations no no (heyy)
      I am not my hair
      I am not this skin
      I am a soul that lives within

      Good hair means curls and waves (no)
      Bad hair means you look like a slave (no)
      At the turn of the century
      It’s time for us to redefine who we be
      You can shave it off
      Like a South African beauty
      Got it on lock
      Like Bob Marley
      You can rock it straight
      Like Oprah Winfrey
      If its not what’s on your head
      It’s what’s underneath and say


      Who cares if you don’t like that
      With nothin’ to lose posted with the wave cap
      When the cops tryin’ to harass
      Cause I got waves
      Aint seen nothin’ like that in all my days (noo…)
      Man, you gotta change all these feelings
      They be judging one another by their appearance
      Yes, India I feel ya girl
      Now ahead, talk to the rest of the world
      Cause, cause, cause

      (oh, oh, oh)
      Does the way I wear my hair make me a better person?
      (Whoa, whoa, whoa)
      Does the way I wear my hair make me a better friend? nooo…
      (Whoa, whoa, whoa)
      Does the way I wear my hair determine my integrity?
      (Whoa, whoa, whoa)
      I am expressing my creativity…

      Breast Cancer and Chemotherapy
      Took away her crowning glory
      She promised God if she was to survive
      She would enjoy everyday of her life ooh…
      On national television
      Her diamond eyes are sparkling
      Bald headed like a full moon shining
      Singing out to the whole wide world like

      [Chorus 2x’s]

    • Smurfette said

      I feel everything u said in this post. I myself am a natural black woman, except for the MAC on my face! I love wearing my fro and best believe im “happy to be nappy”!

      But I do have a confession, as proud as I am of how I look, every time I go on a job interview, at the fear of being seen as militant and not gettin hired, I never wear my hair! I carefully and tightly cornrow my afro. Then I slip on a wig wit straight hair so I can “pass” for a sistah wit a perm. I hate doin this and it aint cuz im shame of what I look like, but I know the real. Me showing all this beautiful, black, huge fro aint gettin that job!

      I hate that its like that, but I have even took the hot comb to my hair and fooled em all. I wear my afro mostly every day and I love what I see in the mirror. The only thing I hate is being petted. Black and white folks come to my desk and ask if this is all my hair and then reach out to touch! I hate that. So some days I do the cornrows and wig just to avoid being petted like a dog.

      But we as black folk should be proud of whatever skin, or hair God gave us! I know I am. Even tho I do lay out in the sun in the summer so I can have that beautiful dark brown skin my daughter got! She is a few shades darker than me and gorgeous!! Hate to sound color struck but I love that dark ass skin, which is why all my men be dark as Akon. Beautiful!!

      • Smurfette,

        Please dont feel discouraged or ashamed at who you are…….

        just use the universal sign of whipping out those big ass tity’s, and trust me, EVERYONE will fell like you belong and they will except everything you have to offer…In fact, they may give you a few things!

      • Smurfette said

        Awww! Thanx DT! Think I will whip them out at my next job interview! Lol!

      • 2020VIZN said

        So when the fuck are we gonna se the fro?!?!?!?! you holding out on us to. This aint a job Inerview, it the MO fam, so where da mothafuckin fro at?!?!

      • Smurfette said

        I will change my pic in the next couple of weeks! I gotta take a cute pic first, but be patient 2020! All good things come to those who wait! Lol

      • MissTX85 said

        Damn you got deep. I feel you though.

  13. Mr Bad Guy said

    Ms.Behave I have a fist in the air for your comment. A BLACK fist, at that, 1968 Olympics style ya dig!! Every person of color, especially those who call themselves educated should read, Our Kind of People: Inside Americas Black Upper Class by Lawrence Otis Graham. Its nothing powerful nor life changing but it does shine a light onto “Americas Black Upper Class” and explores the racism and cast system that exists amongst African American People. You will learn about the Historically Black School, the Fraternities, Soroities, and “elite clubs” they belong to which is very empowering, but you will also hear about the “Paper Bag Test” for Blacks and their motto of (paraphrase), Emulate the whites just don’t date them.Its an eye opener for those who think that its just the “White Man” who is out to get you. It is available through Amazon. Check it out.

    • Ms. Behave said

      Thank You!

       /      \     \     \     \
      |  \/    L     O   __V_____E__
      |   |    |     |  (           \
      |    \___/    /    \______/    |
      |        \___/\___/\___/       |
       \      \     /               /
        |                        __/
         \_  Black Power      __/
          |        |         |
          |                  |
          |                  |

  14. Kingston said

    I can’t believe ya’ll never heard people use that phrase before??? People have been saying that for a long time and I agree that it needs to stop because it doesn’t make sense. You have ugly dark skin/light skin people and you have beautiful people in every shade of black. The Black race is too divided. First it was black vs. white, now it’s light vs. dark. We should stop dividing ourselves because we are all black and like Bob Marley would say “emancipate yourself from mental slavery”. And some of us are quick to point the finger at white people, when we have the same hatred in our own race.

    • Unkle Death - Smoke That Good Green said

      You got a good head on your shoulders homie. I had to leave the label I was working with because of the racial tension within our own borders…that and he was stealing my beats LOL. But seriously, they basically talked of eradicating the White man and demanding reparations, but ain’t shit free in life but taxes and toe tags. I’d rather work for everything than stand for nothing. It’s better enjoyed.

    • BadBadKitty0727 said

      Kingston! Diggin’ the Bob Marley quote – a man/musician/educator far ahead of his time. Jamaica lost a national treasure when he passed.

  15. shandora said

    I can totally relate to that phrase cause I’m a dark skinned woman. People always say “oh you have pretty eyes or your hair is pretty, you know what you’re pretty for a dark skinned girl” like I’m breaking a rule by not being ugly lol. And I’m usually like wow thanks that really made my day. I mean you can’t possibly believe just because someone is lighter that they’re prettier? please I know plenty of ugly lightskinned and for that matter ugly white folk.

  16. Yasmine T. said

    MO i was in shock reading the comments of people saying they’ve never heard that phrase. I heard it my whole life growing up anytime a guy or girl referred to a pretty black woman that was of dark hue. It always bothered me and I never used it. Interesting post.

  17. Kanyade said

    Lemme share something with you all.

    I’m Solange’s color, okay? Let’s just put it like that.

    When I was a kid, played outside all the time. Had cousins from “the city” (I grew up in the country) come down during the summer. One cousin, I’ll call her “Karen” would always have something to say about my color. BISH WAS DARKER THAN ME. I never paid attention to that. My dad is a smooth chocolate and my momma a cafe au lait. But “Karen” was the one to always bring it up.

    I’ve heard that expression and think it’s ridiculous because quite frankly the majority of my girl crushes are on darker-skinned women. I think it’s just something beautiful about brown. ALL SHADES but just brown brown brown baby! Brown is beautiful! Brown, black, beige! All of it! But brown LOL

    I saw “Karen” on her facebook page recently. She’d gone to Cancun or something. She had the braids and of course, you tan, you get darker in the summer…this bish was wearing LIGHT BLUE CONTACTS.

    I had an a-ha moment. Po’ child was self-hating at six years of age and trying to rub that off on me. I can’t recall when I first heard something akin to “she’s pretty for a dark-skinned girl”…I honestly can’t say when I first heard those words used in that specific phrase. But the references to our skin color yes I’ve heard it. Everybody need to chill. We are some beautiful people. Brown, black, beige, burnt umber, etc. LOL. 🙂

  18. MoneAlicia said

    First of all, Sanaa ain’t dark skinned!

    I think beauty is independent of skin tone. It’s not a phrase I’ve ever used. Beautiful is beautiful. I’m not into back handed compliments.

  19. belizeancutie84 said

    Smh! Its funny that majority of the comments left in the beginning dismissed the phrase. Then MS BEHAVE whose comment has my backing 100%, put everyone on blast, then the comments changed to having heard that phrase and its negative tone.

    MO I’m really shocked that you would even post a section regarding that phrase when there’s been many posts that your site has referred to Akon as “blacknight”, and majority of the women adorned by your site have a light complexion. You must practice what you preach.

    Can we retire the phrase “blacknight”? As many of your readers are black and should be offended by such. #noshade.

    Thats just my opinion..carry on.

    • Smurfette said

      Yo! Your comments were soooo on point! I hate when they refer to Akon as blacknight! Its crazy! No matter what yo skintone from lightskin to Akon, ppl of color are beautiful! I love the fact we come in every shade imaginable! And if u reread my comments on Akon I had nothin but great things to say! He is a beautiful man and that skintone he got turns me on!

      As a young woman just startin to date, I always came home wit a guy Akon color and my mom and I would argue all the time! She light skinned and always had some smart remark about how dark my men were. But that ignorance wasn’t about to rub off on me! I think I went in the opposite direction! I have never dated a guy my mom color, my men always have been that gorgeous dark brown!

    • 2020VIZN said

      We have to be very careful, when talking about what we should cut out or kill. The phrase “She is pretty for a dark skin girl” yeah kill it because it implies that dark skin is not consistant with pretty. But when you say that MO should not call Akon “blacknight” We might be getting a lil oversensative. I dont see anything negative or offensive about being a darknight. The person seing that term as offensive might want to rethink what they are being offended about. Now saying Akon still gets ladies despite being a “blacknight” Could be taken as something negative or offensive. Would the term Akon the gets the ladies despite being a “knight” be less offensive? Now that wont make since because a knight is something good right? If you think so, you have automaticaly hung the negative sign on the word black. Why is a knight good but all of a sudden Black or darknight something bad. People come in different shades, shapes and colors and the difference is what we use to distinguish ourselves. There is nothing wrong with saying, no that one, the dark skinned fellow or not the short dude I was pointing at the tall guy. We have to continue to acknowledge the differences in us if not pretty soon it will be bad to call someone short, or tall. The injustice comes in when you start to insinuate that one is better than the other. We need to start embracing the word black, chocolate and dark. If we start to say dont refer to us or someone as dark or black, pretty soon dark and black will be buried and forgotten about. Acknowledge and enbrace our differences but just make sure that we let it be know that one is no better than the other. Just my opinion.

      • mAc said

        See 2020 now you gettin your shit on point! See we here my brotha. I get what you saying. Dis nigga right here…Dis dude right here… got to be one of the deepest cats i’ve seen on MO period. I can get deep but prefer to just kick my surface bullshit and read other deep brothas. yo this dude right here… listen to him peeps.

        Im feeling like Martin Lawrence in Boomerang when he was talking to Eddie Murphy about the pool balls… lol

        Dat was deep though.

      • mAc said

        i might not say nothin ignant off the hook for the rest of the week just cause of that post….

      • mAc said

        Thats what the MO boards are really for:

        Kicking Knowledge.

        Cracking Jokes because laughter is good for the soul.

        Learning something

        Exchanging information in a non-hostile manner.

        Being entertained.

        Trying to avoid blowing your brains out while maneuvering through your 9-5.

        i can’t believe it’s 2:14am and my black ass is still up typing knowing i got to get up at 7am. this is some bullshyt. Thats what happens when my girl stays out with her girlfriends all night now my bed is cold and im used to being the one creepin’ back in the crib after 3am on the weekends after getting like 25 text messages from her asking me to be safe and not to drink and drive. oh and to please not fuk any other hoes, almost forgot that. Aight MO im signing off and hoppin’ my black ass in the bed but will be back on this bish early in the morning seeing whats poppin’ and it betta not be no virtual HARRIET TUBMANS up on here early in the mornin either. If so im revoking their travelin passes……(awe shit i forgot to push spell check!!!!!)

      • Yeah I Said It said

        As has been stated on this post, the analogy that black women are pretty, but it’s some fluke of nature if the woman is of a darker tone and pretty. I have always believed every person of the human race is the same color some in a different tone of skin than others. (yes i do include white people) I myself have never heard anyone use that phrase,however I have heard them say, “that’s one fine ass black man” when they speak of men with darker tones than their lighter tone brothers. I do agree with MAc when he stated what he though the MO boards are for. There is no one person whose views are gospel and to be taken as law. If you disagree with a viewpoint debate what was said without being hostile and going into attack mode. 2020 you do put it down, and I dig that and agree.
        We are our own worst enemy across the board, from how we view each other based on skin color, thoughts,products we sell each other and physical harm we cause to each other over ignorant shit.

        I tune in to laugh and take my mind off what sometimes is a rough day. MAc said he hates his job, so for him this is way to get through the day. You might not like his commentary but it’s his. What he says is no different than what DT or MM says. I had to learn myself you might not like the crap I type on here but it’s my crap. When you type I don’t always agree and move on without stating my opinion on what you said, that’s your OP.

    • 2020VIZN said

      MAc Thats just how I see shit folk but Im glad you get the point that Im trying to poke you with. Man, you dont have to tell us you can get you submarine on and get deep, I peeped a few of your posts, I know you are a smart dude. Lol, you have a N!&&@ dying bruh. You alright with me.

      I just think that sometimes we fail to think. We get so caught up on something beig said to us, we cant even see the benifit or the dangers that it posses to us. Think about it, some white dude that is a psychologist at some Ivy League University recently told us we were being cruel to the kid down the street because we said that “Poochie is dark ass fuck”. If poochie is dark as fuck, guess what, poochie is dark as fuck. Poochie cant help that shit he was born that way, but none the less he dark ass fuck, is it true, yes so where is the harm in the truth, there is none? My question is who the fuck told us that Dark was bad?!?! Thats right, the slave owners and the founding fathers of these Ivy League Universities, Jim Crow and Willie Lynch. They all told us that Black and dark was bad and Evil, but its not and we know this but we have to quit running from “the dark”
      Now you have all these white people with PHDs Whose ancestors just happen to be the founding fathers of these Ivy League Universities, Jim Crow and Willie Lynch, trying to convince me that I should get upset or that someone is being insensative when someone tells me that I have been in the sun too long and I have turned 3 shades darker and the African is coming out of me, how is that bad, if you love who you are then thats a fuckin compliment. Aint it a bitch how, scientist can tell us that no two people in the world are alike and evidence of this is our fingerprints and our DNA. Now all black people are supposed to be “African Americans”. Dont fall into this bullshit and be mad if you are called dark brown or any other shade of brown, our differenes no matter how big or small is true beauty in us. It just bullshit to water us down and make us mentaly weak. What state will our kids and and grand kids are goint to be in deep shit if they cant cant get past someone calling us “Blackie” That was my aunts nick name because she was black ass fuck and that’s the honest truth and she loved it, because she loved her color……….self love. Dont automaticaly think that because white people seem to be doing something good by empathizing with us, that it is in our best interest. Back in the day blacks thought that welfare was for the support of and in the best interest of us, but it just made us weak and dependant. That shit was by design.

      So next time you get into it with a white Co-worker and he calls you a dumb black motherfucker, you haul off and bust his fuckin head. Then when they ask you were you offended by what he called you, say hell motherfuckin yeah, that bastard called me a dumb motherfucker, the only reason I didnt kill his ass is because he threw black in there, that’ the only reason he is still breathing righ now, the only reason!!!! lol.

      Nowif you will excuse me, I got to go Cook some grits for Buck Nasty’s Momma.

      • mAc said

        Yo someone give 2020 that PHD. Yo i couldn’t have said it better. Laying all jokes aside for the moment MO im glad you posted this because i sent it to my cousin cause he really stuck on color. I can tell he’s had a complex his entire life becuase he’s extremely dark. He started reading it this morning and i hope he reads every comment. I told him to check out the comments more than anything. 2020 you on point like a sniper.

      • Sandra said

        2020 you said it before i had a chance to say it. There’s nothing wrong with MO calling Akon the “Dark Knight” as they often do. He is a dark brother. And I thought I was being a little too mindful of the mental shackles we’ve been trying to loosen for years. My comments were directed at RANDOM the other day when she asked about PREFERRENCE. There is so much that goes on in the black community that is purely a result of negative brainwashing. I love to have fun as much as the next person but this slave mentality is a strong hold in our community. We’re not proud of our broad noses, full lips, curly hair, or the continent that we originate from. Hollywood has done an excellent job at tearing us down. TARZAN was some real bull shit and they know it. Who would want to be from some jungle that was uncivilized? But that’s what they showed us so that’s what we believe.

  20. Atlantaaaaa said

    Yep, its time to kill that phrase.

  21. TRUEBEAUTY said


  22. lowridaz said

    I have seen beauty in all shades, and ugly in all shades!! I sickening, speaking for myself, i have been dogged becuase of my complexion, most of my life, i have been called white rat, shit color, and jumped! i have been held down and hair cut, i been thru alot, i been called zebra, cuase my dad is indian, mom is black, I have been called confused, it bothers me so much when people are so stuck on color!!! I know how it feels, light skin is no better than brown, assholes comes in all shades, I use to cry when i younger to my mom an say i hate being so light, people say i think im better than them, and I was not raised to think like that, no reason to. its sad to say… i still experience that, some time i can be out, and certain woman when i look at them, they think im staring to be funny and i have been bumped, and they say smart shit, roll eyes, say “what that bitch looking at” all types of shit, all i am doing is lookin because maybe i like the way she look, or dressed, or hairstyle, so now i dont stare at folks, but i also meet nice people. I have experienced it all, they use to say the blacks dont want me , and neither do the whites, just sick shit!! I love all people of all shades

    • lowridaz said

      oh and I love me some chocolate, dark men!! black is beautiful all day an night, hahahahaha

    • BadBadKitty0727 said

      Low, here’s the thing – if you starin’ at a sista for whateva reason, SAY SOMETHING TO HER (well, if it’s a negative thought, you might want to think twice :)). My point is people don’t know what’s on your mind when you stare at them and it puts them on defense. On the other hand, once they see you staring and you smile or speak up give them the compliment you were thinking, that breaks the tension. That’s part of our problem as sistas, we act like we are so afraid to pay a compliment to one another. Why? (Not tryna’ come down on you Low, so please don’t take it as such. These are just my own personal observations from experience).

      I’m a dark skin woman and proud of it. Never in my life has anybody said to me, “you’re pretty for a dark skin girl/lady/woman” and pardon my confidence, but I know my ass looks good, baby! LMAO!

  23. ALLISWELL5 said

    Check out the Reggae song called “Brown Skin” from the great artist named Richie Spice…..I love that joint!

    Once upon a time we were all dark skinned.

    • Ms. Behave said

      AIW… man, u got me singing that song “Aye-brown skin
      Girl i wanna wrap you wanna lock you in my arms an
      Brown skin, Woman i love the vibes i love the spice i love the passion you bring”.. PULL UPPPPPPPPP!!! lolol

      Boy i love richie and his brother spanner banner, know this one “Earth a Run Red”, my fave!

      • ALLISWELL5 said

        Damn Ms. Behave…we be on the same page!

        Yeah, Brown Skin is that joint. I haven’t heard that cut from Spanner Banner, but I will definitely do the math on it and take it to the lab. Earth a Run Red…sounds deep.


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