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John Singleton & Paula Patton

Posted by Media Outrage on December 15, 2009

John Singleton and Paula Patton posed for pictures during the 2009 African American Critics Association Awards at the Ebony Repertory Theatre in LA, last night.  Paula is still looking quite excellent during her pregnancy.  John Singleton should have never made Baby Boy but on another note, there’s more pictures waiting…

24 Responses to “John Singleton & Paula Patton”

  1. Kingston said

    I forgot that she was pregnant. Pregnancy agrees with her because she looks beautiful as always.
    And MO, what’s wrong with Baby Boy? Tyrese was looking scrumptious in that movie. LOL
    Can’t forget when him and taraji did that lil skit thing at the BET awards, that was weird…LMAO!!!

  2. Ms. E said

    SMH @ Baby Boy’s OVERALL Acting and Script!! Cuba Gooding’s little brother made a unsuccessful attempt at playing a gangsta!! The movie is funny as shyte!!

    But remember Singleton wrote the movie originally for Tupac to play Jodie..soo but its still funnier than watching reruns of Mama’s Family!

    • Marathon_Man said

      Cuba Gooding’s brother playing a gangsta was like watching a n*gga with one leg break dance.

      • Also, the fact that the mom was only 2 years older than him made the shit totally unbelievable.

      • Sandra said


      • Marathon_Man said

        Lol lol lol yo dt the casting, directing, and acting were unbearable.

        My first time watching it i thought about drinking Pinesol straight with no chaser.

      • mAc said

        I thought i was the only person who assumed that movie was directed by Stevie Wonder.

      • My dumb ass went to the movies and the Hoodrats in the movie left in disgust! I saw the ticket dude and he bust out laughing at my ass for actually paying for the ticket!

        That theater robbed my dumb ass!

      • Marathon_Man said

        lol @ mAc lmao

      • mAc said

        I got the concept and everything but the storyline was retarded and who calls somebody’s name over and over like that? “Jody! Jody! Jody!”

        and then when Snoop came crip walking his emaciated ass up in the film i thought about raping my girlfriend in the theater for making me go see that bullshyte. I could have been home gettin high.

  3. Jolie said

    Yes, truly a stupid movie, but I can never get enough of the AFRICAN SQUAT F@@K scene. Remember when Ving Rhame was having sex with Jodie’s mother squatting and hoping all over the place!!! DT & MM, have you guys every tried that????

    • no because the woman I like are like my height..(6 feet) and that scene wasnt as funny as him downstairs butt ass naked with pink house slippers frying eggs in a niggas house he’s never been in!

      That movie was suppose to be a serious look on life in S. Central, but it was so fucking stupid it was a comedy like Superbad!

  4. sweet_tea said

    She is SO pretty, she doesn’t look pregnant at ALL either! Maybe she’s still super early…that’s going to be one cute baby! 🙂

  5. ucanb2 said

    Everyone looks nice… especially Paula!

  6. lilkunta said

    Paula Patton doesnt look pregnant & she is. But 2yrs ago she looked pregnant & she said it was jsust from eating! Something aint right.

    MO: I didnt like BB @ 1st. But after being forced to rewatch it it is ok. I wouldnt look for it , dont own the dvd, & if its on tv I skip over it.

    I was told I was an outsider viewing it, & that folks in SCcent LA could relate to the movie was for them.

    @ the end I did respect jody/jodie.

    I didnt know JS wrote the movie fro 2pac.

  7. MissTX85 said

    Paula’s looking beautiful as always.

    How short is John? DAMN!! I always thought he was tall.

  8. Ms Tee said

    Babyboy is a classic, yea said it. I can never get enough of JODY, yea I would never go to the movies in see it but @ home I watch it err time it come on. African comdey at it’s finest. MOM GOT HAVE A LIFE TOO. JUST PLAIN OLE FUNNY. OR MAYBE THE PART WHEN CUBA’S BROTHER TRY TO SELL THE DRESS TO THE LADY ON THE STREET!!!! FUUUNNNY

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    John Singleton & Paula Patton « Media Outrage

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