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Mathew & Tina Knowles: “The Decision To End Our Marriage Is An Amicable One”

Posted by Media Outrage on December 20, 2009

Despite what some might assume, Beyonce’s parents, Mathew and Tina, aren’t at odds with one another concerning their divorce.  They both say it’s an amicable split.

“The decision to end our marriage is an amicable one. We remain friends, parents, and business partners,” the couple said in a statement provided to The Associated Press on Friday. “If anyone is expecting an ugly messy fight, they will be sadly disappointed. We ask for your respect of our privacy as we handle this matter.”

Mediaoutrage–  It’s not all that amicable or you wouldn’t be decided to split from your partner.  His cheating ways finally caught up to him.

29 Responses to “Mathew & Tina Knowles: “The Decision To End Our Marriage Is An Amicable One””

  1. Yeah I Said It said

    I guess it is when you got a baby on the way by your jumpoff. What else is there left to do, besides knock your fucking teeth out and burn up that ugly ass mustache

  2. Yvonne said

    Good for them if that’s real talk and not some BS statement they are just telling the public.

    MO..the redirects were not coming from your site. I had some type of virus.

    • Media Outrage said

      Oh ok cool. Don’t be trying to hit MO with no crazy AIDS virus lol.

    • 2020VIZN said

      Well Yvonne I guess you can erase the part about it being good for them because this is definately “some BS statement they are just telling the public” You can see it in there faces, these two motherfuckers cant stand eachother. Shit, I cant stand seeing these two mothefuckers one at a time, so seeing them together is like seing Baby and lil Wayne kissing, the shit is repulsive. Take a good look at this picture, She looks like she doesnt have a soul anymore and he is looking like she smells like the youngest BeBe Kid. They are as fake as their daugter.

  3. Sumarrain said

    I don’t believe their divorce is amicable, Tina use to go ballistic when the media gossip about her husband being unfaithful, and now Tina want us to believe that she not at all upset at Mathew who may of impregnate his mistress, yeah right.

  4. MissTX85 said

    Who really gives a shit?!!

  5. Lord Have Mercy said

    The probably have not been that way in a long time, you can just look at them and tell. A lot of time with mature couples they live separate lives but for what ever reason stay married on paper only. I know my godfather and his wife had not lived as man & wife for at least a decade, but they still stayed married. It was only until he went to Columbia on business and met a lady 17 years his junior did he file for divorce.

    So Matt & Tina probably got everything already worked out on the financial tip and who get primary custody of Bey.

    So know Matt can get his freak on out in the open and Tina can finally just exhale.

    • Cut Up said

      what you gotta understand is that chicks are not really going to want this dude anymore. He is not with Tina so it is not a challenge and a victory per say that they bag him. Just like Tiger, sure they can still get women cause they got paper but, the enjoyment of freaking someone else’s man is what drives some women.

      Sometimes it is not that they are fucking the dude, it is that they are fucking some other woman’s man. Like, “yeah, I got your man bitch”

      • Lord Have Mercy said

        True Dat! Kind of like Eric Benet, some chicks would just want to sleep with him because he was married to Halle Berry.

      • Ms. E said

        @ Cut up – I am trying to FIGURE out who the hell wants to get it in with this cheating bastard..some low self-esteem chics, hoes, etc.!!

        He probably got gray curly hairs around his ballz 😛

        He MUST BEpaying his jumpoff’s some cash to sleep with him..something Tiger’s dumb a$4 should have done!! SMH!!

  6. Aniya said

    Now we see where BEYONCE gets her LYING from.

  7. lowridaz said

    Oh well, not a interest of mine , good luck to them both,

  8. mitch said

    Why does anyone care if its amicable, and why are people so concern its their

  9. Kanyade said

    @ MO,

    I thought Beyonce was supposed to go on Oprah or something around Thanksgiving to talk about…this. I guess that was just rumor, huh?

  10. FLADIVA said

    WOW some of you are so coldhearted. Divorce is always a hard thing and if you’ve never experienced it, don’t talk about it because you have no idea. To 2020VIZN you need to grow up, referring to somebody’s mom as a MF would get you hurt where I come from, you don’t know the lady but she is just that a lady so respect her. Would you want someone to refer to your mom like that. Enough is enough grow the HELL UP! and let the Knowles handle their business.

    • 2020VIZN said

      If my calling this female a motherfucker offends you, I offer no apologies. I could careless if someone calls my mother a MF, I love my mother and that is what matters. Wether you know it or not people have called me, you, my mother, your mother and everyone else a MF. I hope that anytime you hear someone of color, not just a woman called a motherfucker your bleeding heart comes to the rescue because it is used as a term to insult ALL black people, the same as the word nigger. I have not seen your panties get in a bunch when the word nigger is used in reference to anyone, nor the word bitch. They CHOSE to go their seperate ways for whatever reason and its “amicable” CHOSE!!!! Their marriage means more to you than them because they were cheating on eachother and treating one another like shit all for the love of money. If we were talking about widows and widowers then I would not have spoke in the manner that I did. If you are a Knowles family stan, then just say that. And If you are a victim or product of a naty divorce, then I understand the tears that you are shedding here on MO.

      And please stop with the gender biased posts. Contrary to what you might want, just being a female does not rate respect, if that were truly the case then respect would be worthless. Who wants something that everyone in a group or catagory gets for simply breathing, that reduces the value. I save my respect for those who earn and deserve it, that way it retains its value and the integrity of respect as it was intended vice as we see it today.

      And I would appreciate if you can get together with the people where you are from and get them to take action on the current state of America and the direction that it is headed and please ask them to act with the same passion and feverance that they would have if someone called their mother MF. Thank you in advance

      Merry Christmas!!!

  11. This sh!t is crazy, I just knew that Tina was gonna be trippin about this whole situation. But i guess this is chess not checkers she’ll be the bug in Beyonce and Solange ear so that they’ll treat this baby like the anti-christ.

  12. Amy said

    A selfish man

  13. Beotch 1 said

    She’s a beautiful woman and he’s a ugly mofo.

    Way 2 go Mama T. He was damn lucky to have you anyway.

  14. Kia~Boo said

    I think that if Tina and Matthew can get through a divorce without a mess, it would be wonderful. Don’t nobody need the media all up in their damn personal business. the media is worser than the feds. By the time they divorce both of them will either end up alcoholics, on drugs, or somewhere half broke and crazy letting the media get involved in their personal business. this is a marriage, it has nothing to do with their business relationship to the world. I think that if Matthew Knowles had an affair and admitted his mistakes then Tina decided that she did not or could not deal with it, like alot of other women here can’t or wouldn’t do, then she should be applauded for her decision. Now she don’t have to worry about being embarresed to be Beyonce’s mother and married to her father who had an affair and made a baby. She’s a strong black woman if you ask me. I probably would’ve stayed married and continue to juice his wealthy cheating ass to DEATH……Kudos to YOU Mrs. Knowles

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